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Aydan Net Worth 2024

Aydan Net Worth – $1.5 million

What is Aydan’s net worth? Who is Aydan’s girlfriend?


Aydan is a US-born and raised gaming content creator, Fortnite whizz, pro Call of Duty Warzone player, and a Twitch streamer.

The aggressive gamer with the risky gameplay reached 3 million followers on the Twitch streaming platform, and his YouTube channel has over 1.42 million subscribers.

On 18th March 2021, Aydan—who dropped the name Ghost Aydan when he left Ghost Gaming—announced that he’d joined Subliners in NYC as their newest content creator and influencer.

What else do we know about the young social media gamer?

Let’s find out.

The Origin Story

Aydan Net Worth


Aydan Conrad was born on 25th April 1999, in North Ridgeville, Ohio.

He grew up in a trailer home just west of Cleveland—a long way from the luxury apartment digs he’d eventually buy in Irvine, California, in 2021.

Aydan credits his parents’ faith in him for the reason he was able to pursue his love of gaming.

He shares his love of video games with his dad, Justin, but by 2017 it was taking over his life.

Aydan admits that it was bad—he wasn’t doing homework, just playing Warzone every minute that he wasn’t at school.

He made money as a side hustle while he attended North Ridgeville high school, entering competitions and betting on matches.

When he graduated, though, his dad sat him down for some real talk.

Justin Conrad explained that if he wasn’t in high school and wasn’t going to university, he needed to go out and get a real job.

Aydan made a desperate plea to his dad: “Give me one year, and I’ll make it.”

Justin agreed, with a caveat: if Aydan wasn’t earning what his dad earned in a year’s time, he’d go out and get a job.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Gaming As A Real Job

Aydan’s game of choice is Fortnite—an online multiplayer role-playing game where players and teams compete to be the last man standing.

Players can create worlds with their friends, battle monsters, and submerge themselves in a Hunger Games-style battle for survival.

Before the game’s 2017 release, he also made money competing in Call of Duty matches.

On August 3rd, 2018, he was signed to Ghost Gaming.

Ghost Gaming was one of the gaming sphere’s biggest eSports organizations and inspired Aydan’s original gaming handle: Ghost Aydan.

Before he signed his contract with Ghost Gaming, he spent some time with FaZe Clan—home to well-known gamers like Ben “Resistance” Christensen, Eric “Clipz” Rivera, and Jeff “Timid” Emann.

Signing on with Ghost Gaming gave Aydan the exposure he needed to grow his channel even further and led to his first drawcard match at Summer Skirmish.

Summer Skirmish would also be the start of Aydan’s big break in the gaming scene—4 consecutive battles against gaming giant NickMercs.

Aydan’s risky style of gameplay and his aggressive approach to play garnered the young newbie a solid fanbase—and helped him take down NickMercs by winning all 4 encounters against the gaming personality.

Aydan continues to earn money as a gamer by playing in tournaments, as well as live streaming on Twitch and posting to his various social media channels.


His girlfriend, Danielle Sweets, is also a gaming fanatic and a Twitch streamer.

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It’s All About The Family

While it may have been Aydan’s dad, Justin, who got him into gaming—and Justin still plays video games with his son in his downtime—it’s his mom, Sydney, who helps keep him on the straight and narrow.

Sydney is one of Aydan’s Twitch moderators and often visits his Twitch chat to keep an eye on her son.

In 2020, Aydan showed his appreciation for everything his mom does for him—and he did it in a big way.

Aydan paid off his mom’s entire student loan debt.

He called her to tell her during one of his livestreams on Twitch, and the moment has been hailed as one of the most feel-good things to ever take place on the streaming platform.

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End Of An Era

In April 2020, Aydan and his Ghost Gaming colleague, Timothy “Bizzle” Miller, announced that they’d be leaving Ghost Gaming on good terms.

The pair had been with the eSports giant since 2016 and officially became free agents upon the end of their contracts.

In 2021, Aydan trolled his fans to build hype around his upcoming signing with a mystery eSports group.

The young influencer took to Twitter to post: “Wtf…banned mid-tournament.”

This came on the back of his February 2021 shadow ban and an earlier ban on Fortnite for ‘smurfing’ (playing competitively on an alt account for records or content).

After letting the storm brew amongst his fans and followers—with many thinking he was cheating and that he’d probably deserved the ban—he admitted that he was trolling for impressions.

Aydan – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Aydan worth? Conrad earned most of his wealth from streaming on Twitch and ads on his YouTube channel. Therefore, Twitch streamer Aydan has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Conrad has over 10k subs on Twitch (about $25k in revenue per month).

On YouTube, Aydan has over 158 million views, meaning about $474k in revenue before taxes. 

Want to get to know the gamer formerly known as Ghost Aydan? Watch his livestream on Twitch.

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