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Bru Luccas Net Worth | Biography

Bru Luccas Net Worth – $1 million

What is Bru Luccas’ net worth?


While there are thousands of women across social media calling themselves models these days, just because they post photos of themselves on Instagram, every once in a while, someone really lives up to the name.

Such is the case for fitness guru and brunette beauty Bru Luccas.

She regularly posts photos of herself to the image-sharing platform endorsing brands, and behind-the-scenes footage from photo shoots she’s been involved in around the world.

With her fit physique, beautiful face, and charisma that comes across well in the photos and videos posted by Bru, it’s no wonder she’s amassed an incredible fan following in such a short amount of time.

At the time of writing, the model and ambassador for Fashion Nova, Purple Tree, and Prozis has racked up 5.1 million followers on Instagram alone.

With her growing following on TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube, her star looks like it’s just going to keep rising.

So, what is it that sets Bru Luccas apart from the sea of wannabe Instagram models?

People everywhere think it’s all about the body—and fortunately for the rest of the world, she shares tips on how to get it.

Here’s what we know about Bru Luccas so far.

The Origin Story

Bruna Luccas was born on April 5, 1995, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The brunette beauty comes from a large family and has a sister named Pietra, who often appears in her content.

Bru left her home and family in 2015 to move to the US in the hopes of finding work and studying.

With some money from her parents and a dream in her heart, she set herself up in San Diego, California, where she initially got a job in property maintenance.

Luccas had always been fit, so she also earned some money helping people set up gym routines on the side.

Things weren’t quite going the way she’d liked with her goals, so she ended up applying for a job at McDonald’s in 2016.

She was hired, and has often sung the praises of the franchise—and the team she worked with—for making her feel so welcome.

“They gave me the opportunity to join their family.”


Bru Luccas has been dating entrepreneur and career-rich kid Aleksey Apollonskiy since at least 2019.

The pair appear on each other’s Instagram feeds regularly, and celebrated Bru’s 24th birthday together in Tulum, Mexico, in 2019.

Aleksey is very close to his family and often posts content with his mom and dad.

He celebrated his 33rd birthday on a yacht in Cabo in 2021.


Luccas is no stranger to hard work—whether that’s in the gym or hustling to make a living.

Before she rose to fame with a series of viral bikini shots, she had worked as a cashier at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, at McDonald’s, and at On The Border.

It was her role at the Golden Arches that helped catapult her to internet fame, though—in a way.

Luccas shared a series of photos to her Instagram account in May 2017 when she bid farewell to the McDonald’s team.

In the first, she was wearing her uniform.

In subsequent photos, she was wearing active wear. In subsequent photos, she was wearing much, much less.

The photos went viral, and when Bru posted a photo of her grilling food in nothing but a bikini bottom the following month, her Instagram account blew up.

Within 3 weeks of the post, she had gone from having 3,000 followers to more than 100k.

Within a year, she was up to half a million Instagram followers.

She quit her job in 2018 to focus on Instagram full-time and launch a bikini brand with her siblings.

In an Instagram live in 2021, Lucca explained that it takes a lot of hard work to do what she does—and the same goes for her figure.

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The Body

Luccas is the first to admit that, while she’s always loved being physical, she wasn’t just born with the body that’s making her famous.

She was born with a serious work ethic, though, and that has helped her create the physique that has been featured in men’s magazines—and Cosmopolitan.

“I’ve always had good genetics. I started working out using my mom’s fitness routine. It made me feel so good.”

When she started doing shift work—and being around fast food all the time—Bru would work out before 4 am or after 11 pm if that’s the only way to get her exercise in.

Working out early in the morning or late at night is a habit the gym bunny still maintains.

Alternating between upper and lower body workouts, she also makes sure to switch up her routine—and spend a half an hour on the StairMaster.

Of course, it’s hard to believe that everything about the Instagram model is 100% down to hard work and exercise.

Luckily, Bru Luccas is happy to admit to getting breast implants, even sharing the news on Instagram.

“I decided to get implants! Everybody knows! I have 400cc outside of the muscle. I got them done in Tijuana with Dr. Salas!”

Bru Luccas – Net Worth

So, how much is Bru Luccas worth?

Luccas earned most of her wealth from sponsors via her Instagram account, selling merch on her website (, posting on TikTok, and subscriptions on her OnlyFans account.

Therefore, Bru Luccas has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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