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Ashlen Diaz Net Worth

Ashlen Diaz Net Worth – $1 million

What is Ashlen Diaz’s net worth?


Ashlen Diaz is an American music promoter.

She is best known for her abortive relationship with the rapper and singer/songwriter Post Malone.

The Origin Story

Diaz was born in Dallas, Texas, on December 19th, 1995.

She is of Hispanic descent. Beyond this, nothing is publicly known about Diaz’s early life.

Relationship with Post Malone

Is ashlen and post malone still together


Diaz began dating the rapper Post Malone in 2015, after she had begun working for him in her capacity as a music promoter.

Diaz booked several of Malone’s shows for him, and worked closely with the musician.

During the course of their collaboration, romantic feelings developed between the two, and they began officially dating.

The two reportedly encountered their share of difficulties during their three-year relationship.

Malone stated in a Breakfast Club interview that he had trouble maintaining a work-life balance, particularly when it came to making time for Diaz.

These difficulties culminated in the couple’s break-up in 2018, after three years together.

The breakup was somewhat acrimonious; Diaz sued Malone for ‘palimony,’ a Californian legal term in which one former partner is entitled to support payments from the other despite the fact that they are not married.

Diaz and Malone eventually settled outside of court, with Malone reportedly paying his ex-girlfriend $350,000.

However, Diaz’s former lawyers took umbrage at this and sued both parties, alleging that by cutting their lawyers out of the equation, both Diaz and Malone had acted outside of their legal obligations.

What happened between Post Malone and Ashlen


Diaz’s former lawyers further alleged that Malone had contacted his ex-girlfriend and pressured her into dropping the lawsuit, a claim that Malone denied vociferously.

The former lovers were as divided in their approach to the lawsuit as they were in their romantic relationship.

Diaz appeared in court to face her former lawyers and demand that their case be thrown out; Malone, conversely, declined to show up, earning himself a hefty default fine for failing to appear in court.

Personal Life

As is well documented, Diaz dated Post Malone from 2015-2018.

It is not known if the two are currently on speaking terms; despite settling their legal differences outside of the courtroom, Diaz deleted all of her photos of the two of them from Instagram and also deleted any mention of Malone from all of her social media.

Diaz has stated on her social media that she suffers from shyness and social anxiety.

As a result, she is not often seen at public events and prefers to stay out of the spotlight in her role as music promoter.

Despite their acrimonious breakup and allegedly rocky relationship, it’s thought that Malone penned two songs about Diaz during their time together.

These are allegedly ‘Stay’ and ‘Rich & Sad.’

Diaz is typically very reticent about revealing details of her personal life, so she does not share much on social media.

Consequently, it is not known if she is dating anyone else after Malone. However, her former boyfriend, Post Malone, is engaged to a woman named Jamie and welcomed a daughter in 2022.

Her place of residence also remains unknown at the time of writing.

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Ashlen Diaz – Net Worth

So, how much is Ashlen Diaz worth?

Diaz earned most of her wealth from working as a music promoter. Diaz gained recognition within the industry for her ability to create unique marketing campaigns that resonated with fans and artists.

Therefore, Ashlen Diaz has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

On the other hand, Malone’s net worth is estimated at $50 million.


Who’s Post Malone’s ex-girlfriend?

Post Malone and Ashlen Diaz began dating in 2015 after meeting through mutual friends in the music industry. The couple seemed very happy together throughout their three-year relationship but eventually split up in November 2018 due to conflicting schedules and commitments.

Later, Malone was rumored to be in a relationship with MLMA. The couple was seen together on multiple occasions and even ignited engagement rumors when MLMA. However, they broke up in 2020.

Does Post Malone have a girlfriend now?

Post Malone is currently engaged to his fiancée Jamie. The two even have a child together.

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