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Rick Steves Net Worth 2024

Rick Steves Net Worth – $20 million

What is Rick Steves’ net worth? Who was Rick Steves married to?


Rick Steves is an American travel writer and entrepreneur who hosts travel shows on public television and public radio.


He was born on May 10, 1955, in Barstow, California, USA, as Richard Steves.

Rick is of Norwegian ancestry.

His first travel to Europe was at age 14.

His mother, June Erna Steves, passed away in January 2012. She was 80.

When I think of how my Mom catapulted me into the wonderful life I’ve enjoyed, it was she who first took me to Europe,” Rick wrote on his blog.

He majored in European history and business administration at the University of Washington.

In 1976, he started his business, Rick Steves’ Europe, a travel business with a tour program that brings over 30,000 people to Europe annually.

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Rick Steves attends the 2011 New York Times Travel Show – @Getty

Travel changes people,” Rick told Biz Journals. ”It broadens perspectives and teaches new ways to measure quality of life.”

In 1979, Steves published the first edition of Europe Through the Back Door.

In 2000, he started to host Rick Steves’ Europe, a travel series on public television that is distributed by American Public Television. An hour-long special about Mediterranean cruises was aired in February 2019.

In 2009, he released the documentary ”Rick Steves’ Iran.”

In 2011, Rick donated $1 million to the Edmonds Center for the Arts and Cascade Symphony Orchestra.


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Rick Steves visits Maine to lend support to the Yes on 1 campaign – @Getty

In February 2021, Steves became the new president of NORML’s board of directors.

I’ve served on NORML’s board for many years and spent the past few election seasons campaigning around the country for legalization ballot initiatives,” Rick wrote in a blog post. ”We are a citizens’ organization—and each of you put the citizen in NORML.”


In 1984, Rick Steves married Anne Marie Jenkins. Rick and Anne first met in a restaurant in Barstow in 1982. The couple divorced on March 5, 2010.


Steves is currently dating Shelley Bryan Wee, a bishop with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

”She’s got two wonderful big dogs,” Steves said in April 2020. He went on to say: ”I’ve never understood dogs, why people would have dogs in their house, but I’ve had no choice but to gain an appreciation of them. It’s wonderful.”


Steves has two children with Anne, a son, Andy, and a daughter, Jackie Steves.

”As a parenting tip, I’d say it’s important to remember this: Your kids do pay attention — even when it seems they are shutting something out,” Steves wrote in April 2017.

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Rick Steves Net Worth

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6′ (1.83 m)


”As you travel, strive to get out of your comfort zone and learn from others.”

”To me, fundamentally, my religion is to try to get close to God.”

”If you’re successful and affluent and free, you should be able to embrace the truth without regard to how it affects your business.”

”Throughout southern Europe, drinks are cheaper at the bar than at a table.”

”As a travel writer, I get to be the provocateur, the medieval jester.”


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Samantha Brown and Rick Steves (R)attend the 2014 Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show – @Getty

He has spoken at the Lutheran Peace Fellowship.

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Rick Steves – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Rick Steves worth? Steves earned most of his wealth from managing Rick Steves’ Europe as well as from selling his travel books. In addition, Rick hosts a radio show called “Travel with Rick Steves.” Therefore, Rick Steves has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

”Rick Steves’ Europe” YouTube channel has over 375 million views, meaning about $1.1 million in revenue before taxes.

His company has an annual revenue of $100 million.

I’ve got a staff of over a hundred people, and we went from a company that was pretty committed to not telecommuting to a company that’s entirely telecommuting now,” Steves told GQ.

His guidebooks are efficient, entertaining, and reliable. Some of his books include – Best of Europe Guidebook, Best of Italy Guidebook, Best of Scotland Guidebook, Best of Ireland Guidebook, Steves’ Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget, Eastern Europe Guidebook, Best of France Guidebook, and Prague & the Czech Republic Guidebook. 

On Amazon, Rick’s books have over 45,000 ratings — this means an estimated 2,250,000 to 4,500,000 copies sold.

He donates royalties from one of his books to ”Bread for the World.”

In 2010, the company developed the “Rick Steves Audio Europe” app.

In 2017, Rick donated a 24-unit apartment property in Lynnwood to YWCA Seattle King Snohomish to house homeless women and their families.

To me, this wasn’t particularly noble or compassionate…it was just thoughtful use of my capital,” Steves detailed. ”Working with the YWCA and the Rotary Club of Edmonds, we publicized this creative way of putting a fortunate person’s retirement nest egg to work in a powerful way in hopes that others would be inspired to do the same in their communities.”