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Towelliee Net Worth | Wife (Lulaboo) & Biography

What is Towelliee’s net worth? Who is Towelliee’s wife?


Towelliee (real name – Roberto Garcia) is an American gaming personality known for being a World of Warcraft Twitch streamer.

His accomplishment ranges from being a Senior Director for TGNtv to being a Twitch Partner.

The Origin Story

He was born on December 8, 1980, in New Jersey, United States.

When he was a child, one of the first video games his father bought him was Kung Fu, Excitebike, and Rambo II from Sega Genesis Master System and Nintendo, which is where he learned how to play and grew his love for gaming. 

When he was asked how he got into gaming, he stated, “gaming was a big time-sink for me, you know. I lived in pretty rough neighborhoods, and my mother wanted me to stay indoors, so I mean, I had nothing else to do. Instead of playing with human toys or thunder cat toys and whatnot, I would just be playing Nintendo or Saga Master System or Atari or little handhelds that they had back in the early 80s.”

He began honing his World of Warcraft skills in 2005 when he started playing MMORPG’s 2004s newly released World of Warcraft game.

It was the perfect timing for Towelliee to begin growing his following because, by early 2005, World of Warcraft was very popular with over 1.5 million users.

Initially, he didn’t plan on a long-term career as an online gamer but seeing how receptive his fanbase was, and his growing gaming skills, he decided to see what the future holds as a gamer.

He came up with the name Towelliee from a character he liked on South Park, although he changed the spelling.

While his popularity continued to grow, he decided to join the world of YouTuber personalities.

His account went live on February 7, 2008. He uses the channel to regularly upload videos of him streaming online games and other competitions. It is also a medium for him to communicate with a broader audience and fanbase.

By this point, he’d gained enough attention that he attracted interest from representatives, where he was offered the opportunity to live-stream his gaming competitions and sessions.

He was initially hesitant, but he was happy when he realized the level of engagement he had with his audience and his impact on their lives from their live conversations.

However, although he was building great relationships, he realized that he wasn’t receiving enough attention from his TGNtv live streams.


Consequently, in May 2011, he made the decision to switch over to JustinTV, currently known as Twitch, because the platform was becoming increasingly popular for online gamers and competitions.

This was when he began to earn money as an online streamer. 

He eventually went back to TGNtv, where he would be taken on as a Senior Director.

During an interview, he was asked how he sees his future with Twitch, and he stated, “Twitch has been really good to me, so you know, the way I see it is if you’re good to me, I’ma stay loyal to you. I don’t care if any other site offers me whatever. I’m always going to stay with Twitch.”

His fanbase grew so large, and his skills outperformed so many others that he was invited to be a Twitch partner. Due to his success, his popularity grew so large that at the time of writing, he was one of the most followed Twitch users.

In addition to his gaming and YouTube career, he held a professional career as a Quality Assurance Engineer.

He was employed with a pharma company in his hometown of New Jersey but would ultimately leave the role to focus his time on gaming.

The Hammer Squad

Towelliee also leads and oversees the online gaming community, The Hammer Squad. 

Despite his grand success, he is noticeably humble, maybe in part due to his modest beginnings.

During an interview, he was asked what it felt like to be the most incredible gaming streamer in the world.

His response was, “I think it’s just my personality, really. I’m not really that good at gaming, and my Guilds is at like the top hundreds, twenty-five man US Guild, and that’s pretty much the best I can put on my resume in terms of skill. I love streaming, man, and I love to do it every day; I think you know when you come to my live stream, you’ll see the difference between me and other streamers is that I love to go to work every day. Some other people they don’t seem that way; they seem kinda bored most the time.”

He is also very generous and regularly makes donations to various charities, including “Child’s Play.”

He experienced many friends who were in and out of hospitals and noticed they don’t get the best accommodation in hospitals, so he donates to organizations that help make children’s hospital stays a lot more comfortable.


Towelliee is married to Lulaboo, also known as Aracely Garcia.

She is a fellow Twitch gaming streamer.

According to her YouTube channel description: ”I stream cooking live with a chat and go through lots of recipes.”


Other famous World of Warcraft streamers are Bajheera and Cdew.

Towelliee – Net Worth

Garcia earns most of his wealth from streaming on Twitch and ads on YouTube.

Towelliee mostly streams WoW, but he also played Grand Theft Auto, WildStar, Everquest, Hearthstone, and ArcheAge. On Twitch, Towelliee has more than 3,700 subscribers, meaning about $9,250 in revenue per month from subs.

On the streaming platform, he also makes money from advertisements. 

Roberto has several sponsors, including South Bay Liquor Store and Harrah’s Resort Southern California.

In addition, Garcia sells merch on his website —

Therefore, Towelliee has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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