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TmarTn Net Worth | Fiancée

TmarTn Net Worth – $5 million

What is Trevor Martin’s net worth? Who is TmarTn’s fiancée?


Trevor Martin is best known as a Call of Duty gamer who streams footage, tips, and tricks to his fans. And there are millions of them.

With a massive subscriber base of 5 million on YouTube and another 1.6 million followers on Twitter, this young PlayStation aficionado is part of a growing group of teens getting famous for sitting at home playing video games.

Inspired by gamer/commentator extraordinaire—Pew Die Pie—the number of gamer influencers is bigger than ever.

Although the Call of Duty series is Trevor Martin’s bread and butter, he also plays FPS games like Halo and Battlefield, Assasin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, and Uncharted.

The Origin Story

Trevor “TmarTn” Martin was born in Daytona Beach, Florida, on September 4, 1992.

He attended Jefferson Middle School—where he played basketball as a kid—and went on to Centennial High School.

When he graduated in 2011, he enrolled to go on to Parkland College in the fall.

Life had other plans for the avid gamer, who had been uploading amateur gaming footage and commentary on YouTube for a few years.

He’d managed to gain a solid enough following in that time to quit his part-time job as a busboy and focus on gaming—and streaming—full time.

TmarTn Net Worth Fiancée (Chelsea Kreiner)

Mitchell “Buzzo” Mader, Trevor “TmarTn” Martin, Demaryius Thomas, and Keanna Guerrero – @Getty

Activision—the brand behind Call of Duty—got in touch with him. The tech giant offered him a chance to work on videos across their platforms and to earn an income for it.

Trevor Martin accepted, dropped out of Parkland College, and moved out to Los Angeles.

Just over a year later, Trevor packed up and moved back to his hometown.

He went on to buy a house in Coralville, recording up to five videos a day from his home, his mother’s home in Champaign, and his office space in downtown Champaign.

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Trevor Martin has been dating his long-time girlfriend, Chelsea Kreiner, since 2016.

”You look like the type of girl I could mariachi,” Trevor wrote on Instagram in 2020.

The couple, who are pet parents to dogs Super Cooper and Koda, run their own YouTube vlog—Trev and Chels.


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They filmed snippets of their life together, and Chelsea features heavily in TmarTn’s Instagram feed.

Chelsea, who describes herself as a lifestyle and travel blogger, and vacation fanatic, is the owner of the now inactive Savory Slice vlog.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she also works for the Cranium Academy as a teacher.

Trevor Martin and Chelsea Kreiner got engaged in February 2022. “Best day of my life,” he wrote on Instagram.

YouTube and Disclosure

Trevor Martin and fellow gamer Tom Cassell ran into problems in early 2016 when they failed to fully disclose their relationship with CSGO Lotto—a gambling site for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gamers.

The pair used the YouTube platform to upload videos of them using the site, with titles like “How To Win $13,000 in 5 Minutes!”

It was revealed that the site being endorsed to their followers, listed Martin as the owner and president.


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A post shared by Trevor Martin (@tmartn)

The pair were charged by the Federal Trade Commission for deceptively endorsing the online gambling service and failing to disclose that they owned the company, and ordered to clearly and conspicuously disclose connections.

As a result of the detailed charges against the pair, the FTC was also prompted to send 21 warning letters to other social media influencers.

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Acting As An Ambassador

Gaming, gambling, and managing his online social media aren’t the only avenues Trevor Martin has leveraged to make money.

He has also secured some valuable brand partners for promotional work.

Brands like BarkBox—who market subscription services for our furry friends—have partnered with TmarTn since 2015.


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Monster Energy has leveraged the niche market Martin caters to by teaming up with the gamer for the past 6 years.

Other big names in the gaming industry, like Astro Gaming, Gamma Labs, and KontrolFreek, have also capitalized on TmarTn’s success as an influencer.

TmarTn – Net Worth

So, how much is TmarTn worth? Trevor earned most of his wealth from sponsorships, selling merch, and ads on his YouTube channels. On YouTube (two channels), Trevor has over 3.14 billion views, meaning about $9 million in revenue before taxes. Therefore, TmarTn has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Trevor was sponsored by Audible.

He also has 91 million views on the “Trev and Chels” channel.

Want to know something weird? Despite his influence in the gaming community, TmarTn’s most-watched video (by far) is this one about a puppy!

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