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Bobby Misner Net Worth | Dad

What is Bobby Misner’s net worth? Who is Bobby Misner’s dad?


Bobby Misner is a vlogger on YouTube, a filmmaker, and an owner of a fashion brand.

He was born on May 6th, 1995.

He gained a massive following on YouTube in early 2019 for his luxury lifestyle videos.

He has been uploading videos to YouTube since April of 2017.

One of his top videos is titled “Life of a Billionaire’s Son,” which premiered on November 25th, 2018.

This video has around six million views.

He vlogs about regular everyday things like school, to more interesting days like meeting celebrities.

On Instagram, Misner posts pictures from his travels. 

The Origin Story


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Misner was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, by his mother, who he said allowed him to get away with way more than he should have.

He has one half-sister named Yasmin. 

Misner says that he has been to ten different schools.

He had to keep switching schools due to his bad behavior.

What did Bobby Misner’s dad do?

When he was 15-years-old, Bobby found out that he has a father who is also a billionaire.

Misner’s father (Tom Misner) sold his company, SAE Institute, for $300 million, which made him a billionaire.

Misner chose to go live with his dad.

His dad moved him and his son to Europe.

Misner does not have any children. Misner states that once his dad sold the SAE Institute, he began buying nice things. They live a very fortunate life.

Dating History


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Misner used to date Charlie from Love Island.  

He claims to have dated Lindsey Lohan in the past. However, this was very quickly proven false.

Misner later admits that they never dated, it was more of a one-time hookup.

He says that she was very nice after letting him pass out on the couch and waking him up the next morning.

Misner said he wouldn’t be changing the video either.

Misner also married a stranger during a £13,000 two-day party.

He flew a girl to Ibiza, bought her a diamond ring, and married her there.

Misner and his new wife thought about buying a house together. He even bought a brand-new BMW M2.  

However, this marriage didn’t work out for them. Misner and his wife were never officially married, but he said that they officially got divorced a week later.

Misner admits that he doesn’t even speak to her anymore, that there was just nothing there.

Misner is currently dating Alix Morillo.



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Misner was sent to the most prestigious boarding school in Germany, but he was expelled.

After being expelled, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his film-making career.

He was expelled from his prestigious school for being an overall trouble maker, he flew on his private jet to France with some of his friends for his 18th birthday.

His teachers would call him rebellious.

Misner describes himself back then as a ‘delinquent, a misfit, and a rebel’ in contrast to the average well-behaved student at Millfield.

After being expelled from Millfield, Misner worked for his father at Abby Road Studios. However, he decided it was time to make a drastic change and moved to Los Angeles.

He moved to Los Angeles with the vision of partying, having cute girls around, and basically living his life as if it were a movie. Misner says that most of it came true.

Soon after moving to Los Angeles, Misner started his clothing brand called Rich Misfits. Rich Misfits t-shirts retail for around $300-$600 each.

Misner is known for saying, “I am an icon for rich kids.”

He admits that he flaunts his wealth online to get views.

He believes that being a YouTuber is the number one most wanted job as of 2020.

He believes that people look up to him because he can show them something nobody else could ever dream of doing.

He wanted to show rich kids that there are more misfits like him out there.

Misner considers himself “a little bit of a misfit kid” and “the kid who has everything.”

Some may label him as a spoiled brat, but he doesn’t appreciate that.

He says that being fortunate enough to grow up the way he did shouldn’t automatically label him as a spoiled brat.

Misner believes that he should be proud of what his father has built for them, so of course, he is going to flaunt it online.

Misner says that he is very proud of all of the things his father has done.

He recognizes that it was all his dad’s doing, he never takes responsibility for their wealth.

That’s what happens in his most viral video, “Life of a Billionaire’s Son.”

Misner looks up to his dad the most, due to his successes. He says that he wants to be as successful as his father.

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Self Realization


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Misner makes a YouTube video where he decided to be homeless for a few nights.

He does this to prove to himself just how hard being homeless is.

He spent three nights homeless in London, UK. Misner says, “I barely slept. I barely ate. I felt miserable.”

Misner says that this experience made him realize how reckless he was with money, but he said it was nearly too late.

His trust fund was almost empty.

Bobby began to work hard on himself to bring himself back from this.

Misner has starred in a handful of music videos, directed by Phillip Lopez.

Misner soon realized his true passion was in acting. With his charm, Misner enrolled in acting classes.

He would soon decide to start making movies out of his life.

He came up with a scheduling plan and wanted to hire a crew to help him create these videos.

Misner felt as if he finally realized what he wanted to do to be successful like his father.

Not long after making this decision, Misner and his best friend Brandon create Kandyland Productions. Brandon also partnered with Misner in the clothing brand Rich Misfits.

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Bobby Misner – Net Worth

So, how much is Bobby Misner worth? Bobby earned most of his wealth from working as the creative director of Studios 301 as well as from his millionaire father. Therefore, Bobby Misner has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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