John Brzenk – Net Worth, Wife (Kelli), Biography

John Brzenk is an American professional arm wrestler.

A long-time, avid arm-wrestling competitor, John has been ranked among the top in the nation in both right and left-handed events.

To learn more about the net worth of American arm wrestler John Brzenk, continue reading the article below.

Learn how he went from being a kid to being a millionaire through arm wrestling!

The Origin Story

Born in McHenry, Illinois, US, John Brzenk is an American arm wrestler who has set many records for his age group.

He also runs a successful business where he sells self-defense products to high-profile clients.

John was born on 15th July in the year 1964 and has devoted nearly half of his life to the sport of arm wrestling.

In terms of height, he stands at 5 feet 9 inches (1.81 meters) and weighs 209 pounds (95 kilograms).

In the world of arm wrestling, he is universally viewed as one of the strongest ever.

Additionally, he is employed by Delta Air Lines as an aircraft mechanic in Atlanta, Georgia.

Interest in Arm Wrestling

Following his father’s footsteps, John developed an interest in Arm Wrestling sports.

He noticed that he has an incredible size forearm, where his father then explains through genetics.

When he was still in school, he was known for being the champion of his school in Arm Wrestling during their recess time. He was undefeated for 5 years, and no one could beat him.

When he was 16 years old, he played in his first competition.

He won the tournament by submitting his opponents twice his size.

He demonstrated this move in his matches, which would cause the opponent to tap out and lose the match.

There, he gained a new title, Giant Crusher.

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The Most Important Moments

John started his career in professional arm-wrestling in the year 1982 (18 years old).

During his first world-class tournament at the ABC’s 1983 Wide World of Sports, he won himself the very first world title.

Moving forward to the year 1986, he participated in one of the most intense tournaments, “Over the Top,” and won the champion title.

This achievement led him to a bigger scene where he was invited and acted in an arm-wrestling movie, “Over the Top – 1987.” Sylvester Stallone, a legendary actor, appeared alongside him in the film.

John has trained continuously on his arm-wrestling skills and strength along the way.

8 years later, in the year 1994, he has won heavyweight division world championship tournaments four times. Hence, he gains another nickname as the “Superman,” where he is known for his ability to overcome much larger opponents.

In the 00s, John was the star in the arm-wrestling scene where his background story was filmed as a documentary movie, “Pulling John – 2009.” The movie was directed by the famous directors Vassiliki Khonsari and Sevan Matossian, which made him well-known to the people outside of the arm-wrestling world.

The team behind the movie has followed John in his career events for exactly four years and filmed every moment where he participated and won several world titles.

John has made a big scene in the sports where he gained lots of rivals.

Travis Bagent is one of his toughest rivals. Both men have fought numerous times in world championship tournaments and remain undefeated.

An important turning point in his life took place in 2015.

He has won the Heavyweight Champion title of the Right-hand category.

The Left-hand category was won by one of his rivals, Devon Larratt. Since then, John has reduced his appearance at professional arm-wrestling events and planning to retire from his career.

In the year 2016, John has farewelled his very own career and began retiring from the arm-wrestling scene.

As a result, Brzenk has been officially recognized as the “Greatest Armwrestler of All Time” by the Guinness Book of World Records.

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After retiring from his career, John has been a family man where he precious his private lifestyle with his family.

Brzenk was married to Renne Brzenk, the love of his life. John now lives with his wife, Kelli, and their two children, Megan and Kelli, in their new home.

John Brzenk – Net Worth

Brzenk earned most of his wealth from his armwrestler career. 

Therefore, professional armwrestler John Brzenk has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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