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Damon Fryer Net Worth $3 Million

What Is Damon Fryer’s Net Worth?

Damon Fryer is a Canadian social media and YouTube star who has a net worth of $3 million. He earned massive popularity for his autovlogging, which has included personal entries as a supercar connoisseur, racing, reviews, and stunt vlogs.

His YouTube channel is called DailyDrivenExotics.

He was born on January 30, 1979, in Canada. 

He has one sister named Athena.

His parents worked in the hospitality industry, and he grew up learning a lot about their business and being self-employed.

”They owned and operated a motel with a restaurant and RV park, so I grew up in an entrepreneurial, self-employment type of environment,” Damon explained.

His father is deceased, and his mother, Ursula, currently spends her time traveling back and forth between Switzerland and Canada.  

Growing up, Fryer did not take his education seriously and always knew that he would want to work for himself one day after watching his parents maintain their own business.

He laid out his plans to become an entrepreneur at an early age. This would encourage him to take charge of his life when he was young, much to his parent’s disappointment.

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Fryer dropped out of high school in the ninth grade. 

His reasoning for leaving school was he was more interested in earning an income than he was in receiving an education. 

Always interested in being a part of the family business, he worked in a motel that had a restaurant and RV park that his parents owned, gaining experience in the hospitality and restaurant industry. 

Although his parents both had formal educations, his mother earning a degree at a University in Switzerland, and his father went to the University of British Columbia, he did not see the need to earn his high school diploma or see college in his future, so Fryer continued to work in the family business for a number of years, learning skills on the job that he would take with him on his future career path. 

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Daily Driven Exotics


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In 2012, he founded the Daily Driven Exotics, an Entertainment Group based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The headquarters are centralized on Vancouver Island. 

In 2012, Fryer wanted to create a lifestyle brand that could combine the aspiration to live an extravagant lifestyle with a love for exotic cars, live-action sports, and other aspects of popular culture, and thus Daily Driven Exotics was born. 

Fryer displays his collection of exotic cars, which he designates as Supercars, throughout cities in North America at events attended by car enthusiasts. 

Daily Driven Exotics has its own Youtube channel, as well as a social presence on the social media platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Tiktok. 

Earlier in his career, Fryer worked for a company called The Brick in retail sales, and he was able to move up into management during his four years there. 

He learned a lot about selling and was involved with many different sales projects at the company. 

He also learned about building relationships with buyers and how to close a deal. 

Through friends at work, he made a connection with a man who introduced Fryer to email marketing, which helped him launch his entrepreneurial career and led to the creation of his Entertainment Group, Daily Driven Exotics. 

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In 2011, Damon Fryer married his wife, Natasha. 


He has three daughters, Mia, Presley, and Tyla.

His daughter, Tyla, is from a previous relationship.


”When you fall down in life, make sure you get back up and have another run at whatever challenge you’re going to overcome.”

”I will stay youthful in mind, body, and soul.”

”Always on the grind. Surround yourself with like-minded people.”

”Performance when you need it and smoke when you want it.”

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Damon named one of his Ferrari 458 GTR. The car was a show stopper as he attends many events with it. In 2016, he crashed it. The front end has almost disintegrated, and airbags have been deployed.

He explains everything in his YouTube video entitled – ”CRASHED Ferrari 458 Liberty walk accident Monterey car week 2016.” Damon states that “everyone is ok” and he takes his time to show the extent of the damage. 

In this YouTube video, you can see him just moments after the crash. But the good news is everyone was ok, and there were no severe injuries.

In 2017, he accused a Victoria-based news station of misrepresenting his statements. During an interview, he said:

“I think 80 km/h is too slow for summer and 80 km/h is too fast for winter if it’s snowing or raining.”

Fryes has collaborated with automotive YouTuber TheStradman.

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Net Worth 2024

How did Damon Fryer make his money? Fryer earned most of his wealth from managing his company, ads from his YouTube channel, and sponsors. Therefore, Canadian entrepreneur Damon Fryer has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

On YouTube, Damon’s YouTube channel has over 957 million views, translating into about $3 million in revenue before state taxes.

In addition, Fryer makes money from posting sponsored posts on his Instagram account (dailydrivenexotics). An Instagram account at this level (over 446k followers) can easily receive $15k per sponsored post.

Damon sells merch on

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Thursday 6th of October 2022

I would like to explore what it takes to get the cars to come to this small town in East Texas. It is about 100 miles East of Dallas and the Interstate runs at the very edge of town. I have been watching the channel for a few months now and love what I see there.

Adam Smith

Saturday 5th of February 2022

The work ethic Damon, Dave, and the rest of the guys on the DDE team over the years from Canada, and the US is simply amazing. Its easy to see the pure joy and satisfaction they all get from their accomplishments. That, mixed with their great sense of humor, makes for a great channel to watch! Quite the life story, and very inspirational!


Saturday 3rd of August 2019

I'm 70 years old and I rarely pay much attention to people in there thirties, but Damon is different he views the world looking through a new pair of glasses. Damon seems to understand how to live life and the meaning. His interest are varied and he brings this uniqueness to us in a way that we can enjoy and understand. He has a way of making people feel respected and important,he really knows how to get the most from cars. Thanks Damon keep making those badass videos that let us be your passengers.