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Bekah Liechty Net Worth | Girl Named Tom

Bekah Liechty Net Worth – $250,000

What is Bekah Liechty’s net worth?


Bekah Liechty is an American musician and member of the girl band Girl Named Tom based out of Perrysville, Ohio. 

The Origin Story

Liechty was born in 2000 and raised by her mother, Holly, and her father, Chris Liechty.

She has two brothers, Caleb and Joshua, whom she was raised alongside.

All three siblings had their paths laid out for them to become doctors, but they had a passion for the arts instead.

Bekah grew up with a love for music and always had a dream of entering competitions to help build a career as a professional singer.

Her parents put her and her brothers in vocal and piano lessons in hopes of helping pave a path for them in the music industry.

In addition to this, she spent her childhood practicing her vocals on her own time to work on her performance skills. Once she felt ready enough to take it seriously, she created a band.

Liechty and her brothers grew up surrounded by music, and it was inevitable that one day they would join forces and create something in the music space.

Girl Named Tom

Bekah Liechty and members of Girl Named Tom

Josh, Bekah, and Caleb Liechty of “Girl Named Tom” – @Getty

Girl Named Tom is a trio-bad consisting of Liechty and her two brothers.

The folk band was signed to Universal Music Group in 2019 following their win in season 21 of The Voice.

They were the first trio band to win the competition and go on to be signed by a major label.

Following their performance, it was Kelly Clarkson, who would mentor them through the finale up to their win.

Bekah posted to her Instagram on December 15, 2021, a photo of their mentor Kelly Clarkson with the caption, “wouldn’t be holding that trophy without your support.” The photo was taken right after their win.

The day after winning, they released the single No Snow for Christmas and released the official video on December 22, 2000. The video received over 80K views.

The name of the band essentially came about when the siblings were kids.

Her brothers always wanted another brother, but since they got a sister instead, they nicknamed her Tom.

As such, when it came time to name the band, Liechty thought it would be funny, but meaningful to decide on Girl Named Tom.

The trio hail from a small rural town of fewer than 500 people.

girl named tom net worth

Bekah Grace Liechty of the band Girl Named Tom performs at The Bomhard Theater – @Getty

When they started their band, they had no idea where it would take them, but they in all their effort, which they elaborated about during an interview on The Ellen Show:

There’s no stoplights in our town. It’s like less than 500 people, it’s ridiculous, but their support means everything to us. We just started this band, and we didn’t know what we were doing our first show was in a little winery like a mile and a half down the road in the cornfields. And 300 people showed up, and it was our first time ever singing together in a setting like that. They’ve just been supportive since day one, so it’s special.”

The same year the band won the competition, they independently released their first single, Barrier Island, from the EP Another World.

Liechty and her brothers had built quite the following by the time they released their independent album.

Their fans lined up at concerts and filled the seats of arenas and clubs.

Debut Album

Bekah Liechty age


Following a few years of promoting their album, they spent days on end in the studio working on their debut album.

On January 01, 2021, Liechty and her brothers released the single, Backup Plan.

The song was yet another hit with their fans, and soon after, they released the album.

Hits from the Road was released on February 19, 2021, and a few songs on the album were big hits. 

When the sibling trio band was partaking in The Voice competition, their father was sick in the hospital battling cancer. He was hospitalized, so he couldn’t be in the audience to cheer them on. However, he watched from afar, in his hospital bed at their local hospital.

He didn’t let his battle with cancer get in the way of celebrating their big win, as Liechty explained while on the Ellen Show:

He said he woke up the entire hospital when we won from screaming. It’s like everybody was screaming, but he was like ‘yeah!'”

Liechty and her brothers flew out to their hometown that same day to share their celebration with their ill father. Both their parents are still in their lives and are in full support of their careers.

In fact, they’ve been in support since day one and encouraged them to transition their career from pursuing medicine to pursuing a professional music career.

Indy 500

In May 2022, Bekah sang “America The Beautiful” for the Indy 500.

Bekah Liechty – Net Worth – Girl Named Tom

So, how much is Bekah Liechty wort? Liechty earned most of her wealth from her music career – selling copies of the album Hits from the Road as well as live shows across the United States. Therefore, Bekah Liechty has an estimated net worth of $250,000.

Girl Named Tom started touring nationally in 2019.

Also, the winner of The Voice gets a $100K cash prize.


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