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Brian Christopher Slots Net Worth 2024

Brian Christopher Slots Net Worth – $2 million

What is Brian Christopher Slots’ net worth? Who is Brian Christopher’s husband?


Brian Christopher is a Canadian YouTuber who has made a name for himself by live-streaming his experiences in casinos throughout the US.

He regularly bets thousands of dollars on each video and takes his subscribers along for the ride.

He earns through Patreon contributions from his followers and also sells merchandise through his online store, which are two of his primary sources of income.

Below, we explain in detail the net worth of Brian Christopher Slots.

The Origin Story

Brian Christopher was born on February 26, 1981, and hails from Toronto, Canada.


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He moved to Los Angeles, which is where he currently lives with his husband.

Brian Christopher met his husband, Marco, at a bar in London, Ontario, and the pair have been happily together for more than ten years.

Christopher tried to make it as an actor in Hollywood and landed several supporting roles in TV series before deciding to focus his efforts on his YouTube channel.

He has now left his acting career behind and is a fully-fledged YouTuber and social media influencer, which is how he makes most of his money.

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Brian Christopher Slots – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Brian Christopher Slots worth? Brian Christopher is a YouTube personality and social media star, and he broadcasts live videos of him playing slots at different casinos around America. Thanks to his popularity on YouTube and his success on Patreon, YouTube Brian Christopher Slots has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Over the years, he has netted some pretty impressive jackpot wins, which have all contributed to his net worth.

For instance, in 2019, when playing at San Manuel Casino in Highland, California, Christopher netted $7233 from a minimum $0.80 bet.

It wasn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last time that Christopher landed such a huge win, and it’s for this reason that he has such a popular YouTube channel.

His channel – Brian Christopher Slots – has more than 490,000 subscribers, and his videos and live streams are extremely popular.

His most-watched video saw him join with a group of other bettors to place $4,000 worth of bets in a high-limit slot machine. The video has been viewed more than 3.7 million times.

He has racked up more than 325 million views on his channel, which would have netted him at least $1 million in ad revenue alone from the platform. However, gambling videos cannot be monetized on YouTube.

But considering that he often bets several thousand dollars at casinos, it’s clear that Christopher has multiple other sources of income, as we will explore a little later on in this article.

Christopher’s first channel was shut down by YouTube in 2018 with no warning after one of his videos was said to violate YouTube’s terms and conditions, as reported by Forbes.

Needless to say, this was a huge setback for Christopher, as he had spent years building up his community and even employed several people to help him maintain his channel.

Still, he managed to recover his subscribers and is widely regarded as the most popular slot gamer on YouTube.

In fact, the very day that his channel was re-instated, he landed a $10,000 jackpot and delighted his subscribers by sharing his reaction during a live feed.

In 2021, he opened Brian Christopher Slots at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Not only will it help him earn money from holidaymakers in Sin City, but it will also prove to be a super popular place with his loyal YouTube fans.


In early 2023, he announced he will promote smoke-free gaming spaces and casinos.

Before he started his slots YouTube channel, Christopher landed several roles as an actor, although his career in Hollywood never really took off.

He has credits in Stock and Awe, The Listener, and The Leftovers, but he decided to change course and invested his full time and energy into his YouTube channel.

The reason that Christopher’s channel is so popular is that he posts so frequently, and he’s open with his subscribers when he loses.

People feel connected to him as a gambler and can resonate with his ups and downs, so there’s little surprise that his channel has enjoyed such popularity over the years.

Christopher also has a Patreon site that allows people to sign up and become ‘a Rudie’ (the name Christopher gives his fans).

His Patreon offering goes from $5 for a celebratory Rudie chip on your anniversary to a senior executive producer position for $1,200.

Given the current level of his Patreon channel, he is thought to receive at least $15,000 per month to boost his income.

Another source of income for Christopher is the merchandise that he sells via his online store, which includes face masks, hoodies, tees, and caps, which all help to promote his brand and bolster his net worth.

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