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Bart Millard Net Worth $3 Million

What Is Bart Millard’s Net Worth?

Bart Millard is an American Christian singer who has a net worth of $3 million. He’s the frontman of the Christian-Contemporary rock band – MercyMe. He was born on December 1st, 1972, in Greenville, Texas.

His formative years were marked by physical abuse and abandonment. Millard said about his father:

“He beat me three or four times a week. I thought he was going to kill me.”

Bart discovered music after a high school football injury landed him in the school choir.

During his first year of high school, his father developed cancer, which five years later claimed his life during the 1st semester of Bart’s college career.

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He told Lauren Green:

“I lived with my father, who was abusive, and it wasn’t until he came out with cancer my freshman year of high school that his life turned around.” 


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Following the death of his father, Millard moved to Florida and formed the Christian rock group MercyMe.

“My youth pastor had moved to Lakeland, Florida and asked me if I’d be interested in coming down there and working with his praise band. I moved there at the end of my first year of college. That was the first time I ever did anything with a band. But I fell in love with it immediately.”

MercyMe worked on several independent projects before signing with INO Records in 2001.

In 2005, for his work on Hymned No. 1 and The Christmas Sessions album with MercyMe, Bart was called the Best Male Vocalist by Christianity Today.

They had their first breakthrough with the song “I Can Only Imagine,” a song Bart wrote about his father dying.

In 2008, his 2nd album, Hymned Again, earned a Grammy Award nomination for Best Bluegrass Gospel Album.

In 2009, Billboard named MercyMe’s “Word Of God Speak,” the No. 1 Song of The Decade in both the Christian AC Songs and Christian Songs categories.

In May 2012, MercyMe released the album entitled ”The Hurt & The Healer” through Columbia Records.

In 2014, the iconic song “I Can Only Imagine” made history as it surpassed 2 million digital downloads. It was the first song in Christian music to go double-platinum and platinum in the digital domain.

“MercyMe, It’s Christmas!” debuted in 2015 at No. 1 on Billboard’s Holiday Albums chart. The song became an instant Christmas classic.

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I Can Only Imagine

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Bart Millard and Mac Powell – @Getty

Bart’s hit song “I Can Only Imagine” was developed into a film of the same name.

The film was released in March 2018. Millard stated during an interview:

“I remember being nervous more than anything, because even though I had said yes to the movie, the idea of digging up stuff I’ve been trying to bury most of my life and then putting it up on a big screen — I wasn’t sure I was ready.”

Bart told The Christian Post:

“I think that they did a great job with a redemption story. It’s kind of scary making a faith-based film. I didn’t want it to be low hanging fruit or kind of a corny movie, and I think they did a really great job of capturing the emotion.”

Dennis Quaid stars in the movie as well as actor J. Michael Finley, who portrays Bart.


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I Can Only Imagine (2002)

Homesick (2005)

The Hurt & The Healer (2016)

I Can Only Imagine for Little Ones (2018)

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Bart Millard is married to Shannon Millard.

Bart Millard and wife Shannon Millard


”My wife and I, our new motto is: we don’t care anymore,” Bart said about his wife. He added: ”In other words, we’re not concerned with what people think we should be.”

Shannon and Bart met in 1988.

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The couple has five children: Sam, Charlie, Gracie, Miles, and Sophie.

Their oldest son, Sam, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (a type of auto-immune condition in which the immune system destroys the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin) at two years old.

Bart Millard with his children

Shannon Millard and Bart Millard and their family – @Getty

Bart and his wife calculated how many insulin shots they’ve given to Sam:

“Over 37,000 shots in his life so far,” Millard says. “Whenever food goes in his mouth, a shot goes in his arm or his leg. We call it the new normal.”


Stephen Millard lashed out, accusing Bart of exaggerating their father’s abuse to sell more tickets to his movie.

However, his mother said the movie was accurate.

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In 2018, Millard posted on Instagram that while in Concord, the ash and smoke from nearby wildfires took a toll on his voice.

Before the concert, he wrote:

“Went to the ER for a steroid shot. Tonight I’ll be singing as the Hulk.”

Bart is also a solo artist in his own right. He always loved the hymns his grandmother sang to him as a child back in Texas.

His dad was really abusive during Bart’s childhood. But, after he was diagnosed with cancer, his life turned completely around — he fell completely in love with Jesus.

Bart currently resides somewhere in Tennessee with his wife and five children.

In his book ”The Hurt and the Healer,” he explores the radical freedom which comes when we accept Christ’s work on the cross and start to live without shame.

In the book and movie ( “I Can Only Imagine”), his father was portrayed as once whipping his younger son so savagely with a razor strap and paddle that the boy thought he was going to die.

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”Singing these songs, it’s like muscle memory for me. It brings life to hiding the Word in your heart and setting your mind on what’s above.”

“I’m in a great place now, but I never thought in a million years it would actually happen.”

“I’m in tears, and I’m trying to not ruin the scene by making weird noises on the side.”

”The main thing that I took away from The Naked Gospel is that there’s nothing that I can do, good or bad, to make God like me more, or less.”

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Net Worth – MercyMe

So, how much is Bart Millard worth? Millard earned most of his wealth from selling tickets to his concerts, selling copies of his albums (Hymned Again and Hymned, No. 1), being part of MercyMe, selling his books (especially on Amazon), and royalties from the movie “I Can Only Imagine.” Therefore, Bart Millard has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

The song “I Can Only Imagine” sold over 2.5 million copies, while the movie grossed $85 million since coming out and continues to do strong business. The production budget was $7 million.

MercyMe has a YouTube channel with more than 675 million views–about $2 million in revenue.

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Beth Levesque

Sunday 17th of July 2022

I saw the movie a couple of years ago and just literally finished reading the book. After my mom died I began to question. The existence of God more so fearing the what if this is it? What if I never ever get to see her again? My had died 19 years earlier. It was extremely difficult but we still had our mom so maybe that eased the pain that we felt. I do t recall questioning God’s existence. My sister told me that shortly after mom died she was feeling so sad and worried and she when she turned on the radio, she heard “ I can only imagine “ and had never heard it before. She said she knew it was mom letting her know things would be okay. Ever since she said that whenever she is troubled or asks mom what she should do she hears the song and is reassured that all will be well. I am a practicing Catholic and feel as I have grown older, there have been people in my life who have shown me a closer path to Christ, The Holy Spirit and God. Thank you Bart from the bottom of my heart and know that you and yours ( wife, children and band mates ) are all saints here on earth! God speed!


Saturday 24th of April 2021

Thank you, Bart, for sharing I Can Only Imagine. Needing some uplifting during these troubled times for myself and all of us. Was looking for some inspiration and goodness and God blessed me with the incredible story of YOU. Tonight, The Lifetime channel brought light to my heart. Blessings to you & yours ~ today, tomorrow & always.

Maureen Damico

Saturday 3rd of April 2021

I am the sister of a murder victim he was killed at the age of 15 I had been trying for years to forgive the boy who murdered my brother when I realized that forgiveness isn't about them deserving to be forgiven. Bart your song helped me to be able to continue to try every day to forgive the boy who murdered my brother thank you for your love of music and the gift of writing.


Saturday 3rd of April 2021

All I can say at the moment through my tears....inspirational...inspiring..unforgettable....amazing what forgiveness can do for the soul.....and FAITH AND BELIEF belief in our L0RD.....GOD BLESS


Monday 29th of March 2021

Dear Mr.Bart Millard: I watched your movie and I also told my oldest son in his forty’s now to watch this movie because it reminds me of everything I am going through with him and his sister and his dad . His dad is still a verbally abusive towards my and daughter and even though we are divorced my son and daughter still are having problems dealing with him and I get blamed for a lot of the abuse my son and daughter are going through even though it’s mainly verbal abuse right now. But I’m still waiting for my prayers to be answered. I want the abuse to stop and want my sons and daughter to forgive me for not being there all the time for them and they need to heal and learn to be more Christian adults,