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Tubbo Net Worth 2024

Tubbo Net Worth – $1 million


Tubbo (real name – Toby Smith) is an English Minecraft streamer, social media personality, and professional gamer.

He first rose to prominence when he began live-streaming his Minecraft game competitions on YouTube and Twitch, a video live-streaming platform.

He is best known for his impressive gaming skills and his ability to acquire a vast social media following in a short amount of time.

In addition to his catalog of accomplishments, he is a YouTube sensation, where he also posts low-budget music videos that accumulate millions of views from his adoring fans.

The Origin Story

He was born Toby Smith on December 23, 2003, in England, UK, to his English parents.

He also has two sisters. 

Due to privacy concerns, he prefers to keep his personal life private and doesn’t like to share much of this with the public.

Tubo has mentioned that he was enrolled in college but eventually dropped out to pursue his career in Livestream gaming and YouTube.


Tubbo Net Worth

TinaKitten and Tubbo onstage at VidCon Anaheim 2023 at Anaheim Convention Center – @Getty

In 2018, Tubbo decided to create his YouTube channel centered entirely around uploading videos of his Minecraft gaming matches.

A few videos in, he began uploading videos of himself competing with YouTuber TommyInnit.

His association with TommyInnit assisted in launching his online career and is ultimately the reason for his massive success in the digital world.

Tommy had already built an impressive social media following at this point; therefore, any YouTube video that included Tubbo would subsequently garner large numbers of new followers.



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In 2019, Tubbo expanded his online presence by launching his personal Twitch account.

This was a strategic move because Twitch is a specialized social media platform centered around live-streaming online video games.

It attracts gaming viewers worldwide, and any decent gamer on the platform has the potential to grow a substantial following and fanbase.

In Tubbo’s case, he had previously established an online friendship with TommyInnit (a Twitch megastar), so when he was featured in his Twitch live streams, it exposed Tubbo to millions of new followers and fans.

Due to Tubbo’s vastly growing following and his gaming success, he was made one of Twtich’s top-tier streaming partners.

Having this title would mean he must regularly live stream new videos such as gaming, music, talk shows, or anything else that garners a large viewership.

While it traditionally takes years of building an online presence on Twitch to be awarded this opportunity, Tubbo’s success is not equal to that of the average user, thus giving him more options due to his extraordinary online success.

He currently runs two Twitch channels, Tubbo and TubboLive.

Though Tubbo prioritizes his live streaming on Twitch, he still uploads on YouTube, where he has paid partnerships and advertising affiliations.

His video content has since evolved to attract a broader audience with videos centered around his life and friendship with TomyInnit.

In addition, many other successful YouTube personalities invite him on their channel as a guest appearance, where they sometimes discuss topics outside of the gaming domain.


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In addition to his Minecraft match uploads, Tubbo also live streams Skyblock, a Java edition of Minecraft, and Minecraft SMPs. You can find these streams frequently posted on his YouTube and Twitch channels.

As of 2020, Tubbo joined Dream SMP, an invite-only survival multiplayer Minecraft server. 

Predictably, he became an overnight success among the active players and gained a large number of followers and fans.

The server was created by famous YouTubers Dream and GeorgeNotFound, both of whom are digital gaming friends with Tubbo.

He regularly live-streams his Dream SMP games on his Twitch and YouTube channels.

The peculiarity of Tubbo’s unbelievable success with his channels is that he only streams and uploads videos a few times every month.

In contrast to this, most social media personalities and digital influencers who accumulated millions of followers have spent years uploading and posting.

They typically post on a daily basis to maintain their viewer’s attention.

This is not the case for Tubbo.

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More recently, Tubbo publicly stated that he is collaborating with TubNet to design an upcoming Mindcraft network for Java and Bedrock players.

TubNet is a network similar to Hypixel.

The core goal of this collaboration is to create and integrate systems for players from alternative platforms, including PS4, XBOX, PC, and mobile, so they can connect and play with each other. 

Due to his increasing commitments and busy schedule, he began scaling his workload to aid in his many projects, so he hired people to help with the network and other projects.

Regarding Tubbo’s fame, he asserts that there are pros and cons, like everything else in life. When asked how his family and friends handle it, he responded with, “They’re relaxed. They couldn’t care less, and that’s the way I like it.”

Tubbo then continued to explain in detail the more noticeable shortcomings of fame. “There were a couple of people from my old school that tried to sell my private information for TikTok followers, which was a little weird.”

Adding to this, he has struggled to cope with the fame as he tends to get recognized far more than he prefers. “I will never go outside of my house before school starts or after school ends in the UK. My window is school time.”

Aside from this, he said his change in social status has been relatively normal.



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Tubbo has diversified his social media presence, where he currently spends a lot of this time promoting his brand on Instagram and TikTok.

To no surprise, he has managed to accumulate tens of millions of followers among his entire online profile.

Tubbo – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Tubbo worth? Toby earned most of his wealth thanks to his two Twitch accounts and partnership, his YouTube channel, merchandise sales, and other social media and gaming partnerships. On YouTube, Toby has over 74 million views–about $210K in revenue. Therefore, Tubbo has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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