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Alex Adams Net Worth $500,000

What Is Alex Adams’ Net Worth?

Alex Adams is a Canadian YouTube vlogger and internet personality who has a net worth of $500,000. She is best known for her YouTube channel, and in particular, her ‘Get Ready With Me’ series of videos.

The Origin Story

Adams is originally from Ontario, Canada, and was born on March 12th, 1999.

She is of Canadian and Filipino heritage.

At some point in her childhood, she moved with her family to Switzerland, as a result of her father’s job.

Aside from this, little is known of Adams’ early life.

YouTube Account


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Adams started a YouTube account in 2011, when she was only 12 years old.

Her first video was about the ‘swag’ she and one of her friends had gotten while shopping.

Adams began doing makeup tutorials very quickly, and by 2013 was regularly uploading such videos.

Her early YouTube career was characterized by makeup advice videos, and Adams dispensed wisdom on such topics as Halloween makeup, smoky eyes tutorials, and even tips on different hairstyles for girls.

As Adams got older, she continued to establish herself as a makeup maestro on the popular video-hosting site.

She also began to post Q&A’s with fans (sometimes bringing her friends in), and a small number of ‘slice of life’ videos in which she gave fans a glimpse of her personal life outside of her makeup tutorials.

Adams continued to expand upon this side of her YouTube output, making more and more videos that went behind the scenes and granted viewers a peek at her personal life.

She began to post videos that broke down the contents of her personal belongings, such as her bag and phone. She also moved into video challenges, which she sometimes completed with her friends.

Adams’ later output expanded upon her college life, and included some reaction videos in which she watched other YouTubers’ videos and documented her own reaction to their challenges or comments.

Alex also partially documented her dating life, opening up to viewers after her first relationship ended poorly and soliciting their advice/consolation.

Adams’ recent content has been much more ‘slice of life’ than her earlier offerings, which revolved mainly around makeup tutorials. Adams now routinely uploads videos that document her daily routines, her interaction with friends, and even her whole summer holiday.

Alex has also become an avid clubber, and will frequently talk viewers through how she gets ready for going clubbing (including her makeup and fashion choices).

All of this content has made Adams extremely popular; she has around 192,000 subscribers, despite her relatively small output of 364 videos.

Personal Life


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At the time of writing, Alex Adams is unmarried.

Adams has previously been in relationships – as she has documented on her YouTube channel – but would appear to currently be single.

Adams has a younger sister, who has appeared in her videos since the early days of Adams’ YouTube channel.

Adams’ sister is named Mariella, and is 6 years younger than her sister.

The two are, as judged by Mariella’s appearances in her sister’s videos, very close.

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Net Worth


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So, how much is Alex Adams worth?

Adams earned most of her wealth from ads on YouTube, hosting her podcast – Between You & Me, posting on TikTok, and brand deals, especially via her Instagram account.

Therefore, Alex Adams has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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