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Kip Chapman Net Worth | Husband

Kip Chapman Net Worth – $1 million

What is Kip Chapman’s net worth? Who is Kip Chapman’s husband?


Kip Chapman is an actor, writer, and creative director from New Zealand.

He has appeared in many stage productions in the country, as well as popular TV shows and short films.

As a writer and creative director, he has launched several big productions, including the World of Wearable Arts and Destination Mars, among others.

He has been married to fellow actor Todd Emerson since 2016.

The Origin Story

Very little is known of Kip Chapman’s early years, but he is a New Zealand native who was raised in a conservative Christchurch family.

He attributes the likes of David Chambers and Brita McVeigh as early influencers on his career and sees them as mentors. 

He trained for some time at the School of Performing and Screen Arts in Auckland, but he hasn’t disclosed what he majored in or how long he studied at the institution.


Kip Chapman is married to Todd Emerson, who is best known as an actor who portrayed Bilkey in Westside.

The pair married in 2016 and call Warkworth home, where they live with their dog.

Chapman has managed to keep much of his private life away from the prying eyes of the public, and that’s something that we should respect.

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Kip Chapman – Net Worth

So, how much is Kip Chapman worth?

Kip Chapman is a New Zealand actor who first made a name for himself in Shortland Street, where he appeared in eighty episodes playing the role of Eltham.

He then appeared in a short movie called Nothing Special, playing the role of a young man whose mum thought he was Jesus Christ. 

Chapman is a well-known stage actor, and he appeared in several productions at home and abroad. However, his most significant credits in the industry are those from film and TV productions, which is how he has made a name for himself. 

Some of his most glowing works include appearances in After the Waterfall, Top of the Lake, and Hope and Wire, all of which aired on TV in New Zealand. Chapman is a particularly versatile actor, and it’s difficult to pigeon-hole him.

However, he admits to enjoying roles that are theatrical and fun, with his website announcing, ‘I believe in the power of fun.’ 

He has been involved in TV and film for decades in NZ and has branched out into writing and creative directing in recent years.

As a creative director, he has been involved in multiple outdoor civic events, including fashion shows and awards ceremonies. 

Chapman has also contributed as a writer to shows that have featured in NZ, Australia, and the US, with commissions with the New Zealand Festival of the Arts and the Australian Theatre for Young People in particular. 

Some of his recent projects include Destination Mars, Hudson & Halls, and World of Wearable Arts, all of which have enabled Chapman to explore his creativity and individuality as a director and writer. 

Reflecting on the World of Wearable Arts, Chapman said:

“WOW is one of the most amazing theatre productions in New Zealand. The scale of it is absolutely enormous – 60,000 people come and see a gala show of over 100 garments from all around the world, and it’s absolutely mind-blowing.”

When discussing the people responsible for the creations, he recalled:

“They (the designers) are from all walks of life. We have designers who have designed for Lady Gaga and Beyonce, but we also have designers who work on the west coast, and they might be a plumber. But at night, they hunker down for thirty weeks a year and come up with extraordinary garments.”

WOW is undoubtedly one of Chapman’s biggest and most elaborate productions as a theatrical director and is perhaps the piece of work that he’s best known for at this stage of his career. 

TV actors in New Zealand typically earn around $39,000 per year, but there’s a lot more to Chapman’s career than his on-screen and on-stage performances.

It’s not clear precisely how much he earns from his various creative endeavors, but there’s no doubt that they have contributed significantly to his net worth. 

Chapman has added another string to his bow by featuring in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, which was released in 2022.

As a result of the various roles that he has held in TV and film in New Zealand, as well as his projects as a creative director and writer, Kip Chapman has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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