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Why did Harmony kill Neil on GH?

Why did Harmony kill Neil on General Hospital?


Warning: General Hospital spoilers ahead…

In one of the biggest reveals in General Hospital history—OK, maybe not quite as big as that time Faison peeled off his Duke Lavery face mask in 2012—show writers have tied up one of the biggest loose threads of the year.

Harmony made the confession to Alexis that it was her who killed Dr Neil Byrne.

As any self respecting GH fan knows, Alexis and Dr Neil have had feelings for each other for quite some time.

After their one night of passion, though, came a morning tinged with more than just regret: Neil was dead.

Now, after 19 months of keeping audiences on tenterhooks about who, why, and what happened to poor Neil, we’ve finally got the answers we needed.

Right now, we’re telling you everything: why Harmony killed Neil on GH, how it all unfolded, and what happened next. Are you ready?

How did Harmony kill Neil on GH? Here’s how it all unfolded…

Rising Suspicions

Almost immediately after Harmony moved in with Alexis, she raised Alexis’s suspicion when she knew her way around the house—and more specifically, how she knew where to find carpet cleaner in the basement.

While Harmony initially denied having ever been in Alexis’s home, she came clean when Alexis cornered her about the topic.

Inga Cadranel

Lorraine “Harmony” Miller (portrayed by actress Inga Cadranel) – @Getty


Harmony said that she’d been in the house before when Shiloh sent her to talk with Kristina about Dawn of Day.

She explained that Alexis had been away at the time, and that—while discussing Dawn of Day—she’d spilled some coffee and needed to clean it up.

Conveniently, this explained Harmony’s knowledge of the layout of the house and where to find cleaning products.


Following the semi-confession, Alexis is in a rush to get to work.

She leaves, and Harmony has a flashback to August 2020—and the night she murdered Dr Neil in Alexis’s house.

We see Harmony sneak up the stairs and into the room where Alexis and Neil are sleeping.

We watch her remove a syringe from her coat pocket and inject it into Neil’s arm. She slips out the door.

Harmony is clearly traumatized by her flashback…but it’ll be a long time before she actually comes clean about what she knows.

Cyrus Renault refuses to take the blame

Harmony has always been a colorful character—from her time at Pentonville Prison to her drug running for Cyrus Renault.

But when word got around about Neil’s death being linked to Renault’s latest drug, things got tricky.

Renault knew his evil henchmen hadn’t sold Dr Byrne the drug—but it was totally plausible that Harmony, who was doing deliveries for Cyrus at the time, could have gotten her sticky fingers on it without him knowing.

Harmony Miller worked at Crichton Clark

While this clue might have been a bit of a stretch in the lead-up to Harmony’s big reveal, but bear with us…

Harmony Miller worked at Crichton Clark under her real name, Lorraine Miller.

At the time, Nina Reeves was also there, in a 20-year coma and pregnant.

Harmony—who changed her name after leaving the employ of Crichton Clark—ended up with baby Willow.

Ostensibly, she’d adopted Willow from a woman named Joan at a commune in Colorado.

At around the same time, Dr Neil was also working with people at the commune.

He’d begun working to help people escape cults after his late daughter Joanna had been involved in one.

At the same time, it was revealed that Neil had also spent some time working as a therapist when Harmony was seeking help.

Carly Corinthos caught Harmony out

Years after Dr Neil’s sudden death, GH still hasn’t moved on entirely.

Carly Corinthos calls in to visit Alexis at home and catches Harmony burning a bunch of very official looking documents in the fireplace.

In typical soap opera style, she snags one, and reads it.

As it turns out, the papers Harmony is destroying are case notes from therapy sessions—Dr Neil Byrne’s therapy sessions.

The papers reveal that Harmony was one of Neil’s patients several years back and that she had confessed to him that Willow Tait was not her biological child.

In fact, it turned out that she had stolen Willow from the comatose Nina Reeves back at Crichton Clark.

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Why did Harmony really kill Neil on GH?

Joe Flanigan

Dr. Neil Byrne (portrayed by Joe Flanigan) – @Getty

By General Hospital standards, it’s actually pretty simple:

Harmony had confessed the truth about her “daughter” Willow Tait to Neil Byrne in therapy.

He was going to tell Willow the truth about everything, so Harmony snuck into Alexis’s home to inject him with Cyrus Renault’s street drug while he was sleeping—knowing he would overdose.

It all worked out fine for Harmony until Neil’s brother Brendan showed up.

By then, Harmony was trying to befriend Alexis and make amends for killing Neil in her own twisted way.

Brendan threatened to reveal everything he knew, so Harmony killed him, too—leaving Alexis to take the rap and forever putting an end to any hopes of friendship.

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