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P2istheName Net Worth 2024 | Girlfriend

What is P2istheName’s net worth? Is P2istheName dating anyone?


P2istheName – Phil Enewally – is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer who has amassed the majority of his net worth from the content that he creates and publishes online.

He has more than 3.87 million followers on YouTube and has an impressive view count, which has landed him a significant share of ad revenue.

Enewally is also the founder of Iced Entertainment, a collective content creation platform that helps out smaller content creators.

The Origin Story

For a social media star and YouTuber, very little is known about P2istheName away from the camera.

What we do know is taken from snippets that he has shared about his life on social media.


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That being said, his real name is Phillip Enewally, and he was born and raised in East Los Angeles, California.

He lost his mother when he was just 12 years old, who sadly passed away due to breast cancer while he was still at school.

His father – a probation officer – raised him and his two siblings from then on.

His brother plays college football for the University of Washington, and he is close to his sister after he shared details of her wedding on social media.

He has never disclosed how he got into social media in the first place or what motivated him to try out a career as a YouTuber.


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But given that his earliest videos were mostly related to sports and basketball, in particular, we can deduce that it was a passion for sports that led him to produce content when he first launched his channel.


P2istheName dated Instagram star Asia Banyaga for a while, but the pair are no longer together. They frequently appeared together in the content shared on his YouTube channel and on her social media accounts, but they decided to call time on their relationship.


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At the time of writing, it’s not clear whether he’s dating anyone or not. However, some of his videos have included a “hot model” who he met while playing Fortnite, and he has also posted about several dates he has had on Tinder.

This would suggest that he is currently single and looking for a partner.

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P2isthename – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is P2isthename worth?

P2istheName – real name Phil – is an American YouTuber and content creator who posts a range of content related to his love for the NBA, but he has branched out his channel to encompass a broad range of content that his fans enjoy.

Phil has more than 3.87 million subscribers on his primary YouTube channel and 410,000 on his second, which he has dubbed P2 Live (now known as Just P2).


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Combined, the videos on both of his channels have been viewed 710 million times, which has seen him earn more than $2.1 million in ad revenue alone from the platform.

His most-watched videos on YouTube include My Duos Partner is a Fortnite Hacker (13 million), I Met a Hot Model on Fortnite and Took Her on a Date (9.3 million), and The Billionaire Rich Family Gold Digger Experiment (7.3 million).

While he started his channel as a result of his love for the NBA and basketball more generally, his content has become much more generic in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience.

The vast majority of his most popular videos see him perform stunts, various challenges, experiments, and play Fortnite.



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He has also started playing on Twitch, and he currently has 69,000 followers.

Many of his streams have been viewed tens of thousands of times on Twitch, although it’s not clear precisely how many followers he has on his channel.

As is the case with all influencers who turn to Twitch, Phil makes money from the platform, primarily from subscribers, but also from donations and bits that he is gifted during his live performances.

While he’s not one of the top-ranked streamers on Twitch, he hasn’t been on the platform that long, particularly when you compare it to his YouTube account.

Whether Phil is able to grow his follower and subscriber base on Twitch remains to be seen, but it will contribute significantly to his net worth if he is able to replicate his success as a YouTuber.

On social media, he has around 649,000 followers on Instagram, who he treats to regular insights into his life away from YouTube, although he doesn’t give a great deal away.


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It’s not clear whether he works with any brands to promote their labels, but he does promote his business – Iced Entertainment.

Iced Entertainment stands for Inspire, Create, Elevate, and Dominate, and he launched the platform to collaborate with other content creators.

In a video, he said:

“My intention with this team is that I want to do things completely differently and do things my way. I came up myself – no other bigger YouTuber gave me an opportunity. It was all me. My dedication and hard work got me to where I am right now. I want to bring others up with me, like my cousins DomDomTv and TheBoiJay.”

It will be interesting to see how Iced Entertainment grows and evolves as he adds content creators to the collective.

Therefore, P2istheName has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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