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Bankrol Hayden’s car accident

Bankrol Hayden’s car accident: what really happened to the rapper?


Bankrol Hayden is still on his come up, but he’s already racked up over 25 million views on YouTube for his hit single Costa Rica, scored a feature interview in the iconic XXL magazine, and attracted hundreds of thousands of fans across social media.

He’d also made his first million by the time he was 17—something he points out in his catchy track, Cabo.

“[Expletive] I really made a mil’ when I was seventeen, before I had a GED.”

Bankrol Hayden celebrated his 21st birthday in 2022 with a healthy discography already under his belt.

From tracks like Ride with You and Nice for What, to major social media hits like Bestfriend, B.A.N.K.R.O.L. and Sandlott, it’s looking like Hayden could be well on his way to big things.

And that’s just what the young rapper is working for.

In the summer of 2020, he told XXL’s Robby Seabrook III:

“I’m going to be a superstar. To be a superstar, you going to have to do a lot of stuff. That’s why I’m putting out so much types of music.”

And all this after being involved in a 2017 car accident in his hometown.

Bankrol Hayden: the car accident

Bankrol Hayden’s car accident


One day, Hayden Inacio was a 16-year-old kid rolling around his hometown of Modesto, California, with dreams of being a hip-hop artist.

The next, he was facing down an uncertain future after the car he was a passenger in collided with another vehicle, killing two women.

On November 29, 2017, the rapper—who had already released a track called Modesto at age 13—was in the back seat of a friend’s car when she crashed into another vehicle.

Leading up to the accident, driver Britaney Elvira Gomez—also 16 years old—had been smoking cannabis.

Another passenger was also in the vehicle, 14 year old Julian Ramirez.

Who died in Bankrol Hayden’s car accident?

The 2006 Mercedes Benz, the trio was traveling in, crashed into a Ford carrying 54-year-old Sherri Lynn Cooley and her 21-year-old daughter Megan.

The accident involved three vehicles, officers discovered.

The 2006 Mercedes being driven by Gomez was exceeding the speed limit as it traveled north up Tully Road and collided with the passenger side of the Cooley’s 2003 Ford Escape.

The Ford was hit with such force that it rolled and ended up nearly 170 feet from where the collision happened.

Sherri was pronounced dead at the scene, and Megan died in the hospital from the injuries she had sustained.

Modesto locals described Sherri and Megan as “beautiful souls” who contributed “so much to us all.”

Was Bankrol Hayden injured in a car accident?

bankrol hayden crash


Following the crash, police and ambulances attended the scene.

Hayden and his two friends were taken to the hospital, where they were all treated for a range of injuries.

Hayden sustained fractures to his back, several broken ribs, and a laceration to his small intestine.

He spent a month in the hospital, followed by six months of recovery at home.

What happened after Bankrol Hayden’s car accident?

Almost immediately after being taken to the hospital, police discovered that Britany Gomez was under the influence of cannabis.

She was released from the hospital into police custody and charged with gross vehicular manslaughter while under the influence.

Gomez would spend the next year in the Stanislaus County juvenile detention center.

In 2018, her case was transferred from juvenile court in order for prosecutors to try her as an adult.

In November of that year, Gomez pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder, two counts of vehicular manslaughter, and a charge of driving under the influence.

Did Bankrol Hayden get charged for the car accident?

bankrol hayden car crash



While Hayden has spoken about the guilt he feels for the accident, and for Sherri and Megan’s death, he was not charged in relation to the accident.

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Making the Best of a Terrible Situation

As Inacio worked through his recovery at home, he also became more committed than ever to making something of himself.

He began working on his music and career, and would become quite a prolific songwriter over the next 12 months.

Bankrol Hayden’s music started to gain traction in the mainstream, too.

He booked studio time in 2018 to record 29—a single in which he excised some demons about that fateful night.

With lyrics that reference how fast they were going and how he “almost died up on that asphalt,” the song eventually hit 20 million Spotify streams.

It wouldn’t be until the following year, though, when Hayden got his first big hit with the song Brothers.

The track, which features Luh Kel, talked about putting friends before women, and racked up 60 million Spotify streams. It also went gold.

Costa Rica, which Bankrol Hayden released the next year, surpassed Brothers for streams and also led to him signing a deal with Atlantic Records.

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