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Shannon Millard Net Worth: How Rich is Bart Millard’s Wife?

What is Shannon Millard’s net worth? Who is Shannon Millard’s husband?


Shannon Millard is best known as the wife of a gospel rock musician, Bart Millard, from the band MercyMe.

Shannon has stuck beside her husband for many years, managing their home and raising their children while avoiding the limelight.

Let’s explore what we know about Shannon Millard, the wife of an eight-time Grammy nominee.

How Shannon and Bart Millard met

Shannon and Bart Millard met in 1988, she was 13, and he was 15 at the time.

The couple met at a church youth group event.

At the time, Bart’s dream was to someday become a professional football player.

Bart sustained an injury to both of his ankles which crushed his dream of ever playing professional football, and he turned to music.

After Bart’s father passed while he was a college freshman, the youth pastor invited him to work with the church’s youth worship band.

This was the catalyst that led to him pursuing music professionally.

Despite all of the ups and downs that have taken place since they met, Bart and Shannon got married nine years later.

Shannon and Bart Millard’s children

bart and shannon millard wedding

Shannon Millard and Bart Millard and their children – @Getty

Shannon and Bart Millard have five children together.

The couple shares three sons and two daughters named – Sam, Charlie, Miles, Gracie, and Sophie.

The family all live together in Greenville, Texas.

Family Life

Despite his fame, Bart and Shannon ensure that their children live as normal lives as possible.

Shannon’s days are filled with homeschooling the kids, driving them to extracurricular activities, and managing the household.

Shannon and Bart intentionally schedule shared activities to ensure that the family spends as much quality time together whenever Bart is home.

She also ensures that the kids’ lives have a good balance of fun and work.

The family has a chore chart that assigns tasks to each family member.

Married Life

are bart and shannon millard still married


Shannon and Bart have a lot of difficulties scheduling time together between having five children and Bart’s responsibilities to his band.

But the couple always tries to schedule time for one another, including weekly/monthly date nights and a yearly one-week marriage retreat.

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Are Bart and Shannon Millard still married?

Yes. Bart and Shannon Millard have been happily married for over two decades now despite all odds being against them from the start due to their young age when they got together initially.

One thing that has kept their marriage strong is the fact that they have always supported each other’s dreams and ambitions.

When Bart decided to pursue his dream of becoming a musician with MercyMe, Shannon was right there by his side, cheering him on every step of the way.

Similarly, when she wanted to pursue her own dreams or take up new hobbies or activities, he was always there encouraging her to do whatever made her happy.

Shannon Millard – Net Worth

Shannon Millard has an estimated net worth of $3 million. Note – Shannon’s wealth is cumulated with her husband’s. Shannon has been instrumental in helping build Bart’s career over the years.

Final Thoughts

No marriage is perfect all the time, but what makes Bart and Shannon’s relationship so special is that they have managed to make it work through difficult times too.

Whenever one of them is feeling down or going through a tough patch in life, the other one is always there to provide support and comfort until things get better again.

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