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Christy Martin Net Worth | Wife

Christy Martin Net Worth – $500,000

What is Christy Martin’s net worth? Also, who is Christy Martin’s wife?


Christy Martin is a world-renowned former professional boxer that competed professionally from 1989 to 2012.

The Origin Story

She was born on June 12th of 1968, in Mullens, West Virginia, as Christy Renea Martin.

Her name upon birth was Christy Salters.

Not a lot of information is available about her parents, but it is known that her father was a Coal Miner in his profession. This gave her the nickname The Coal Miner’s Daughter during her boxing career.

She attended Mullens High School, and throughout her childhood and adolescence, she played multiple sports, including Little League baseball and all-state basketball.

Martin earned a B.S. in education from Concord College in Athens, West Virginia, which she attended on a basketball scholarship.

Her professional boxing career began in 1989 when at the age of 21.

After that match, she started training with Charlie S.

“Toughwoman” contests

Christy Martin Net Worth


During these early stages of her career, she fought in “Toughwoman” contests and even won three consecutive titles there.

Her early success led to her training with boxing coach Jim Martin, who she married in 1991.

Starting in April of 1990, Martin was on a winning streak until 1994. During that time, she won 19 consecutive matches.

In May 1994, her winning streak ended when in her first title defense, she fought against Laura Serrano.

The match that took place in Las Vegas ended in a draw.

After that, her career continued moving upwards, and she defended her title six more times.

During these years, she beat Beverly Szymansky for a second time, had her fourth win against Buchanan, and even fought matches against Melinda Robinson and Sue chase.

In all of these fights, Martin came out on top.

Still, at the time, female boxing was not as visibly in the spotlight, but that would soon change.

In March of 1996, Martin fought against Deirdre Gogarty in a match that was shot in front of Showtime cameras.

It was after this match that Martin started gaining more notoriety and recognition.

It is this match that is also often noted as a match that puts women’s boxing on the radar of sports fans.

Her celebrity status quickly increased, and she even appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated a few months later. 

While Martin continued on with her boxing career, her new celebrity status was bringing her other opportunities.


During that time, she made a special guest appearance on the American sitcom Roseanne in the episode “Pampered to a Pulp.”

The episode which was part of the 9th season of the show aired in 1996.

In that same year, Martin made a few different television appearances in different talk shows and was even a part of a tv documentary known as “The Most Fascinating Women of 1996.”

Her time appearing on tv shows was short-lived, but she continued fighting in boxing matches during the years that followed.

After that famous match in 1996, Martin continued winning her next eight bouts, these matches included wins against Isra Girgrah, Deshon, and Robinson.

In December of 1998, Martin would lose her title to Sumya Anani after a ten-round match.

She continued fighting well into the early 2000s. To this day, Martin holds the record of 49 wins, 7 losses, and 3 draws with 31 wins by knockout.

Her career and presence in the world of professional boxing are often considered detrimental to the rise of female boxing.

In fact, Martin is considered by many the individual that brought to the forefront female boxing.

She has not been outside of the ring for almost a decade after an injury led her to cancel her 2011 comeback matches.

Her final two matches, one in 2011 and one in 2012, both resulted in a loss for her. 

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Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame

what is the net worth fo Christy Martin


In 2016, she was inducted into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame.

In that same year, it was reported by Sports Illustrator that Martin was working two jobs.

In 2020, Christy was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, making her career not only noteworthy but also one famed across the globe.


When it comes to her personal life, Martin was first married in 1991 to James Martin.

Reportedly in 2010, James attempted to murder his wife after an argument in their Apopka home.

Christy Martin survived the attack, and Martin was persecuted and convicted for attempted murder.

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Christy got married again in 2017 to ring rival Lisa Holewyne.

Christy Martin and wife Lisa Holewyne


Christy Martin – Net Worth

Outside of boxing, Martin has started her own company known as Christy Martin Promotions, which is a boxing promotion company that has mainly been promoting events in North Carolina but will soon be promoting events in Florida as well.

Therefore, American former professional boxer Christy Martin has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

This net worth is reflective of not only her success but also the relative anonymity that female boxing had prior to Martin’s success.

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Saturday 9th of April 2022

Hello Christy, Just want to say how happy I am that you got to marry the one that you love. I am also sorry that you had to endure all the unhappiness that you did to get to this point in your life. Wish you both much love and happiness in the yrs to come.

Sincerely, Kathleen


Saturday 2nd of April 2022

What were Christys earnings during her amazing boxing career?