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Bankrol Hayden Net Worth | Biography

Bankrol Hayden Net Worth – $1 million

What is Bankrol Hayden’s net worth?


Bankrol Hayden is an American rapper from Modesto, California.

He was always interested in creating his own music, but he didn’t find his groove until he got in a life-changing car accident where he almost died.

Now, he spends every day working hard towards his goal of being a superstar.

The Origin Story

He was born September 30, 2001, as Hayden Ignacio.

He grew up in a small city in central California named Modesto.

This middle of nowhere farm town is where he would start to make a name for himself.

Hayden got most of his inspiration from listening to Kid Cudi while he would skateboard around town.

Skating was a passion of his, almost as much as music. He knew without a doubt that he would one day become a superstar.

At age thirteen, Bankrol Hayden released his first single, “Modesto.”

Although this song about his hometown didn’t gain much momentum, it was only the first of many songs he would release in the coming years.

He had a passion for his laidback style of rap music, and the world was going to know about it.

Nearly Lost His Life In A Car Accident

what is the net worth of Bankrol Hayden


Unfortunately, Hayden was involved in a car accident as a passenger that led to him receiving a broken back, broken ribs, and an injury to his small intestines.

The driver of the vehicle he was in was only sixteen and had been high at the time.

She was charged with the murder of the woman and her child in the other car.

This experience changed Bankrol Hayden’s life.

His injuries made it so that he was no longer able to skate anymore.

With that being his second passion, this came as a massive blow to him. Although he knew his future was in music, it was still like losing a part of himself.

This accident didn’t stop him, though.

Hayden took that experience and used it to mold himself and his music.

He spent the following months recovering, and less than a year later, he released his first single that received any traction, “29.”


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Named after the day of his accident, “29” gives insight into the accident and how it changed his life.

He expressed how it all happened in an instant and before he knew it, he was in the hospital looking up at the faces of the nurses surrounding him.

“29” received over 20 million streams on Spotify and over 7 million on Sound Cloud.

He used this accident to springboard both his life and his career.

It wouldn’t be for another two years before Hayden released another single that would gain some momentum.

“Brothers,” a song about putting your friends first and not letting girls get in the way of the brotherhood you have with them, was off the charts with over 60 million Spotify streams. This surpassed “29” by over three times and continues to climb.

Not stopping there, Hayden released the song “Costa Rica” less than one year later, amassing over 65 million streams on Spotify in much less time than “29.”

At just 19 years old, this kid was making waves without the help of a record label or more prominent names giving him a boost.

His determination to be a superstar is what made it a reality.

Following the release of “Costa Rica,” he received some attention from some more prominent names.

“Without You” singer, The Kid Laroi approached him to do a remix version of “Costa Rica.”

Without hesitation, Hayden jumped on the chance gaining him more momentum.

Signed With Atlantic Records

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This momentum led to his sound getting in front of the right people, and he was signed onto his first record label.

Atlantic Records is no small fry in the business, and his getting signed on with them is a testament to his passion, determination, and musical talents.

Now nothing was stopping him from making his way to the top.

After signing with Atlantic Records, it was full steam ahead. He worked that next year to put out his first completed album, “Pain Is Temporary.”

This 11-song album was released on June 26, 2020, and was an immediate success.

More names have recognized this kids’ talent and are collaborating with him to create remix versions of some of his tracks.

With his social media accounts and YouTube gaining a significant following, Hayden has been able to get his music to his fans quickly.

He has put out several music videos and continues to create them.

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Bankrol Hayden has been surprisingly quiet about all his past relationships and current relationship status.

This could be attributed to his overall laid-back attitude or motivation to become a star.

One can guess that he has been in at least one relationship that went sour based on his song, “Brothers,” which talks about not letting women get between you and your friends.

Or it could be about a friend.

Who knows?

Bankrol Hayden – Net Worth

So, how much is Bankrol Hayden worth?

Hayden earned most of his wealth from pumping out merch, signing with prominent record labels, getting millions of streams, receiving ad revenue from YouTube, and receiving money from paid social media posts.

On YouTube, the California native has over 135 million views–about $400k in revenue.

Therefore, Bankrol Hayden has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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The Future

In Hayden’s own words, he will be a superstar. ”

”As a rapper, you got to always believe that,” Hayden XXL Mag.

That is it.

There is no other future for him.

He plans to continue to create music every day to become what he knows he will be.

He is open to new styles and directions to make his chosen reality his current reality. His dreams and goals are not an “if” to him. They are simply a “when.”

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