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Annie Macaulay-Idibia Net Worth 2024

Annie Macaulay-Idibia Net Worth – $1.5 million

What is Annie Macaulay-Idibia’s net worth? Who is Annie Macaulay-Idibia’s husband?


Annie Macaulay–Idibia is a Nigerian actress who rocketed to fame for performing in “Morning After Dark” and “Beautiful Monster.”


She was born on November 13, 1984, in Nigeria.

While growing up, Annie lived in a one-bedroom apartment with her three brothers.

Her parents divorced during her youth.

“My mother bred us from childhood to adulthood because of the divorce,” Annie said in 2014.

At age 15, Macaulay-Idibia started to work as a salesperson. Before that, one of her brothers passed away due to tuberculosis.

Macaulay-Idibia has a degree in Theatre Arts and Computer Science.


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In 2004, Annie was featured in 2Baba’s music video for African Queen. In addition, Annie competed in a beauty pageant.

In 2009, Macaulay-Idibia first appeared in a Nollywood (the cinema of Nigeria) movie.

“My first love, actually, is acting, and my acting started when I was in secondary school,” Macaulay-Idibia revealed in 2015. “I don’t see that job. When you are acting, you are like you are living somebody else’s life. I enjoy feeling like other people are feeling.”

In 2012, she portrayed Princess Harriet in the drama The Kingdom (directed by Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi).

In 2016, Macaulay-Idibia was the recipient of Fast Rising Actress at the African Entertainment Legend Awards.

In 2017, she was busy appearing in Single Ladies, Alakada Reloaded, and several other projects.

Young, Famous & African


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On March 18, 2022, Young, Famous & African debuted on Netflix.

It is a reality show set in Africa in which many stars from several parts of the African region appear.

Alongside Macaulay-Idibia stars 2Baba, South African actress Khanyi Mbau, Kayleigh Schwark, Zari Hassan, South African-born Zimbabwean rapper Nadia Nakai, Naked DJ, Nigerian celebrity fashion stylist Swanky Jerry, Andile Ncube, and Bongo Flava recording artist Diamond Platnumz.


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In May 2012, Annie Macaulay-Idibia married 2face Idibia, aka 2Baba, in Lagos, Nigeria. Idibia is a Nigerian singer and the first winner of the MTV EMA Best African Act category in 2005.

2face Idibia


“She has a good heart, and you know that I’m attracted to people with good heart,” 2Baba revealed in a 2013 interview about his wife.

In June 2021, the two renewed their vows.

“My vow renewal was such a beautiful and special day,” she wrote on her Instagram.

In 2023, Annie asked the critics to let her family be and stop critiquing her marriage.

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The couple has two daughters, Isabella Idibia (b. in December 2008) and Olivia Idibia (b. in January 2014).

Her husband has five other children — three with Pero Adeniyi and two with Sumbo Adeoye.


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Annie Macaulay-Idibia – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Annie Macaulay-Idibia worth? Macaulay-Idibia earned most of her wealth from her acting career. Therefore, Annie Macaulay-Idibia has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Annie also owns a beauty salon in Atlanta and makes some money from sponsors via her popular Instagram account.

“If you have a dream, if you love something … there is no rush in life, there’s no harm in life,” Annie said in an interview with HITZTV. “I believe in perseverance, in whatever it is that you want to achieve. Walk hard towards it and wait for that time. Make sure it is your calling, make sure you truly have the talent in it, and don’t just choose to win. Make sure you have talents. Dreams always come true.”

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