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Shannon Abloh Net Worth – Virgil Abloh’s widow

Shannon Abloh Net Worth – $100 million

What is Shannon Abloh’s net worth? Who was Shannon Abloh married to?


Shannon Abloh is a former programme manager at Monster, a mom of two, and the childhood sweetheart turned wife of iconic American designer, the late Virgil Abloh.

Hailed as a ground breaking designer who took the luxury fashion world by storm and changed what was possible in fashion, Virgil and Shannon rubbed shoulders with the biggest names in fashion and entertainment.

As tributes poured in for Virgil—who passed away at the end of 2021—from the likes of Hailey Bieber, the Beckhams, Kanye West, and the Hadid family, Shannon and her children were in mourning.

Since her husband’s passing, fashion fans and the mainstream media have been fascinated to learn more about Shannon Abloh.

If you’re one of the many who want to know who she is and where she comes from, you’ve come to the right place.

The Origin Story

Shannon Abloh—who was born Shannon Sundberg—was born on August 2, 1981. She has a brother named Cody, with whom she is very close.


Shannon met Virgil Abloh, a Ghanaian student, when the pair were both enrolled at Boylan Catholic High School in Rockford, Illinois. “I was a junior [year 11], and he was a senior [year 12],” she revealed in 2023.

By the end of high school, the pair were in a committed relationship.

After high school, Shannon and her high school sweetheart made the move to Wisconsin.

It was here that Shannon enrolled to study business management and marketing at Edgewood College.

Edgewood, a private Dominican college in Madison, overlooks Lake Wingra.

While Shannon was ensconced on the picturesque—and sprawling—55 acre campus, Virgil was up the road at the University of Wisconsin.

He studied towards a degree in civil engineering, and then headed to the Illinois Institute of Technology for his Masters of Architecture.

Shannon and Virgil would go on to build their careers in Chicago, where they raised their two sons—Lowe and Grey.

An Epic Love Story

Fans and fashionistas everywhere think they know Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton’s Head Director of Menswear, the Creative Director of Kanye West’s Donda, and CEO of Off White.

Shannon Abloh and husband Virgil Abloh


But they probably don’t know the love story he shared with his wife of more than a decade.

While they met in the 90s, the couple didn’t tie the knot until over a decade later—at the Four Seasons hotel in Chicago in 2009.

Virgil was determined that when he finally popped the question, Shannon needed to be surprised.

And after 10 years together, he knew it was going to be hard to surprise his long-time girlfriend.

Then, while Shannon was dropping her boyfriend off at the airport, she jumped out of the car to take over in the driver’s seat.

There was Virgil, on one knee, waiting when she came around the front of the car.

The surprise worked.

The couple’s nuptials—which were featured on Inside Weddings—were as quirky as they are.

Instead of sitting at a head table, the newlyweds moved from table to table for each course, to make the most of seeing everyone who had flown in to celebrate with them.

The Ablohs would go on to welcome two sons—Lowe and Grey.

Virgil was diagnosed with cardiac angiosarcoma—a rare and highly aggressive cancer—in 2019.

He and his family privately battled the disease, but the family man, husband, and luxury design genius passed away on November 28, 2021. He was 41 years old.

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A Legacy


The design world may have been wondering what would happen next for Off White—Virgil’s own label that was bought up by LVMH—or Louis Vuitton.

Shannon Abloh knew exactly what her husband had planned.

Virgil Abloh Securities—a company started by Shannon’s husband as a creative—was about to secure the dreams its founder had for the future.

Since his death, Shannon has taken on leadership of the company, and dedicated it to “spreading his ethos and essence globally.”

While the meaning might not be clear, Shannon knows her late husband’s heart:

“[He] believed his real work was using his position to ensure many more Black designers could have access to the opportunities he had.”

His dream, she said, was to establish an institution that could help create more opportunities for people in the fashion industry.

Shannon Abloh—who has always been involved in her husband’s work, and orchestrated his memorial Off-White show after his death—is the CEO and managing director of Virgil Abloh Securities.

how much is Shannon Abloh worth


Shannon Abloh – Net Worth

So, how much is Shannon Abloh worth? After Virgil Ablohs’ death, Shannon become the sole owner of any money or property that they both owned jointly. Her husband was worth $100 million at the time of his death. Therefore, Shannon Abloh has an estimated net worth of $100 million.

In May 2022, Shannon took the role of CEO and Managing Director at “Virgil Abloh Securities.”

In 2021, LVMH bought a 60 percent stake in Off-White, so, Shannon Abloh owns 40 percent of Off-White. However, Virgil Abloh didn’t owned Off-White, but he owned its trademark

Off-White resale value increased significantly following Abloh’s death. For instance, Off-White Air Jordan 1 Chicago sold for $5K. 

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