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Clinton Anderson Net Worth | Wife

Clinton Anderson Net Worth – $7 million

What is Clinton Anderson’s net worth? Is Clinton Anderson married?


High school dropout mega-famous horse trainer Clinton Anderson sure has hit it big over his almost 3-year career.

From moving continents to starting a business to personal struggles to nearing retirement, Anderson sure has been through it all.

Here’s everything we know about the horse-whisperer.

The Origin Story

Born in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, Aussie-American horse trainer Clinton Anderson grew up in the outback.

He was raised in the city, where his mother and father lived.

On the weekends, young Clinton would travel to his grandparents’ farm.

During his visits, Clinton’s grandma would hoist him, along with his sisters, up onto her horse, Lee, and walk them around the pasture.

Clinton developed a deep love and respect for horses from this childhood activity.

So much so, actually, that he dropped out of high school at the young age of 15 years old.

He waved goodbye to math and science class (as well as to polocrosse, which he was very talented at) and said hello to horse training.

Just a couple of years before he dropped out of school to pursue a career in horse training, Clinton attended a clinic hosted by Gordon McKinlay (a fellow Australian horseman).


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In two years, Clinton found himself accepting an offer to be one of McKinlay’s apprentices.

During his time shadowing the professional, Clinton learned so many new skills! He learned riding exercises and groundwork methods, and he ended up training more than 600 horses during his time with McKinlay.

When he graduated from the McKinlay apprenticeship at the young age of 17, Clinton had an offer to work with Ian Francis.

Francis had won both the National Cutting Horse Association Futurity and the National Reigning Horse Association Futurity multiple times. Under Ian, Clinton learned all about getting a horse ready to compete nationally.

After a year of training under Ian, Clinton made a big move.

He started his very own training facility in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia! He was teaching riders at this facility until the year 1996.

That year, Clinton was offered the opportunity to travel to the United States to shadow and learn from Al Dunning, a multiple-time American Quarter Horse Association World Champion.

Once that apprenticeship was up, Clinton made the trip back across the pond to return to his training facility in Australia.

Back in his homeland, Clinton won awards from the National Reining Horse Association Futurity on a mare named Mindy.

Downunder Horsemanship


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Not long after being back in the land down under, Clinton decided to head back to America, this time for good!

He launched Downunder Horsemanship, and the rest is history.

Operating mostly from Stephenville, Texas, the program quickly became world-renowned. Clinton is regarded as one of the highest authorities in the natural horsemanship world.

Clinton’s Downunder Horsemanship methods took off so fast that he began touring and hosting clinics all over!

He teaches owners how to build a bond full of mutual respect and deep understanding with their horses in order to ensure a very happy, long, and safe partnership!

Clinton’s clinics got so wildly popular that he couldn’t possibly teach enough for everyone who wanted to learn from him to attend.

So, he began making DVDs of his training and selling them!

In the year 2001, Clinton produced the first-ever horse training program for television and aired it on RFD-TV.

His program skyrocketed and became the channel’s number one horse-related program.

Fox Sports Net caught wind of how big Clinton’s TV special was getting, and they wanted a piece of the pie.

Clinton made a 30-minute version of his training for the network and reached millions of people, garnering a lot of new fans and supporters.

Not too much later, the demand for access to his Downunder Horsemanship methods was coming in so rapidly that he started DownunderHorsemanship.TV, an online television streaming site where everyone and their mother could access his teachings anytime they’d like.

Not too much later, still in the early 2000s, Clinton began competing against the United State’s most talented and revered horsemen in the well-respected competition known as Road to the Horse. In under three hours, horsemen are expected to turn a wild horse into a gentle, rideable steed.

Clinton won the competition twice in a row, becoming the first-ever horseman to do so.

Clinton now offers his fans the No Worries Club – a paid group of people who follow and love his methods.

These members get exclusive training materials, DVDs, articles, magazines, and access to special events.

In late 2020, Clinton moved his entire practice up to Northwest Arkansas (just outside of Farmington).

He says he’s ready to spend less time training people, and more time training horses.

Clinton has always loved competing with and training show and cow horses, and he plans to spend a lot more time on that part of horsemanship in the coming days.

He’s limited his nationwide clinics to just four per year in an attempt to scale down before completely retiring.


Sources allege that Clinton was once married to a woman named Beth.

If this is true, they’ve since been divorced.

Many people seem to think the two divorced after Beth found out Clinton had eyes for other ladies, specifically one of his own apprentices.

This has not been confirmed.

For a while, Clinton was dating and may have even been married to, Amy (Anderson). She functioned as his tour manager while they were still dating.

At the time of writing, it is unclear whether Clinton is married, dating, or single. It is also unknown whether or not he has any children.

Clinton Anderson – Net Worth


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So, how much is Clinton Anderson worth?

When Clinton decided to move the Downunder Horsemanship ranch up to Arkansas, he had to sell his property in Stephensville, TX.

According to sources, he split the land (totaling 250 acres) into six separate plots and sold it all for over $4 million.

He bought his new ranch on the outskirts of Farmington, AR, which is about 11 acres.

He’s already outfitted the place with a barn with 28-stalls, a state-of-the-art indoor arena, and many other amenities.

Clinton makes money from his TV series, his social media platforms, his digital teaching products, his traveling clinics, and a host of other streams that come from benign a world-renowned horse trainers for over 28 years.

He’s the co-author of Training on the Trail: Practical Solutions for Trail Riding and Lessons Well Learned: Why My Method Works for Any Horse. His books sold an estimated 100k copies on Amazon alone.

Therefore, Australian-American horse trainer Clinton Anderson has an estimated net worth of $7 million.

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Sandi Kosowan

Friday 9th of December 2022

Met him and volunteered at one of his clinics.i met his lovely parents.he spent a good portion of his time hawking goods and sucking face with Amy. I drove 10 hours, paid for my meals and hotel for a DVD as thanks.i asked about advice on a horse issue.He suggested I buy his video.I found him arrogant and self centered. Conversly met Chris Cox and attended clinic..I was much more impressed and learned more.

Charlotte smith

Sunday 19th of March 2023

@Sandi Kosowan,