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How Much Does Eminem Charge For A Feature?

How much does rapper Eminem charge for a feature?


When it comes to rap artistry, few people have managed to corner the market quite like Eminem.

He is one of the most prominent rap artists of his generation and has become an inspiration to many.

His tremendous control of his lyrics and his ability to put across topics – controversial or powerful – are almost unmatched.

So, too, is his ability to come into just about any kind of music genre and make it work.

From his earlier works which were full of aggression and energy to his later works, which can be more thoughtful and provocative in a different way, Eminem has managed to live a very diverse musical life.

This has seen him partner up with many stars over the length of his career, and he has found himself working with everyone from classic partner Dr. Dre to the likes of Rihanna.

Eminem, though, is an artist in high demand.

Eminem is regularly involved in requests to feature on other musical tracks, but this obviously does not come cheap.

As one of the most successful artists of his era, Eminem knows how to charge for his time and services accordingly.

With that in mind, then, how much does Eminem charge for a feature?

Let’s take a look at some of the numbers that exist out there for Eminem to get involved in a feature.

Why do artists want to work with Eminem?

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Why would you not want to work with one of the most enigmatic, talented, and polarizing artists of the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s?

Eminem has a name that is legendary within the musical world.

The chance to work with a superstar who genuinely brings an incredible range of talents to the musical table would be hard to refuse.

The name recognition alone is massive, too; it’s like having a fashion brand pair up with a name like Ralph Lauren.

His talent is indisputable, and his name recognition makes him one of the biggest stars to be involved with.

Eminem’s presence alone could help to introduce a song or an album to an audience that might otherwise have never heard of that individual.

For that reason, it is easy to see why artists are so keen to work with Eminem.

He brings a wealth of talent, experience, and skill to the table that would be almost impossible to quantify in terms of price.

Prices do exist, though, and for that reason, it is important to understand that Eminem understands his value.

He knows that his presence alone could turn a pretty standard release into a major hit.

As such, he is regarded as one of the best artists in the world to do a feature with – especially if you want to stand out from the crowd and really get noticed.

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How much does Eminem charge for a feature? It depends

So, years ago, it was common for Eminem to charge something in the region of $200,000 to $250,000 for an event or show.

Over time, though, as his star has grown and his time commitments have lessened, he has begun to charge more.

Like any artist who is aging and finding that they have a life away from music, it is not possible for Eminem to continue to give the same amount of time without being paid accordingly.

Given his net worth is supposed to be north of $200m, this is a guy who knows what he is worth.

He charges a lot of money for his presence at events, shows, and to feature within music.

Some might argue the price is massive, but the rates he charges are in-line with the kind of clout and reputation he brings.

The changing rate of an Eminem feature

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So, Eminem today comes with a huge price.

He does not do any kind of event, concert, or feature in a music track cheaply.

Recent reports suggest events tend to find the starting price at around $2,000,000 to get Eminem involved in one of your shows.

However, he sometimes earns even more – the UK’s Fest event saw him paid the princely sum of $3,000,000 to turn up and perform.

That is a lot of money!

Of course, it also depends on things like the venue, the size of the event, and where it is being held. Given that a ticket for an Eminem event typically sets you back an average of $140-150, these shows can be incredibly profitable for those involved in running them.

The shows tend to be worth the money, too; they go on for ages, and the range and quality of his output are incredible.

How does he compare to other rap stars in terms of feature prices?

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So, if you look around the market, it appears that Eminem charges a pretty incredible sum of money for the work he provides.

At around $3,000,000 he is about as expensive as we can come across when looking at rates. However, not every artist is going to be a whole lot cheaper.

For example, Kendrick Lamar is believed to take around $400,000 for an event.

That is more in line with the prices that Eminem used to be available for, but it is also clear that Lamar must get more than this for some of his events his popularity and skill.

Drake, though, is one of the only artists that we could find who charges over $1,000,000 for a feature.

J-Cole uses a more interesting plan, as he charges around $2,000 per word. Lil Durk charges around $350,000 per verse so that could add up pretty quickly.

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So, given how much Eminem charges for his features, he is comfortably among the most expensive artists that an event could hire today.

That being said, he brings a wealth of skill, talent, and energy that would be nigh impossible to hire otherwise.

Out of all of the artists out there taking big cheques for their time and talent, it would be hard to find someone with the same resume as Eminem.

Yes, he is expensive – and it puts a lot of events, venues, and artists off from collaborating.

For those who can afford it, though, the ability to hire a genuine living legend within the rap game is an opportunity few would pass up.

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