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What Happened To The Oovoo Javer Guy?

What happened to the Oovoo Javer kid?


If there’s one thing the internet has been able to provide us with for the last several years, it is pointless entertainment.

From memes to gifs to weird videos.

And Vine, the now-extinct 6-second video platform, was one of the great providers of its time.

With names like Shawn Mendes (oh, yeah. He was a Vine guy first), Lele Pons, and Jake Paul all making a name for themselves thanks to the platform, it brought some people a lot of success.

But, if you didn’t know how to capitalize on your 15 seconds of fame, it could launch you right back into oblivion.

One of the people who experienced that first hand was the Oovoo Javer guy.

In this article, we’ll talk about who he was, what Vine was, and ultimately what happened to him after his fame ran out.  

What was Vine?

Vine was a social media platform from the early 2000s that was officially disabled in October 2016, five years after Twitter acquired it.

Existing Vines were still viewable until April 2019, when that was also discontinued.

At its peak, it boasted over 200 million active users worldwide. 

Those short 6 second videos on Vine were what started the trend of editing and pasting pieces of videos to create cool stop motion-like effects.

Another huge creation from the app where trending challenges and sounds, as well as music covers.

We can still see remnants of that popularity on platforms like TikTok and features like Instagram reels today.

It sparked a whole sub-genre of comedic and visually impacting videos that hadn’t really been seen before outside of the big screen.

Even more than the videos, however, was the rapid rise to fame the most well-known platform creators experienced thanks to the app.

Some big names have come from the small and unassuming platform.

People like Shawn Mendes actually started their careers (in his case, music) doing short performance videos on the platform.

This garnered him a whole following which ultimately is what got him noticed by record labels.

Another name that might be familiar is Jake Paul.

Today a very controversial figure, but back then, he and his friends would do funny videos just for kicks.   

Who Was The Oovoo Javer Guy?

One of the most memorable Vines was the oovoo javer guy.

The video shows an interviewer speaking with a random guy, Gabriel Cash, and asking him who the hottest Uber driver he’d ever had during a trip was.

At the time that the video had come out, Uber wasn’t as well known as it is today, and so Gabriel misunderstood him and replied with the iconic “Uhmmm, I never went to oovoo javer.”

Straight-faced, completely confident in his answer.

On top of that, Gabriel was later quoted as saying that he had been chewing gum, which didn’t help how we ended up pronouncing his words.

People went wild, and you could hear the phrase being quoted in every High School classroom in America.

The funny thing is that Gabriel had seen the interviewers at a distance before they came up to him and his friends and was very much ready to show up on TV and be famous.

Just, not like he ended up being. 

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What Happened To The Oovoo Javer Guy?

So, what happened to the Oovoo Javer guy?

Today, Gabriel Cash and his twin Daniel are content creators within the adult entertainment industry.

So, in a way, his Vine fame jump-started his career.

While the twins, who go by The Cash Twins, do have a more PG-16 YouTube channel, their main source of income seems to be their Only Fans account.

For their main content creation job, they share snippets on their Twitter.

And on their YouTube channel, he and his brother touch on more heavy subjects such as their sexuality and breaking gender norms.

In one of their most viewed videos, we can hear both of them discuss their coming out stories, for example.

In it, the twins share that they knew from when they were young that their personality was geared more towards the feminine and how they preferred to hang out with girls and not boys.

And ultimately, how that allowed them to consider being gay.  

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Some Other Memorable Vines For Your Memory Lane Stroll

Feeling nostalgic yet?

Here are some other famous Vine videos you might have forgotten about.

  • “Stahp, I could have dropped my croissant.” We can still hear echoes of that almost ruined croissant, and the fight that would have erupted, to this day.
  • “Damn, Daniel! Back at it again with the white Vans”. Iconic. No other way to describe this one. We still mutter Damn, Daniel under our breaths every time we see someone in white Vans.
  • “Why you always lying.” This Vine got so huge that the creator put the toilet shown in the video up for sale via Instagram and with his signature included. While it was a greatly placed joke with the opening bid sitting at $1.4 million, it would have been quite the steal to whoever bought it.

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