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Caleb Maddix Net Worth | Biography

Caleb Maddix Net Worth – $10 million

What is Caleb Maddix’s net worth?


Caleb Maddix is an American entrepreneur with the goal ”to be a billionaire by 30.”

The Origin Story

Maddix, who was born in 2001 in Florida, has lived a very eventful life so far.

At the age of 14, he became a worldwide known success.

The secret to this success was all the more surprising.

Maddix decided early on that there was no point in waiting for what he was going to do in the future, instead, he would focus on doing it all in the now.

This led him to write his first book and start his first business.

What might surprise some, is that even at the age of 14, he knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, but according to Maddix, that knowledge had actually come long before his 14th year of life.

In his own words, he considered it to be in his character as he could never imagine himself working for somebody else.



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And so, his journey began, he wrote a book called ‘Keys to Success for Kids, which he also published.

The book was meant to encourage other children to pursue their dreams and to develop themselves into successful individuals.

By 2016, not only had he published his first book, which was, in fact, published in 2015 when Maddix was 13 years old, but he had also gone on over 50 mission trips throughout the United States.

Throughout all of this, his parents, who homeschooled him, and especially his father, were the biggest support system for Maddix.

During his mission trips, he became increasingly aware of the discrepancy and the gap between the privileges available to some and not to others.

He met people who struggled to put food on the table and who, in Maddix’s view, were tied down by so much that they were not free.

From then on, freedom became his ultimate number one mission.

He wanted to help create a world of chances in which both children and adults could be free to live their lives.

He also wanted to create freedom for himself.

He struggled with the idea that at the age of 20, he would possibly be an adult looking for a job.

Instead, he much preferred the idea of being the one who could offer jobs to others.

Maddix realizes that achieving this dream would mean spending a lot of his time working, and this is something that he has no problem doing.

Since the age of 14, Maddix has often mentioned how not only would he work 22-hour days, but also, he would often see his father working similar hours.

This sort of work ethic was something that he aspired to continue as his father was one of his biggest role models.

In the following five years, since the publication of his first book, Maddix has gone on to write another twelve books.

Within them, you can find his entire philosophy, positive outlook on life, and the ways that he considers that you can achieve success in your life.

Kids for Success


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Alongside his book, he also launched his first company, Kids for Success, in 2016.

The goal of the company was really to help other children reach a level in which they, too, would achieve success.

Children who signed on had Maddix as their mentor, and many of them saw huge improvements in both their outlook on life as well as on their actual lives, where they started aiming for success.

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Apex 4 Kids

In 2019, Maddix launched his second project, which is known as Apex 4 Kids.

The company has less than 50 employees right now, and yet it has impacted over 20,000 families.

The E-Learning platform is just one more way in which children can gain tools and tips on how to achieve success, gain more confidence as well as how to garner respect.

His video series and the entire program are meant to assist children in becoming successful, and the platform can be used by the entire family.



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Finally, for a short time, Maddix was running a YouTube channel in which he shared tips from his life as well as stories on how he made his first 100K dollars by the age of 14.

These inspirational videos targeted children and teenagers who were looking for inspiration and motivation to work on their own success stories.

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While his entrepreneurial successes have been heavily publicized, there is far less information known about his relationship status.

As an adult, Maddix is sure to have had some relationships, but those are kept private.

Caleb Maddix – Net Worth

So, how much is Caleb Maddix worth? In a video from a few years ago, he had even discussed in great length how he was worth $7.5 million at the age of 17, and currently, his Instagram bio proudly used to say that he is an 8-figure entrepreneur. Therefore, American entrepreneur Caleb Maddix has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Maddix has often said that he wishes to be a billionaire by the age of 30, and at his current rate, he is very likely to achieve exactly that.

He’s the author of How You Can Have it All, Keys To Success For Kids, and more.

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