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Angry Joe Net Worth | Girlfriend

Angry Joe Net Worth – $3 million

What is Angry Joe’s net worth? Who is Angry Joe dating now?


Angry Joe Vargas is a prominent gaming YouTuber who delivers comedic and entertaining reviews of the games he plays.

Amongst his favorites are Mass Effect 3, Guild Wars 2, Devil May Cry, and Mass Effect 3—games that have helped propel the outspoken gamer into the subscription list of millions of YouTube viewers.

Angry Joe is also the guy behind the Angry Army and the Angry Joe Show collection.

The Origin Story

Angry Joe—obviously not his real name—is a nickname bestowed upon Texas native Jose Antonio Vargas.

Born on June 18, 1984, in Austin, Texas, Vargas is of Puerto Rican descent.


Through 2016 and 2017, Vargas was linked to Swedish-born Twitch Partner Purrluna, an up-and-coming gamer girl and budding Instagram model.

Although the couple never confirmed or denied their relationship, Purrluna came forward in early 2020 to defend Vargas against allegations made by a relatively unknown gamer called Ashley Marku.

“I spent 5-6 months living with @AngryJoeShow while visiting him and friends. Great time. Joe wasn’t mean, jealous, pushy, or angry with me,” Purrluna tweeted in defense of her friend. ”A bit fishy accusations imo, doesn’t sound like him.”

Vargas employed a team of legal reps to fight the unfounded allegations, although his accuser seems to have gone quiet as of late 2020.

At the time of writing, Angry Joe is not married.

Vargas is a Superman super-fan, and often sports the Superman logo on his shirt in his rants and reviews.

Prior to launching his YouTube channel as a full-time gig, Angry Joe worked for Dell, GameStop, McDonald’s, and Party City.

Famous Rants

how much does angry joe make


Angry Joe is vocal in his criticism of the Loot Box trend in gaming.

These microtransactions—where gamers can buy boxes or packs to improve their game, on top of buying the actual game in the first place—regularly get blasted by the opinionated gamer, with iconic games like Battlefront II and Shadow of War often bearing the brunt of his tirades.

ESports games like Madden also ranked at #10 in his Angry Joe’s Worst Games list of 2018 for its use of microtransactions.

Fallout 76 copped a battering from Angry Joe, landing a spot on several of his lists—including “Worst Games of 2019”, “Worst Games of 2018”, and Most Disappointing Games.”

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The Console Wars

As an influential YouTuber, Angry Joe has stayed largely neutral in the console wars—he’s reviewed games across all the major gaming platforms.

A lot of his fans have noted his preference for PC gaming, with his searing coverage of PC launches like that of Arkham Knight and Battlefield 4. In his defense, Vargas has also played across the Xbox console range, PlayStation, and Nintendo.

In 2015 he launched a tirade against Nintendo for what he called Anti-YouTuber policies.

The criticism stemmed from a copyright claim against Angry Joe’s commentary on Mario Party 10.

The video, titled “Angry Joe Plays Mario Party 10!” was flagged by the social media platform for showing material copyrighted to Nintendo.

Although it remained viewable to Angry Joe’s then 2 million subs, the influencer wasn’t able to monetize the video through advertising.

He removed the video and vowed he wouldn’t review Nintendo’s games anymore.

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Angry Joe Shows

Angry Joe has demonstrated his range, growing his channel to include several series and shows.

Among some of the most popular are:

  • Angry Reviews. Easily Vargas’ most well-known show, here is where he rants and raves about the newest additions to the gaming universe. He explores the pros and cons of his games—sometimes alongside Joe Lopez (Other Joe)—and rates games out of 10 points. Games that rate 1/10 are usually given the “Epic Fail” seal. Sonic Free Riders, Ghostbusters 2016, and Power Rangers Mega Battle all earned the Epic Fail label.
  • Angry Rant. Angry Joe’s rants are typically directed at a gaming issue—like a failed game launch or industry announcement. Microsoft removing a campaign from CoD Black Ops IV earned Vargas’ ire.
  • Top 10s. After Angry Reviews, this is Angry Joe’s most popular show. At the end of each year, he makes videos ranking his top 10 best games of the year—as well as the worst games, the most disappointing games, and the most controversial events in the industry. The latter returned in 2019 after a 5-year break.

Angry Joe – Net Worth

So, how much does Angry Joe make?

Vargas earned most of his wealth from ads and sponsors.

On YouTube, Jose has over 1.6 billion views, meaning about $4.8 million in revenue before taxes.

Some of his sponsors are Displate, The Kraken Rum, and more.

On Patreon, Vargas has more than 850 patrons. The minimum membership level costs $2 per month, and $100 the highest.

Therefore, Angry Joe has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

He’s not all angry—check out his 10/10 rating for Guild Wars 2 here!

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