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John Brzenk Net Worth $2 Million

What is John Brzenk’s net worth?

John Brzenk is an American professional arm wrestler who has a net worth of $2 million. A long-time, avid arm-wrestling competitor, John has been ranked among the top in the nation in both right and left-handed events.

John Brzenk is considered by many to be the greatest arm wrestler of all time, and for very good reason.

Brzenk is estimated to have won over 500 arm wrestling titles in his long career that started when he was only 16 years old, competing in his first arm wrestling tournament.

At the beginning stages of his career, he routinely beat out opponents much larger than him, which earned him the nickname of “Giant Crusher.”

He won his first world title in 1983 when he was only 18 years old.

Since his first title, Brzenk’s impressive strength has propelled him to a financially successful career that goes beyond arm wrestling, as John has several other interests that act as sources of income.

An important turning point in his life took place in 2015.


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He has won the Heavyweight Champion title of the Right-hand category.

The Left-hand category was won by Devon Larratt. Since then, John has reduced his appearance at professional arm-wrestling events and planning to retire from his career.

In the year 2016, John farewelled his very own career and began retiring from the arm-wrestling scene.

Brzenk defeated Khadzimurat Zoloev in February 2022 to retake the top spot in the 225-pound weight division.

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John Brzenk is married to Renne. Renée has been a constant source of support for her husband throughout his illustrious career. The couple is parents to two daughters named Kelli and Megan.

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Net Worth 2024

So, how much is John Brzenk worth?

It has been reported that John has competed against opponents in arm wrestling for upwards of $80,000 per match.

Considering that John has won an estimated 500 matches, he has earned close to $5 million in prize money in his arm-wrestling career alone.

Included in this estimate is the prize money that he makes from winning the world championships of arm wrestling, which he has won four before 1995 was over.

Of Brzenk’s most impressive accomplishments are his championship wins at the Arnold Classic, Mohegan Sun PAC World Championships, and the SuperStar Showdown, all of which he has won multiple times in his career.

In addition to the prize money that John has won from his arm wrestling career, he has other ventures that earn him a very stable income even well after his competition days are over.

John was the featured athlete in a documentary called “Pulling John,” which follows Brzenk through his life as a professional arm wrestler at the top of his game when he was in his prime.

The popularity of this documentary still earns John royalties to this day.

John was also featured in a cameo appearance in Over the Top in 1987, in which he earned royalties off of the $16 million that this film brought in at the box office in theaters at the time of its release.


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Brzenk has ventured into the online world as well, where he continues to generate wealth.

In 2018, John was announced as the co-host for the popular YouTube channel Pound for Pound Armwrestling, along with the founder Ryan Bowen.

Based on the number of total views that this YouTube channel has amassed since its inception, we can expect that Brznek has earned about $25,000 off of the YouTube views alone, not including sponsorships.

He also hosts the podcast of the same name, which sponsors of the show earn John and his co-host an additional $2,000 per month on average.

John has also started his very own YouTube channel that has the same title as his name.

He regularly posts his previous arm-wrestling matches as well as matches with current players and other content related to arm wrestling.

He also includes routines of his fitness regimen that he uses to stay in shape to this day.

YouTube is a part-time source of income for John, and he has several other interests that earn him more money than YouTube currently does.

Being one of the most successful athletes in a sport of all time, John has had many sponsors throughout his career that have added to his net worth.


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John endorses the products from companies that manufacture the gear and equipment he used to compete in arm wrestling championships during his playing career.

The most useful piece of equipment that John and most professional arm wrestlers use is a gripper, which helps in developing the forearm muscles, which are used heavily in the sport of arm wrestling.

One major sponsor in the sport of arm wrestling is Stronger Grip which makes equipment that is to be used by arm wrestlers and other strength trainers to increase grip strength.

John also likes to spend his time doing things outside of the arm wrestling industry.

Brzenk has accepted a position as a mechanic for Delta Airlines, which is an additional source of income for him.

John certainly doesn’t need the money. He’s a mechanic because he enjoys the work, and it occupies his time doing things that don’t involve arm wrestling.

The average salary for an airplane mechanic in the United States is about $60,000, which is going to add to his already impressive net worth.

Therefore, professional armwrestler John Brzenk has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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