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Elan Ruspoli Net Worth $2 Million

What Is Elan Ruspoli’s Net Worth?

Elan Ruspoli is an American talent agent for Creative Arts Agency and has a net worth of $2 million. Elan Ruspoli is best known for being the loving husband of soap actress Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, also known as Steffy Forrester in The Bold and the Beautiful.

However, he has a great career and many industry connections outside of his prestigious marriage.

Elan is a renowned talent agent who has worked on many shorts, documentaries, and films.

Ruspoli is a very talented agent and producer with a great reputation. His relationship and family are also well known for being loving and practically perfect in every way!

The Origin Story

It must be mentioned that Elan Ruspoli is a very private person.

Not much is known about his early life prior to his career and marriage, but rest assured, it was a standard and happy childhood.

Elan was certainly meant for a career in Hollywood, given that he was born in Beverly Hills, California, in August of 1985.

Is Elan Ruspoli Italian?

is elan ruspoli italian

Screenwriter Josh Boone and agent Elan Ruspoli attend The Hollywood Reporter Next Gen 2015 Celebration – @Getty

Elan Ruspoli is American, but his family has a storied Italian heritage.

In fact, the surname Ruspoli has an ancient connection to an old aristocratic Roman family.

Clearly, talent and fame are in his blood! Information on his parents and siblings is not available, but he is reportedly close to his family and credits them for allowing him to pursue his passions.

Elan attended Beverly Hills High School as a teenager.

After his high school graduation, he decided to attend the University of Southern California, a prestigious university with only an 11% acceptance rate! He successfully graduated from college in 2007 and began his career.

His upbringing in a prestigious area of California certainly helped to prepare him for the successful career he enjoys today!

Career – From the Bold to the Beautiful!

Elan Ruspoli Net Worth


After graduating from the University of Southern California, Ruspoli began his career in the entertainment industry in California.

Many people assume that everyone in the entertainment industry has to be an actor, but that isn’t strictly true. Elan is an example of the people who work behind the scenes and help create the actors you know and love.

Elan has been working as a talent agent for many years.

He works at Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles, which is a talent and sports agency company widely regarded as highly influential in the talent business. Creative Artists Agency has many employees in a wide range of fields, but Elan works specifically as a talent agent.

A talent agent is also known as a booking agent!

They are the ones who find and book artists (from actors to musicians to writers) for specific gigs and work.

Without a talent agent, it is difficult for artists to make it in this competitive industry. That means that Elan has many connections within the world of entertainment and helps to launch the careers of actors!

It is clear that his passion for the entertainment industry helps with not only his career as an agent but also assisting with films himself!

Elan Ruspoli has been involved with a number of different films over the years in a variety of ways! He has received “Special Thanks” in the credits of at least 13 film projects.

elan ruspoli age

Beay Swayze, Thao Nguyen and Elan Ruspoli – @Getty

Being given a special thanks in the credits of a project means that Elan assisted the film and crew during production!

He was given his first thanks for the film Stuck in Love in 2012 and has participated in many films since then.

Elan is known for his production assistance on films like: In the Shadow of the Moon, Them That Follow, The Burnt Orange Heresy, and Possessor.

Ruspoli’s career has been consistently successful for many years. He plans to collaborate on many more films as well as continue his career ambitions as a talent agent.

In fact, his career helped him to meet somebody very special to him! This leads us to…


You would be forgiven for not hearing about Elan Ruspoli through his career alone – after all, he works primarily behind the scenes!

Elan mainly entered the public eye through his romantic relationship with soap opera actress Jacqueline MacInnes Wood.

Elan Ruspoli and wife Jacqueline MacInnes Wood


Because of the fact that Elan works as a talent agent, many might assume they first met professionally.

In reality, these two lovebirds were introduced by a mutual friend at a party, and the sparks have been flying ever since!

Although they announced their engagement in 2017, it is widely believed that they had been privately dating for many years prior.

Elan and Jacqueline tied the knot in 2018 during Jacqueline’s filming hiatus from The Bold and the Beautiful.

“It was very small and casual,” Jacqueline recalled in an interview with Soaps.

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Together, they welcomed their first child into the world the following year in 2019! The boy was named Rise Harlan.

In 2021, Jacqueline gave birth to the couple’s second son, Lenix.

In May 2022, their third son was born, and in August 2023, their fourth son.

Elan is not active on social media, possessing a few private pages that are not open to the general public. However, Jacqueline often posts about her beautiful family. 

Net Worth

So, how much is Elan Ruspoli worth? Outside of Elan Ruspoli’s career as a talent agent, he does not have any other primary forms of income. However, his relationship with his wife also improves his overall net worth due to her income as a television actress. Therefore, Elan Ruspoli has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

As a talent agent for Creative Artists Agency, Elan can potentially earn anywhere from $100,000-$500,000 a year.

In November 2021, Ruspoli joined WME as a partner.

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