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Braap Vlogs Net Worth $1.5 Million

What is Braap Vlogs’ net worth?

Braap Vlogs is an American YouTube personality who has a net worth of $1.5 million. He has a YouTube channel that revolves heavily around dirt bikes, including reviews, suggestions, and user updates.

Many of his videos feature his younger brother, who is an avid dirt-bike rider. 

He was born on April 13, 1997, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, as Angel Lebron.

Lebron mentioned in one of his vlogs that he prefers to keep his private life personal and away from his viewers as it has nothing to do with his content.

We can assume he graduated high school, and soon after, he started focusing full-time on his digital career.



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Lebron is an avid dirtbike rider, and his life revolves around every aspect of it, from the various makes and models, performance, quality, and what his favorite ones are.

He took the unconventional road in life and decided to pursue a career as a professional dirt biker. However, his approach was different from that of other season riders.

Rather than focusing on building a name for himself as a professional rider and competing in national competitions, he decided to utilize YouTube, which would help him attract a fanbase.

It appears Angel prefers a career less focused on mastering the riding skill and much more focused on having fun as an amateur rider.


As such, Lebron created his own YouTube page as a side project.

His goal was to become an expert YouTuber and build a following so he could educate them about dirt bikes while adding a creative and entertaining component to it.

It wasn’t until December 27, 2014, that his channel went live.

The “Braap Vlogs” channel started with no followers but quickly picked up steam, in part due to Lebron’s ability to tap into an area that lacked online content.

His first video, “Vlog Intro!!! | BRAAP VLOGS,” is a 7-second video uploaded as an introduction. The video has garnered over 34,000 views and acted as a segway for his future videos.

His first big break on YouTube wasn’t until February 9, 2017, when he posted his sixth video titled “Man I can’t wait for summer !!!! | BRAAP VLOGS.”

The video consists of him and his girlfriend wearing facemasks and dirt biking around their city. There wasn’t any other significant content on it, but it still managed to garner him over 200K views.

By this point, Angel knew that he would make a solid career out of YouTube, and he started filming and uploading content frequently.

In his early days, a lot of his videos were centered around entertainment-style content with his friends, and there was really no consistency. But that didn’t prevent his subscribers count from growing.

In fact, the amateur biker quickly became known for his channel, and it became one of the most prominent, particularly among other amateur bikers.

Once he built a significant fanbase, he started to incorporate pranks into his content which is very popular among YouTubers.

These videos focused on-bike performance as well as dangerous stunts. Videos like this one, “CRAZY BIKE CRASH !!!!! (BIKE VS COPS) | BRAAP VLOGS,” show the true, yet dangerous nature of performing stunts on busy roads and highways, which can and did result in police intervention.

Nonetheless, his viewers love the extremities of the content, and the videos always garner tens of thousands of views.

Giving Back


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Angel is very generous with his lucrative earnings that result from becoming a famous YouTuber.

His channel has many videos of him gifting new dirtbikes to friends and young bikers, including his younger brother.

He also shares his newfound wealth with neighborhood kids and the local homeless community, which is something he takes pride in.

“I SPENT $1500 ON KIDS AND THE HOMELESS !!!!!! | BRAAP VLOGS” was posted on August 29, 2017, which consisted of a street get-together where he was playing basketball and buying street vendor food for everyone who attended.

He was also giving out school bags to the local school kids. His good gesture certainly didn’t go unnoticed, and the video eventually garnered over 27K views.


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In August 2021, Braap was arrested, however, he didn’t disclose the reason.

“This is a crazy, crazy experience, unfortunately, guys, I cannot talk about why I got locked up,” Angel explained in a video. He added: “Nothing major, you know, I got locked up, but I cannot talk about that. The case is open, you know … got a lawyer, all the good stuff. I’m not, you know, going to incriminate myself.”

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In addition to helping the local community, he helps his family a lot and makes sure they’re taken care of.

His little brother, Fatty, who is regularly featured in his videos, and an adored feature at that, is taken care of financially by Lebron.


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Wife/Girlfriend & Personal Life

Braap was in a relationship with Jordan Nichole. 

He often does Q&As to address ongoing questions and speculation about his life and relationship issues he has with competing YouTubers.

Angel doesn’t go into too much detail but does keep his audience informed of what is going on in his digital life. 


Lebron has one daughter.


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Braap Vlogs is about 5 ft 8 in (172 cm) tall.

Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Braap Vlogs worth? Angel earned most of his wealth from ads on YouTube and selling merch. Therefore, Braap Vlogs has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

On YouTube, Lebron has over 265 million views–about $785K in revenue.

In April 2022, he bought a house.

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