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Coby Persin Net Worth | Biography

Coby Persin Net Worth – $2.5 million

What is Coby Persin’s net worth?


Coby Persin is probably most well-known on social media as an outgoing New Yorker who conducts hidden camera experiments on YouTube.

If you’re not familiar with the social experiment formula, here it is:

You position someone with a hidden camera out in public.

You dress up as someone you’re not or pretend to be in some kind of situation to see how people will react to you.

You record those reactions to entertain the internet.

Coby Persin might have some of the most unique social experiments on YouTube—and he also goes above and beyond what other YouTubers are doing.

Take, for example, his Homeless Billionaire! video.

In it, Persin positions himself in Times Square, where he dresses like a homeless person and tries to borrow people’s phones.

They’re not having it—except for one guy who graciously lends this apparently homeless person his mobile device.

Persin uses it to call his driver, who pulls up in a luxury car flanked by two gold-toned Range Rovers.

The phone lender received $100 for his generosity.

What is Coby Persin's net worth


While some of the videos—like that one—are incredibly entertaining, and even a little heart-warming, some of Persin’s content is just downright weird.

How does the multi-talented influencer come up with his ideas?

How does he get away with them?

And how has he grown his following to 9.1 million on TikTok, 6.29 million on YouTube, and 1 million on Instagram?

Here’s everything we know about Coby Persin—and some of it is pretty surprising.

The Origin Story

Coby Persin was born on May 7, 1994, in New York City.

He’s got a brother named Ben, and the pair are very close—although Ben isn’t that interested in being in the limelight.

He and his family relocated to Orlando, Florida, and then on to Passaic, New Jersey, by the time Persin was 10 years old.

He grew up in Passaic, attending middle and high school there, and lived there until he found mainstream social media success.

Persin has a great sense of humor, and his extroverted nature allows him to get in people’s faces and push his experiments to their limits.

Apparently, he’s always been that kind of guy—his family describes him as a family man who likes getting outdoors and being with his loved ones.

Early Career


Coby Persin wasn’t always a YouTube celebrity—but his entire career has been in front of the camera.

Originally, Persin was a model—and an okay one, at that.

The 5’10” gym rat has appeared in an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog, and done shoots for Marc Anthony and Kohles.

He shot a commercial for the NFL and Channel 9.

He’s also walked minor runways for the Breast Cancer Society and NYC’s Wards Boxing Club.

At the time, Persin was also working a warehouse job and a catering gig to make ends meet.

He’d also heard that people were starting to make money on YouTube—it was 2015, after all—and he had some ideas that he thought might pan out.

As it turns out, he was right.

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Welcome to the Big Time

Persin got to work behind the scenes, planning video ideas and looking for a cameraman to stay low-key for the kind of videos he wanted to shoot.

He used all the money he earned from modeling, packing, and catering, to cover his YouTube costs: cameraman, camera, and a mic—it was a $150 one.

He’d head out with his cameraman every Sunday to create his content.

As he described it, the videos just kept progressing.

The money he earned was reinvested into the channel—but it was still just a hobby.

Coby had dreams of growing the channel—and then he got his big break: this video went viral.

In it, Coby fakes being famous—he’s got the entourage, the security, the hot girlfriend, and a camera crew.

It got more than 100,000 views overnight.

It inspired Coby to do more celebrity pranks—he got a fake Kylie Jenner and a fake Zac Efron.

Even if the videos hadn’t been as successful as they are, said Coby, “I would still be doing it for 300 views.”

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To Catch a Predator

Aside from the pranks, Persin branched out to do real-life experiments as well.

Some of them, like his Facebook test, got a lot more serious than his previous adventures.

When he posted a fake account—pretending to be a teen boy, and friending multiple teen girls—he caught a lot of heat.

Part of the behind-the-scenes setup involved getting the teen girls’ parents’ permission to approach them—but the public didn’t know that.

In the experiment, Persin was trying to establish how hard it would be to lure 15-year-old girls into a dangerous situation.

As it turns out, it was really easy. The video also amassed more than 60 million views.

Coby Persin – Net Worth

So, how much is Coby Persin worth? Persin earned most of his wealth from ads on TikTok and YouTube. On YouTube, Coby has over 1.2 billion views, meaning about $3.6 million in revenue before taxes. Therefore, YouTuber star Coby Persin has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

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