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Brandon Medford Net Worth | Wife

Brandon Medford Net Worth – $3 million

What is Brandon Medford’s net worth? Is Brandon Medford married?


A mogul in automobile dealerships, Brandon Medford, co-founded Price Too Good 365 (PTG 365) with his friends Dave Obaseki and Eric Whitehead.

He currently serves as the CEO of this innovative company.

As a millennial born in 1993, Brandon embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of innovation, ceaseless learning, and relentless drive for something better, bigger, and wider.

At the time of writing, his PTG 365 is recognized as the No. 1 automobile dealership in the US, and Brandon is the top broker.

The Origin Story

New York City has always been Brandon’s home.

After graduating from Richmond Hill High School in Queens, his undergraduate years at Baruch College brought him to Manhattan, where he studied finance.


brandon medford wife


When he was 16 years old, like many kids his age, Brandon worked as service staff at Wendy’s.

But being an entrepreneurial spirit, he had always believed he was meant to do something big and that whatever he took away from the service job would one day contribute to building something on his own.

If anything, he certainly learned from a low-wage job how to persist in a position, at work or in life, when things aren’t looking so bright.

Having graduated college and encountered a Sales Manager at a car dealership, Brandon was convinced there were a lot of opportunities in automobile sales. So he decided to enter the industry.

By the time he had learned everything he had needed to be one of the top automobile salesmen in the industry—more than 25 cars per month—from his mentor, he knew he was to be something bigger.

But it wasn’t until he had a heart-to-heart with Eric and Dave, his co-founders, that he fully realized what that “something” was.

PTG 365

brandon medford kids

Esmeralda Baez and Brandon Medford – @Getty

For a while, Brandon had served as a Financial Director at the dealership where he met his mentor, but in his guts, he knew it wasn’t his calling.

So one night, he called up his two friends and started a casual conversation about the future paths that awaited them all.

Little did they know, this casual chat soon turned into a business-focused conversation that would become the molding foundations for their new business, PTG 365.

As three minorities with little to none of the capital usually required to start a business, they started to tackle the challenge with business connections.

Through excruciating hard work, Brandon and his co-founders were humbled by their experience in building the business and soon were operating on a relentless learning mindset.

Today, PTG 365 doesn’t just offer cars cheaper than the average market prices, fuss-free process and delivery, and quality vehicles, it offers its customers financial solutions that are customized to their individual situations.

Brandon believes that the truly worthwhile goal is to make life better for everyone, no matter where they come from, and he runs his business based on this core value.

Brandon and his co-founders utilize social media to make connections with high-end customers and celebrities, providing them with exclusive deals on exotic vehicles with the same accessible, no-fuss service.

According to Brandon’s buddy Dave, on Forbes, 20% of their revenues go towards social goods.

Furthermore, to inspire more young entrepreneurs to create their own path and pursue their own calling, Brandon has become an inspirational speaker as well.

Keeping with his belief to improve life for everyone, he has also recently set up his own business consulting company.

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Wife/Girlfriend + Kids

So far, Brandon has kept his personal life private but isn’t confirmed to be married.

However, he is confirmed to be the father of a little girl, Alaiya, with Alexis Skyy.

Brandon Medford – Net Worth

who is brandon medford

Brandon Medford and Yesjulz – @Getty

So, how much is Brandon Medford worth?

Medford earned most of his wealth through managing his company, PTG 365, a multi-million dollar enterprise.

His company sold more than 20,000 cars.

Therefore, American entrepreneur Brandon Medford has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

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