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Why did Adam Calhoun go to prison?

Why did Adam Calhoun go to prison? The full story here.


For many, Adam Calhoun is someone who is hard to forget.

The Chicago native, though he grew up mostly within New Lenox.

His career as a rapper and singer has brought him plenty of fame, as has his ability to write awesome tracks and come up with hilarious comedy.

He is a highly successful individual, though, unlike many stars of today, he did not make it ‘big’ until his 30s.

In fact, it would be fair to say that Calhoun only really came onto the scene in about 2016 or 2017.

Now in his mid-30s, he was someone who had to work extremely hard to break through the armada of younger stars coming through ahead of him.

As an active artist and social media personality, Calhoun has a pretty big following for various reasons.

However, despite the success of things like his album Country Rap Tunes (with Tom MacDonald) and his big breakout album, The Brave, there are some things about Calhoun that have come to light that are somewhat controversial.

For example, did you know that the artist had been in prison in the past?

That’s right – Adam Calhoun spent some time behind bars.

What happened?

Why did Adam Calhoun go to prison?

How did Calhoun get started?


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His first real dalliance with fame came when he worked alongside Hosier, the famous country-rap singer.

They collaborated on a track, Salute The Brave, and it reached the top fifty on Hot Country Songs rankings.

He also released an album with Hosier, titled Made in America, in 2018.

Since then, he has stopped working with Hosier and started his solo career.

That has seen some pretty big success, though, his track, Racism, brought a lot of controversy for stereotypical comments made throughout. He also enjoyed success with others, but his solo career has seen several albums, including 2018s War.

His work with Tom MacDonald, though, definitely helped to propel Calhoun further into the audience spotlight.

For the week of its release, it was the best-selling album in the USA.

Away from his music


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Away from the excitement and success of his musical career, Calhoun has led a pretty colorful and interesting life.

He was an individual who released plenty of good music, wrote some great tracks, and enjoyed comedic pursuits. But away from the audience, he is a loving family man.

Indeed, he has a son, Tamen, who is part of a previous relationship.

He also has a daughter, Grae Millie, who was conceived with his wife, Margie.

Outside of this, though, Calhoun does try to keep a pretty big gap between what he does for a living and who he is away from the stage.

However, one thing to note is that, unlike others, he does not allow his personality to stay totally out of the limelight.

For example, if you watch his YouTube shows, you will see a person with well over one million subscribers.

On there, he tends to be someone who is quite politically forthright.

He is happy to put his name to policies and to back politicians – at one stage, he backed Donald Trump for election to the White House.

Unlike others, he does not look to maintain a neutral position.

He tries to give people his actual views on things and does not hide behind mealy-mouthed answers.

While this can cause some controversy, such as the uproar when he backed Trump, Calhoun is someone who has no problem being open with his views on everything from society to politics.

That open-mindedness, though, might have played a role in what put him behind bars.

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Why did Adam Calhoun go to prison?

So, what did adam calhoun go to prison for? Part of why he wound up in prison comes down to familial disputes. He had a son, Tamen, with his ex-partner, Brandy. When he split from his family when his son was just one, Brandy gained full custody. At 26 and in a bad place in his life, Calhoun found himself in an argument with a police officer who was on duty. The argument escalated, and it culminated with Calhoun punching the officer square in the face. This naturally landed him in prison, but after a short period of time, he was released and returned to his mothers.

The stress and challenge of that period of time, though, definitely would have played a contributing factor in such an out-of-character assault.

When his son was 10, he was asked to take custody of Tamen.

He was more than happy to do so, but losing his job at the time saw him work full-time on turning himself into the social media star he is today.

Having a young son to provide for, and having had the shock of imprisonment, was enough to jolt him into action and create the well-known star that Calhoun is now.

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What’s next?


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Having come through some pretty tough times and having now made a name for himself, Calhoun has his eyes on the biggest prize of all: running for US President.

In 2024, he intends to put his name forward and run for the office.

While this is still a long way away from being possible, it is something that he is keen to make part of his future. Whether or not he is successful remains to be seen.

Celebrities throw their hat in the ring for running for office on a regular basis – Trump did it en route to winning in 2016.

The US political system is open to people more or less appearing from nowhere to run for office, and in the past, we have seen some pretty surprising successes.

With the US set for some pretty tumultuous times politically, though, it seems pretty clear that Calhoun will end up running for office. Whether he gets in or not is a different matter, but with his life experience and audience, it is not as insane as it might have sounded even a few years ago.


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