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Why Did Sssniperwolf Go To Jail?

Why did Sssniperwolf go to jail?


The internet is a crazy place. It’s a place where people can become famous for all manner of different reasons.

In terms of being “internet famous,” it doesn’t get much bigger than being a YouTuber.

YouTube is a site that has become huge over the last decade, generating wealth beyond human comprehension for a lot of people.

It’s hard to believe that, back in the day, it simply featured a selection of blurry videos uploaded by phones which would now be considered primitive.

Some YouTubers are worth more than some Hollywood celebrities, and as the site continues to grow and be monetized, that trend is only going to continue.

Whereas there is a wide range of YouTubers now in the public eye, Sssniperwolf is certainly up there in terms of popularity.

As famous and popular as the YouTuber is, however, she had faced her fair share of controversy over the years, especially when rumors and “reports” began circulating that stated that she had been arrested and kept in jail.

But who exactly is the famous YouTuber Sssniperwolf, and why did Sssniperwolf go to jail?

Let’s find out.

Short biography

Why did Sssniperwolf go to jail


Sssniperwolf, also known by her birth name Alia Maria ‘Lia’ Shelesh, is an English American YouTuber and actor who rose to fame online thanks to her reaction videos online.

She has also posted DIY hacks, commentary videos, blogs, vlogs, and gaming videos and streams.

Shelesh is particularly popular in the esports world, and considering she is such a keen gamer and because her gaming content gets so many views, that is hardly surprising.

Sssniperwolf was born on October 22nd, 1992, to a Turkish mother and a Greek father.

She was born in Liverpool, England, and has two younger brothers and one younger sister.

She spent a few years of her childhood in England before relocating to Phoenix, Arizona, USA, with her family when she was just six years of age.

Alia first began using YouTube for posting in 2011, when she started her own channel ‘Sexysexysniper’ and began posting blogs giving fans an insight into her everyday life.

One of her most popular videos was entitled ‘Draw My Life,’ in which she gave fans a glimpse of her everyday life in the form of a hand-drawn cartoon.

She began posting more gaming-themed content, and her channel quickly grew, helping her to become one of the most famous YouTubers in the world.

Social Media Career

sssniperwolf arrested


When Alia started the ‘Sexysexysniper’ channel, it quickly grew, accumulating roughly 50,000 followers in two years.

In 2013, however, she started a new channel entitled ‘Sssniperwolf’ and canceled the old one.

She never gave a clear reason for why, but most assumed it was because of the name.

Perhaps she was embarrassed, or perhaps she didn’t want fans to make assumptions about her sexuality.

In 2014, Sssniperwolf launched a second YouTube channel which she entitled ‘Little Lia.’

This would be a more wholesome channel in which she would post beauty tips, makeup hacks, arts, crafts, and DIY.

Her ‘Trying Life’ hacks proved especially popular, which were essentially life hacks. She timed this just right, as her content went live when the web was going crazy for life hacks.

As the years went by, however, she began posting less on the ‘Little Lia’ channel, much to her fan’s disappointment.

In 2021, Shelesh did provide an update and stated that the reason why she wasn’t as active on this channel was because her Sssniperwolf channel had become so popular.

She began posting reaction videos on her channel, to all manner of viral videos online, as well as glamorous selfies on her Instagram, and her channel quickly grew.

Her YouTube channel now has more than 33 million subscribers, making her one of the most popular YouTubers on the planet.

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Why the name ‘Sssniperwolf’?

sssniperwolf jail


You may think that with a name like ‘Sssniperwolf,’ her YouTube channel would be military-based, or perhaps based around marksmanship or sharpshooting.

The truth of the matter is that her channel’s name draws its name from the character of a video game.

Growing up, Alia was a keen gamer.

She was particularly fond of the PlayStation 1 game ‘Metal Gear Solid.’

Her favorite character in the game was Sniper Wolf.

Sniper Wolf was a ruthless and sexy female sniper who operated for the renegade military U.S. special operations FOXHOUND group.

She is an elite and highly skilled sniper who is an amazing shot and is able to slow her breathing and go without food, sleep, or water for more than a week.

Sniper Wolf is of Kurdish origins, and Alia became fascinated by her when playing the 1998 video game.

She started the ‘Sexysexysniper’ channel before undergoing a ‘rebrand’ and creating her Sssniperwolf channel. In case you couldn’t tell, the ‘SS’ refers to ‘sexy sexy’ from her previous channel.

sssniperwolf armed robbery


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Why did Sssniperwolf go to jail?

Contrary to what some people report, the ‘SS’ in her name has nothing to do with the SS paramilitary party in Nazi Germany.

It refers to her channel’s previous name, as we just looked at it.

Alia has, however, faced controversy in the past as she has been arrested in the past, and despite trying to delete the evidence of these arrests online, fans still found out the truth.

Sssniperwolf was arrested in 2013 for armed robbery alongside Evan Sausage. She was alleged to have assaulted an undercover police officer, though this was never proven. She was also arrested again in 2016, when her mugshot appeared online after she was booked for disorderly conduct after getting into a fight.

Her neighbors reported called the cops after Alia got into a heated verbal argument with her partner Evan Sausage.

Here is Alia explaining in a video.


SSSniperWolf Net Worth

How did SSSniperwolf meet Evan Sausage?