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Whose dog tags is Maria Bartiromo wearing?

Whose dog tags is Maria Bartiromo wearing? (and 3 other things you should know)


Maria Bartiromo is a popular face on television these days.

As a well-known major network news anchor, an author, a finance journalist, and a Fox News television personality, Bartiromo has been on US television for a while now.

As the host of Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street, Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo, and Mornings with Maria—all on the Fox network—Bartiromo is a financial whizz with charisma and flair.

She’s also an outspoken supporter of some pretty divisive topics.

But what most fans want to know is: whose dog tags is Maria Bartiromo wearing?

Read on to find out the scoop on Maria Bartiromo—from what makes her tick, what makes her speak out, where she comes from, and how she may have ended up with dog tags.

#1. Where does Maria come from?


Maria Sara Bartiromo is an Italian-American who was born on September 11, 1967, and raised in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, New York.

Maria’s dad owned a popular Brooklyn restaurant named the Rex Manor, and her mom worked there as the hostess.

Off the clock, Maria’s mother was also a clerk at a betting parlor.

The family traced their roots back to Agrigento, Sicily, and her grandfather Carmine immigrated to the US in 1933.

Bartiromo went to an all-girls private Catholic school in Bay Ridge, the Fontbonne Hall Academy.

She also learned the value of hard work, by working in her parents’ restaurant and as a stock clerk at a local wedding dress shop.

It was through her job at the dress shop that Bartiromo learned one of her most valuable lessons.

She was fired from her role for trying on dresses when she was meant to be putting them away.

“I cried the whole way home, but I learned a valuable lesson: do your job.”

Bartiromo married fellow New Yorker and heir of Saul Steinberg, Jonathan Steinberg, in 1999.

The pair had been together since just after Maria left college.

They live on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and have a holiday home in Westhampton, New York.

#2. How did Bartiromo get famous?


Bartiromo attended C.W. Post and NYU while working with her mother at the betting parlor in Brooklyn.

She graduated in the late 80s with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Economics.

It was through NYU that she discovered radio…or rather, radio discovered her.

She landed a gig on WMCA 570 with Barry Farber, working as an intern.

The high-profile Farber liked her tenacity and capability, and through his recommendation, she got a job at CNN.

Bartiromo worked her way up at CNN, eventually becoming a producer with the network.

She jumped ship to CNBC in 1993 and worked on-air as the host of Closing Bell and On the Money with Maria Bartiromo.

Maria scored two Emmy Awards for her work at CNBC and was most well-known as being the first television journalist to report live from the floor of the NYSE.

She became known as the Money Honey for her financial savvy and good looks.

After 20 years at CNBC, she headed for Fox Corporation channels.

#3. Is Bartiromo a Trump supporter?


When he was in the White House, yes.

During Trump’s presidency, she became an advocate for the Trump administration, often repeating its talking points and being criticized for her weak, soft-ball interviews with the former president.

She drew heat for amplifying Trump’s debunked claims of voter fraud and for parroting his allegations against former president Barack Obama.

Bartiromo was the first person to interview Trump after his failed bid for reelection in November of 2020.

She texted a list of questions to Trump’s chief of staff and then agreed with his false claims of election fraud.

Bartiromo’s credibility as a journalist was called into question by iconic journalists at CNN, like Brian Stelter—and she was praised as “brave” by the ousted president.

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#4. Was Maria really punked?

maria bartiromo wearing dog tags



In December of 2020, she failed to do her due diligence when interviewing the CEO and president of food processing giant, Smithfield Foods.

Instead of confirming that the man she was interviewing was indeed Dennis Organ, she took the guy at face value.

It turned out he was an animal rights activist pretending to be Organ.

The shambolic interview lasted 6 minutes, and Bartiromo wasn’t made aware of her mistake until after the interview aired.

maria bartiromo dog tag necklace


#5. Why does Maria Bartiromo wear dog tags? 

So, why does Maria Bartiromo wear dog tags? While it isn’t clear whose dog tags Maria Bartiromo has worn in social media posts and on-air, we do know who she wears them for. As it turns out, her grandfather Carmine, her father, her great-uncle Pasquale S. Bartiromo, and many of her uncles, have all served in the US military.

Her grandfather and uncle Pasquale both served in WWII, with the latter giving his life in the ultimate sacrifice for his country.

In several social media posts—specifically Memorial Day and Veterans Day—Maria Bartiromo is vocal in her support of those who fight and sacrifice for the USA.


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