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Darin Olien Net Worth 2024

Darin Olien Net Worth – $5 million

What is Darin Olien’s net worth?


Darin Olien might not be a name you recognize—but he’s definitely a rising star in the podcast world.

He’s the host of one of the top-ranked podcasts in the world, The Darin Olien Show, and he co-hosts the insanely popular Netflix docuseries, Down to Earth—with superstar, Zac Efron.

As if that’s not enough, he’s also a supplement creator, a superfoods ambassador, and the author of Amazon bestseller, SuperLife: The five fixes that will keep you healthy, fit, and eternally awesome.

Just because he might not be a household name—yet—it doesn’t mean he hasn’t garnered a massive online following.

He launched 121 Tribe at the start of 2020—it’s a health app created to help everyday people live their best, most healthy, most sustainable lifestyle.

He’s also traipsed across the world in search of new and exciting foods and medicinal plants which can help contribute to ultimate health.

He’s discovered a new superfood in Brazil, explored Senegal and Morocco, and serves as an advisor for environmental companies.

So how did he meet teen movie superpower, Zac Efron?

And what else do we know about Olien and his global travels?

Read on to find out.

The Origin Story

darin olien house


Darin Olien was born on the 4th of November, 1970, in Minnesota.

He was 8 weeks premature, and his parents were told he had a 50/50 chance of survival.

His tough start in life would get a little bit tougher.

Olien’s dad was an alcoholic when he was young, and Darin cut his chin on an empty beer bottle one day—motivating his dad to finally sober up.

Through high school and college, Olien played American football.

He was so good he secured a place in his college football team.

He was living the dream until a football injury put a stop to his sporting career. Around this time, he started experimenting with natural remedies and dietary changes.

As the saying goes—when one door closes, another one opens.

This rang true for Olien. He may have farewelled football, but he was approached to design a supplement by health and fitness brand, Beachbody.

He spent years getting the formula just right, and it became a best-seller for the brand.

Sadly, Olien’s father took up drinking again in 2005.

He passed away, and Olien was even more motivated than ever to live a life that honored his passions and served his hopes and dreams.

Love For Life

In 2014, Olien got engaged to actress Eliza Coupe.

Eliza Coupe wife of Darin Olien

@Getty Images

The actress—who is most well-known for her roles in Happy Endings and Benched—announced her engagement on social media, and the pair tied the knot in New Zealand.

She posted to Instagram to announce their wedding, saying:

“Why not get married on Christmas Eve in New Zealand? Happy Holidays! Love, The Oliens @superlifeliving #SuperLife #NewZealand #love.”

Olien called Coupe his SuperBride, and sang the praises of New Zealand and the healing powers of a holiday.

His nuptials with Coupe launched his first marriage, while Eliza was formerly married to Randall Whittinghill.

darin olien and wife


They divorced in 2018.

Care For The Body

Olien is passionate about getting the best out of the body you were born with.

Aside from his New York Times best-seller, SuperLife, and his Shakeology Beachbody supplement, Darin is committed to helping his audience create maximum health and longevity.

He launched the plant-based Ultimate Reset 21-day Detox program.

He founded Barukas, a brand specializing in the development of the latest superfood—the Brazilian Savannah Cerrado nut. The company operates on a sustainability promise, with a commitment to planting 20 million Baruzeita trees.

It sounds like that would be enough, right? Not for Darin Olien.

He’s also the Global Health Ambassador for APPICS, and an advisor to Footprint, who have pledged to eliminate single-use plastics and replace them with plant-based, home-compostable packaging.

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Darin Olien’s Recs

Darin Olien Net Worth

Mark Armfield, Olien, and David Zielski – @Getty Images

If you’re convinced you need some of Darin Olien’s advice in your life, here are a few tips he’s handed out for free.

#1. Eat Superfoods

Spirulina, moringa, durian, chaga mushroom, and schisandra berry are core foods that everyone should use to improve their physical health. They are nutrient-dense for the ultimate health boost.

#2. Water is essential

To optimize your health, improve your vitality, and feed every cell in your body, you need water.

Darin says, “Everyone should know that not all water is created equal. The easiest thing for people to do is put a pinch of unrefined Himalayan salt per glass. This eliminates plastic filters.”

#3. Make meat the side dish, not the main focus

Increase plants in your diet, and decrease the animal products you eat.

This way you can focus on getting all the nutrient-dense, disease-fighting health benefits plants can provide.

how much is Darin Olien worth

Petra Němcová and Darin Olien – @Getty

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Darin Olien – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Darin Olien worth? Olien earned most of his wealth from running his podcast, selling copies of his book (SuperLife), producing Down to Earth with Zac Efron, and serving as the owner of and Darin’s Naturals, LLC. Therefore, American podcast host Darin Olien has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Olien’s book, SuperLife, has over 13,000 ratings on Amazon — this means an estimated 650,000 to 1,300,000 sold copies.

In 2018, Olien lost his house in the Malibu fires.

Want to get to know Darin Olien better? Check out his podcast for advice and insight into improving your long-term health.

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