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ezpz Net Worth $40 Million

What is ezpz’s net worth?

ezpz (stylized in lowercase letters), founded by Lindsey Laurain, has a net worth of $40 million. It primarily sells kids’ meal products, focusing on building developmental skills within fun and silly plates.

The company is best known for its Shark Tank appearance, where Laurain rejected two proposals by the Sharks.

After said appearance, ezpz enjoyed massive social media awareness thanks to its owner’s rejection of two Shark Tank offers.

In the time that has passed, ezpz has grown considerably, offering dozens of products and enjoying quite a hefty valuation, which continues to grow today

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the company ezpz, founded by Lindsey Laurain, a mother of three, who rejected two $1 million offers.

The Origin Story

ezpz was founded in 2014 by Lindsey Laurain, with the launch of the ezpz Happy Mat.

The Happy Mat, a silicone-built meal platter with a goofy face built into it, quickly kicked off the company’s sales.

Laurain had conceived the product following the “messiness and cleanup time dedicated to each meal.” As a mother of three boys under three, Laurain had to constantly deal with the pain and chaos of cleaning up after meals.

This same philosophy has grown ezpz from a small company into a more significant business with two large brands.

In addition, Laurain and her husband’s chaotic personal experience with boys helped provide the incentive and support needed to create ezpz successfully.


What is ezpz's net worth

Lindsey Laurain – @Getty

Lindsey Laurain, before her launch of ezpz, was an administrator in Corporate America.

She had graduated from Arizona State University with a Master of Business Administration degree and an undergraduate in Business Administration.

According to Laurain, her first child was born during her venture at a large company, which she left three years later in 2014. ezpz was created at first “purely out of a personal family need” before evolving into a successful company.

Laurain said that her previous experience in business and the fundamentals of running a business helped her start the company with the launch of The Happy Mat, which quickly turned ezpz into a reality.

Launching The Business

ezpz quickly picked up steam in 2014 with Laurain’s Kickstarter funding campaign.

She initially hoped for $35,000 in funding from Kickstarter supporters before the project exploded to over $72,000 in funding.

In total, 1,568 people ordered a “Less Mess Happy Mat” from ezpz during this period, leading to a quick sales ramp-up.

After all, both Laurain’s parents had to fulfill orders by themselves for a while.

Nonetheless, ezpz’s initial Kickstarter campaign gave the company more than enough money to experiment with.

The Happy Mat itself wouldn’t go out to the public until early 2015, although ezpz had started manufacturing the projects almost immediately after the Kickstarter campaign ended.

Even still, ezpz quickly churned out Happy Mats, actually holding around $1.2 million in sales during 2015, off of 85,000 units.

However, the company was making around $140 thousand in profit, leaving a margin of just a fraction of Laurain’s initial 50% projection.

Shark Tank

lindsey laurain net worth


With profits struggling and the company still expanding, Laurain brought ezpz to Shark Tank in early 2016.

Appearing on Shark Tank was a significant moment for the company, as the Shark Tank meeting had guaranteed one of two things for ezpz:

1) Laurain walks away with $1 million in return for losing 5% of the company.

2) ezpz goes viral, and the proceeding sales trump the loss of a $1 million investment.

This session helped kick off Shark Tank’s 2016 season, with her proposal landing in episode 715.

In exchange for 5% ownership, Laurain wanted a $1 million investment in ezpz.

At this point, ezpz, personally valued at $20 million, had just $1.2 million in sales and $140 thousand in profit.

Surprising many, this massive valuation quickly led to several Sharks outing themselves.

First, however, Laurain received an offer for $1 million with 5% ownership, although the ownership would increase to 20% if she doesn’t hit $10 million in sales during 2017.

Additionally, she received an offer for $1 million and 5% ownership, although in $250 thousand increments.

Laurain ended up declining both offers, leaving Shark Tank with no additional funding towards ezpz.

Even still, ezpz ended up hitting $10 million in sales during 2017, boosted primarily by the company’s growing social media presence.

Likewise, Laurain’s decline of multiple Shark Tank offers led to her company’s sales exploding.

Multiple sources have the company’s sales pegged at $1.5 million immediately following the Shark Tank episode.

With an explosion in popularity, ezpz released more products and kept expanding.

The company has launched bowls, cups, utensils, bundles, and accessories, moving into many new storefronts.

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On Its Own

buybuyBaby was the first major retailer to pick up the products, with Target, Nordstrom, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Crate and Kids joining alongside the launch of an Amazon store.

As such, ezpz sales quickly met and surpassed the $10 million mark, likely reaching $25 million and beyond by 2020.

Additionally, ezpz launched the Ono brand, which offers similarly-built silicone trays for dog food and water.

This brand has expanded significantly, offered in major retailers such as PetSmart or Petco.

Even still, ezpz is directly associated through Ono, likely receiving sales in the millions from the brand. 

Unfortunately, the numbers aren’t revealed, as ezpz isn’t a public company.

It’s still likely owned by the Laurain family, with ownership percentage sitting at anywhere between 20% and 80%+.

Owner Relationships

As part of her inspiration for ezpz, Lindsey Laurain is currently married to her husband, whose first name is unknown.

Nonetheless, we know his last name is Laurain, and the two have three children: two twins born around 2011 and one child born a bit before.

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Net Worth/Value 2024

So, how much is ezpz worth? The ezpz net worth is currently pegged at $20 million, although from a 2X multiple on 2017’s $10 million in sales. The company has likely expanded dramatically from 2017, with some estimates putting 2020-21 sales at upwards of $25 million.

At the same valuation, that would give ezpz a valuation of $50 million, although it would still exclude the Ono brand and other ventures. 

Additionally, Lindsey Laurain herself is worth an estimated $5 million to $40 million, from ranging ownership estimates.

At 10% of a $10 million valuation, she would be worth $1 million, while an 80% ownership of a $50 million valuation would be $40 million.

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