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Cleetus McFarland Net Worth $3 Million

What Is Cleetus McFarland’s Net Worth?

Cleetus McFarland is an American racing driver who has a net worth of $3 million. Cleetus McFarland was an accident, according to the man behind the persona—Cleetus McFarland Mitchell. However he came to be, Cleetus is now one of the leading car culture influencers on social media.

Hailed as a real-life Ricky Bobby, he’s raked in more than 964 million video views on YouTube and has over 2.88 million subscribers to his channel.

So how did a hillbilly caricature come to be one of the most influential car fanatics on social media?

Here’s what we know.

The Origin Story

Garrett Mitchell was born on April 5, 1995. The Omaha, Nebraska, native followed the straight and narrow path to law school in Tampa, Florida, and worked as a social media manager for 1320 Video before his Cleetus McFarland pseudonym was brought to life.

In 2015, at a Colorado racing event, he was being filmed by a friend doing commentary on a Chevrolet Camaro.

The pair were joking around at the show, with his friend introducing him as Cleetus McFarland.


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Mitchell tore the sleeves off his t-shirt and adopted a Southern accent for the camera.

Unbeknownst to Mitchell, his friend—and 1320 Video CEO—Kyle Loftis uploaded the video to social media.

By the following morning, the video had over a million views.

A Fast Track To Fame

Cleetus McFarland’s persona grew from there, with Mitchell eventually turning his back on law school—after 18 months of study—and focusing on his social media content full-time.

Since the creation of Cleetus, Mitchell has built a career—and a social media celebrity status—around racing culture, cars, and burnouts.

While a lot of Mitchell’s banter is designed to be over-the-top patriotic—with him often waxing lyrical on being “made in ‘Murica”—there is a level of genuine appreciation for automotive technology and racing.

The Cleetus McFarland brand has allowed Mitchell to exercise a lot of business savvy, too.

The brand enjoys income from the sale of clothing and merchandise—often sporting Cleetus’ quotes like “Hell yeah, brother.”

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Buying a Racetrack


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In 2020, Mitchell made the brave—and incredibly risky—decision to buy an abandoned racetrack.

The DeSoto Speedway, located in Manatee County, was picked up by Mitchell’s company with the goal of turning it into a functioning, restored racing hotspot.

The dilapidated racetrack has a strong history, having enjoyed a lot of high-octane action since its opening in the 1970s.

Sadly, following the death of sprint car driver David Steele in March of 2017, the speedway became neglected.

Mitchell posted an almost 15-minute video describing his plans for the 63-acre site, including some circle drag races and restoring it back to what it was.

He warns that there are problems around every corner, though.

When a local news outlet showed up to interview the YouTube entertainer, he gave them more than they bargained for.

Remaining in character as Cleetus, complete with mullet and sleeveless shirt, he joked with them for the entire first half of the section.

It was unclear if the news crew knew it was a joke, as they never referred to the influencer by his real name.


In 2021, Cleetus McFarland married his girlfriend Madison Mitchell. Here is a photo of the couple. She’s known as themadimitchell on Instagram. On the platform, Madison has 120k followers.


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Cleetus McFarland used to date makeup and lifestyle vlogger Kayla Caputo.


Their son, Ripper, was born in 2022. He also has a daughter named Ella.


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Other famous automotive YouTubers are TheStradman, Tyler Hoover, and Damon Fryer.


”Becoming Cleetus McFarland was a total accident.” (MSN)

Net Worth

So, how much is Cleetus McFarland worth? McFarland earned most of his wealth from sponsorships, ads on YouTube, and selling merch. On YouTube, Cleetus has over 1.3 billion views, meaning about $3.9 million in revenue before taxes. Therefore, American YouTuber Cleetus McFarland has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Cleetus sells merc (t-shirts, hats, etc.) on his website –

Want to see McFarland’s racetrack in action? Check it out here.

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Sammy Joe Quattry

Sunday 11th of December 2022

Great FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT ! The WIFE,SON & the Granddaughters love his videos too. And being able to stream his events is great. Thank You Cleetus !