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Jaylan Mobley Net Worth 2024

Jaylan Mobley Net Worth – $1 million

What is Jaylan Mobley’s net worth? What does Jaylen Mobley do for a living?


Jaylan Mobley serves in the West Virginia Army National Guard as a First Lieutenant and Deputy Team Chief of the Defense Cyber Operations Element.

He is new to the public eye following his high-profile relationships with “16 And Pregnant” alumni Leah Messer. 

The Origin Story

Jaylan Lee Mobley was born on September 14, 1996, in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.

Because he is a private figure, there is limited information regarding his childhood and family life.

US Army

Mobley has extensive military and security training credentials dating back to 2015.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he attended United States Military Academy Preparatory School at West Point as preparation for what would come next.

In 2016, he was admitted into the GMC – Georgia Military College and graduated in 2018 with a double associate degree in homeland security and computer science.

Immediately after he graduated, he enrolled at West Virginia University (WVU) and graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science majoring in management information systems.

His educational journey came to an end when he graduated from WVU a second time with a Master of Science in cyber security in 2021.

At the time of writing, he’s a respected First Lieutenant of the West Virginia Army National Guard, but it took a lot of dedication and career progression to reach such a pinnacle of success.

While attending the GMC in 2017, he worked as the 139TH Regimental Commander for ten months.

He left this role for an internship at BAE Systems in 2018, a short-lived stint that lasted two months. Short-lived but pivotal in his career, nonetheless.

Mobley gained valuable hands-on experience that ultimately paved the path to his cyber security role with the National Guard. But there is a lot in between before that role was given to him.

WVU Cyber Security Team

When his role with BAE Systems ended, he accepted a role with BB&T as a Case Manager, which turned out to be another short-lived stint, ending after three months.

He immediately proceeded to the WVU Cyber Security Team, working as the Cyber Security Gold Team Member. This student role also ended up being another three-month term. 


His professional career upgraded tenfold the following year in 2019 when he landed an internship with NASA– National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

During this role, he used cyber security tools from the RED team (offense) and BLUE team (defense) perspectives.

Having NASA on your resume is the golden standard in the eyes of most hiring managers, so this opened many opportunistic doors for his future.

In 2021, he accepted the role of Warfighter Innovation Chief at Civil-Military Innovation Institute Inc.

The five-month contract gave him hands-on insight on how to build civil-military innovative workforce optimization to advance national security technologies.

West Virginia National Guard

June 2020 is when his career excelled at great lengths.

He became a full-time employee of the Army National Guard as an Information Technology Help Desk Federal Technician.

After two years in the role, he was recruited into the West Virginia National Guard as Second Lieutenant.

After four years, Mobley was promoted to First Lieutenant.


He’d become accustomed to and comfortable with professional success, but something foreign to him was being considered a public figure.

Despite being new to the world of cameras, fans, haters, tabloids, and paparazzi, Mobley would need to get really comfortable quickly.

In September, Leah Messer of “16 And Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” took to her Instagram to announce her relationship with Mobley.

Leah Messer


On September 10, 2021, she posted a photo of her new relationship.

Her fan’s jaw dropped with joy, hoping she finally found love.

Messer has been on the receiving end of adulterous relationships through her history of dating, and making it worse is that it’s always been televised.

The new couple met through a project Mobley did with the ESPN network.

It just happened that one of Messer’s personal assistants filmed the event. Her PA was the tied that brought and bound them together, and the rest is history.

Messner is a mom to three girls, twins Adalynn Faith and Aliannah Hope, and her youngest daughter Aleeah Grace.

She shot to fame in 2012 when she auditioned for what was supposed to be a one-season documentary titled “16 and Pregnant.”

Leah Messer -- girlfriend of Jaylan Mobley


The docuseries would follow her day-to-day life as a teen mom and showcase the struggles that came along with it. The show did so well that it was renewed indefinitely. In fact, it still airs today, but with a new cast.

Messer was cast in the spinoff docuseries “Teen Mom,” which has the same premise, with one difference being her life is filmed as a struggling teen mom.

The show is still on the air and going strong. Messer has been through two long-term relationships, her first with the father of her twins, Corey Simms, and the second with Aleeah’s father, Jeremy Calvert.

Both fathers are an integral part of her children’s lives and have regular appearances on the show.

To add to the mix, Mobley has been filming with Messer as her new love interest.

Fans hope for the best and would love to see this end in a fairy tale ending.

Update – on August 20, 2022, Messer engaged Mobley. “It feels amazing,” she said.

About two months later, the two break up.

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Jaylan Mobley – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Jaylan Mobley worth? Mobley earned most of his wealth from for Army National Guard and West Virginia National Guard. The annual salary of a First Lieutenant is $80K. Therefore, Jaylan Mobley has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Mobley also makes some money from brand deals via his Instagram account and is the founder of WARTEK.

In April 2022, Jaylan bought a new house.

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