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Zane Hijazi Net Worth 2024

Zane Hijazi Net Worth – $6 million

Zane Ahmed Hijazi is a well-known YouTuber boasting millions of subscribers and many fans. 

He is a well-liked member of David Dobrik’s famous “Vlog Squad” and the host of the “Unfiltered” podcast, a show which is a collaboration between Hijazi and fellow vlog squad member Heath Hussar.

The podcast is not the only collaboration between the two, with their coffee company “Kramoda Coffee” selling out their first release on the same day it launched!

The Origin Story

Born on the 18th of November 1992 in Miami, Florida, Hijazi went to Broward College, where he graduated with a degree in hospitality and management.

Zane worked in the hospitality and tourism industry after graduation, where he worked for several logistics companies in Florida.

There, he was primarily responsible for managing major events in various airports and hotels.

There is very little information surrounding Hijazi’s family apart from the fact that he has one brother and two sisters.

He is known to be friends with many other YouTubers, including Heath Hussar, David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, and Lele Pons, among others.


Despite the fact that Hijazi lives in the public eye, as a famous YouTube personality, there is very little knowledge about his romantic interests; this has led to much speculation from fans around the world.


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Zane Hijazi stands just under 6 feet tall at five feet and eleven inches (5”11).


Growing up, Zane Hijazi took the traditional route, a good student, he decided to pursue a college education at Broward College, where he studied a degree in hospitality and management.

Upon graduation, he was driven to pursue a career in logistics, where he was able to work for several major companies putting on events in Florida.

Zane showed a great desire to succeed in his career that can, in part, explain why he was able to succeed in his social media career.

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Whilst still working in a traditional career, Zane began to dabble in the world of social media when he and his friend Heath Hussar created a collaborative account on the now-defunct platform “Vine,” where they found great success in creating short funny content that showcased their unique personalities.

Zane Hijazi

Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar – @Getty

”I took that risk,” Zane said in an interview with Renil Abraham. ”Me and my buddy … we moved out to LA. We got an apartment and we just made vines … we did it for free. We were living paycheck to paycheck for like a couple of years and then we met the right group of people. They’re our best friends right now.”

Inspired by his initial success, Zane created his own YouTube channel where he was able to really showcase his sarcastic charm and hilarious antics in a longer form of content which often featured friends like his long-time collaborator and future business partner Heath Hussar.

After becoming a member of David Dobrik’s “Vlog Squad,” Zane’s career really began its meteoric rise with the global popularity of the vlog squad leading to him and his collaborators amassing a hugely loyal fanbase.

As the popularity of the Vlog Squad began to lessen, Zane and long-time best friend Heath Hussar started to work on several ventures of their own such as Kramoda Coffee, a company created out of their love for coffee and its ability to help people connect with each other.

This venture has proven wildly successful and has them selling out almost instantly every time they release a new batch of coffee.

Now Hijazi and Hussar are now hosts of the wildly popular “Unfiltered,” a podcast that has reportedly brought in $600,000 in ad revenue in a span of three months.

Zane Hijazi Net Worth


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Zane Hijazi – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Zane Hijazi worth? Hijazi’s variety of income streams are what has led him to significantly increase his net worth in the past few years, with his income coming from a variety of sources such as podcast advertisements, YouTube brand deals and ad revenue, Kramoda Coffee, in addition to his real estate investments. Therefore, YouTube star Zane Hijazi has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

Despite being best known for his YouTube content, it is the podcast that Zane hosts with Heath that brings in the majority of his earnings, followed closely by Kramoda Coffee which, since launching, has been wildly successful.

Zane Hijazi reportedly bought a 1.6-million-dollar home in Studio City, which despite plans for a full renovation, he decided to sell for a six-figure profit.

More recently, Hijazi has purchased another 2.4-million-dollar five-bedroom home also located in Studio City, Los Angeles, although being located only meters from another property owned by long-time friend and social media megastar David Dobrik.

For reasons unknown, Hijazi has since listed this property for sale for a whopping three million dollars.

On YouTube, Zane has over 646 million views–about $2 million in revenue before taxes.

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