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What Disease Does TC Carson Have?

What disease does Terrence C. Carson have?


If you aren’t familiar with Terrence C. Carson the performer, you will almost certainly be familiar with the voice of Terence C. Carson, especially if you’re like millions of other people and are a fan of the Star Wars franchise.

Terrence C. Carson has enjoyed a career that has spanned decades, and is well known for a multitude of different roles and performances.

His biggest and most prominent role, however, is almost certainly for being the voice of Mace Windu in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series.

This hugely talented actor and singer has been entertaining audiences around the world for more than three decades, appearing in numerous stage, TV, and movie productions, along with lending his voice to numerous video game characters.

Recently rumors began circulating online which stated that TC Carson was suffering from some mystery illness.

Needless to say, this caused his fans to worry, but is it true, or are they just rumors?

What disease does TC Carson have?

Keep reading for the answer.

Short biography

What disease does Terrence C. Carson have


Fans of Terrence C. Carson will already be aware of his work, and indeed, his talent.

There are few performers who can establish themselves as stage performers, TV actors, movie actors, and voice actors, yet that is exactly what TC Carson has done.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, on November 19, 1958, TC was raised by a single-parent mother and grew up as an only child.

TC did not have a privileged background, and grew up in poverty, growing up in the Chicago Housing Authority’s LeClaire Courts Projects.

Despite this, he was raised right and did well at school, and largely stayed out of trouble.

He would attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, before becoming a member of the Iota Phi Fraternity in 1981.

Terrence showed that he was a very capable and very talented performer and in 1991 he got his big break when he was cast as Dexter Jackson in the movie ‘Livin Large.

He would appear in numerous other movies and TV shows, though one of his most memorable roles was as Kyle Barker in the hugely popular Living Single, which was a real smash hit in the 1990s.

His character was a real fan favorite, and was a regular on the series for the first four seasons.

Once new writers took over, however, TC clashed with them citing “creative differences,” and his role was greatly reduced.

He would later compare this to essentially being fired.

In perhaps his most prominent Hollywood movie role, TC appeared as Eugene Dix in Final Destination 2.

He has also released 2 albums called Truth, and Live in Beverly Hills.

Voice Acting

tc carson disease


As well as being an accomplished actor, TC is also a very talented and very respected voice actor in the entertainment industry.

He has voiced Clifford the Big Red Dog, in the PBS kids animated series, while also lending his voice to some now iconic roles.

As far as his voice acting goes, TC is likely best recognized for voicing Mace Windu in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, as well as the regular series as well.

Mace Windu is a Jedi master in the Star Wars universe who was also portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson.

He sits on the High Council in the final years of the Galactic Republic and is perhaps best known for wielding an incredibly cool-looking purple lightsaber – the first and only of its kind.

Mace is regarded as a fierce Jedi warrior and is the second most powerful Jedi of his era, second only to Master Yoda.

Another iconic role for TC was the voice of Kratos in the original God of War computer games for the PS2 and 3.

Based on a hybrid of Greek and Norse mythology, Kratos is a mythical god who resembles a Spartan warrior.

He is a huge, bald, muscle-bound man who is tricked into accidentally killing his family.

He later sets out to avenge their deaths and becomes known as the God of War.

Kratos is a demigod and is the son of Zeus, making him one of the most powerful entities in the universe.

TC Carson voiced the character from 2005 up until 2013.

Despite Christopher Judge voicing Kratos in 2018, most fans agree that TC was the best Kratos and hope to one day see him back and reprising his role.

is tc carson sick


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What Disease Does TC Carson Have?

Because TC is such a popular performer, when rumors began to circulate online that he was suffering from an undisclosed illness, naturally many of his fans started to worry.

So, what disease does TC Carson have? And is he sick at all? Well, while it is unconfirmed, there are articles online that state that TC was recently diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder called ‘Alternating Hemiplegia.’

This is a very rare condition that causes temporary paralysis of one side of the face, similar to Bell’s Palsy.

It can be a very frightening condition because it can cause people to worry they’re suffering a stroke or a heart attack.

Other symptoms include muscle spasms, breathing difficulty, and trouble coordinating.

A quick search online yields a few articles claiming that TC suffers from this condition, but there is very little evidence to back up these claims so unless TC confirms his diagnosis outright, we recommend taking any rumors of Alternating Hemiplegia, or any other illnesses or diseases, with a very fine pinch of salt.

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