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Does The Rock have a twin brother? Find Out The Truth Here

Does The Rock have a twin brother?


As one of the most famous actors of the last decades, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is someone that people have a lot of time for.

His charismatic nature and exceptional career, both within the world of professional wrestling and the acting world, have made him one of the highest-grossing actors of all time.

He is also regarded as among the best professional wrestlers ever to enter the ring. So, it is safe to say that people are pretty interested in The Rock!

Born on the 2nd May 1972, The Rock has managed to build an incredible career for himself. His success in the WWE started with the Attitude Era, back when it was still the WWF.

After leaving the WWE (he has since returned before leaving again), The Rock has enjoyed an acting career that has seen him star in movies that have grossed as much as $10.5bn worldwide.

does dwayne johnson have a twin brother


This makes him one of the most well-paid actors in the world, and when paired with his effusive personality and upbeat demeanor, it is clear that The Rock is an inspiration to many.

Having tried out to be an NFL star once in his earlier career, too, it is fair to say that he is one of the most prominent people of his generation in terms of being a media personality.

However, when it comes to his personal life, Johnson has a lot of rumors swirling around the internet.

For example, rumors have swirled for years that he has a twin brother.

So, is that true? Does The Rock have a twin brother? Let’s investigate the facts of the matter below.

The Rock’s personal life broken down

Mother and Father

does the rock have a brother

Dwayne Johnson and his mom, Ata Johnson arrive at the AFI FEST 2016 presented by Audi premiere of Disney’s “Moana” held at the El Capitan Theatre – @Getty

The Rock was born in Hayward, California, and is the son of his mother, Ata, and his father, Rocky.

His father is, like The Rock, a former professional wrestler.

Though he never quite achieved the same incredible success as his son, Rocky was a well-respected participant in the ring and played a role in his song’s development as a wrestling superstar.

After being cut from the NFL, Rocky helped his son get his first break with the WWF.

His father made his name by being the first-ever member of a black tag team championship success in the WWF, pairing up with Tony Atlas to win the 1983 title.

His mother, Ata, was raised by Peter Maivia as his adopted daughter; Maivia is also a professional wrestler.

Wrestling runs high in the family, as The Rock’s grandmother on his mother’s side, Lia, was known as one of the first majorly successful pro wrestling promoters who were female. She took over the running of the Polynesian Pacific Pro Wrestling program and managed it from 1982 until 1988.

His family has a rich history within the wrestling world, but you might have noticed that there has been no mention of a brother, never mind a twin brother. Let us get to that.

Is he married?

the rock and wife Dany Garcia

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, his manager Dany Garcia, and their daughter Simone Johnson attend the 2009 I Have a Dream Foundation spring gala at 583 Park Avenue – @Getty

Yes, The Rock has been married more than once. He first married Dany Garcia, whom he met when she was a student at the University of Miami alongside him.

The couple hit it off, and by July of 1997, they were married to one another.

Garcia has an impressive career resume, having been involved in the bodybuilding scene and being a prominent businesswoman and producer in the movie industry.

The couple enjoyed a happy relationship culminating in the birth of a daughter, Simone Johnson, in August of 2001. However, the couple split in June 2007 after announcing to the world they were going to ‘amicably’ split.

Second Marriage

the rock and wife Lauren Hashian

Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian attends the 65th GRAMMY Awards – @Getty

In 2006, before his marriage to Garcia ended, Johnson met the daughter of the famous Boston drummer, Sib Hashian, Lauren.

Lauren Hashian and The Rock soon hit it off with one another, having met while The Rock filmed The Game Plan.

The couple started dating in 2007 after the end of his marriage, and they eventually married one another in 2019.

They have shared a strong relationship that has seen them produce two daughters. However, the couple does a lot to keep their personal lives private, and not much is known about their personal life or their daughters.

Aside from the fact that they reside in Los Angeles and have a Virginia farmhouse, not much is known about Johnson and Hashian.

Simone Johnson

Simone Johnson

Simone Alexandra Johnson, actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and singer Dinah Jane Hansen arrive at the ‘San Andreas’ – Los Angeles Premiere – @Getty

In February 2020, Simone Johnson, the daughter of The Rock from his first marriage, started a training program with the WWE.

Following her father’s footsteps would make Simone a unique prospect in the WWE: the first-ever ‘fourth generation’ WWE star.

She signed a contract with the WWE in May of 2020 and now serves as a regular part of the NXT brand within the WWE.

Her ring name is Ava Raine, and she has quickly become one of the most popular characters in NXT – in some parts, thanks to her father.

does rock have a twin brother

Dwayne Johnson and Tanoai Reed attend the World Premiere of Netflix’s “Red Notice” at Regal LA Live on November 03, 2021 in Los Angeles – @Getty

Does The Rock have a twin brother?

So, The Rock does indeed have siblings – however, they are half-siblings. One is called Curtis, and his half-sister is called Wanda Bowles. Curtis and Wanda are the children of The Rock’s father, Rocky, who had a previous marriage before meeting his mother, Ata. His first wife, Una Sparks, is the mother of these two half-siblings.

However, neither of these people is the twin of The Rock. Johnson is not a single child per se due to his half-siblings, but he does not have a twin brother.

Why do people think The Rock has a twin brother?

the rock's brother


The main reason people believe that The Rock has a twin brother is his demanding acting career.

As you might have noticed, Johnson spends much of his time in his movies flying around the place and being a one-person wrecking ball. However, like any actor, he does not deal with all of his stunts on his own.

Though Johnson does his fair share of his action scenes, he does have a stunt double – and many people assumed that this double was, in fact, this fictional twin brother!

The person who does his stunts is a man called Tanoai Reed. Reed has done many of the stunts that have taken part in The Rock’s movie career.

Indeed, since he first made his name in the acting world via The Scorpion King in 2002, The Rock has partnered with Reed for many of his stunts.

The fact the two can share a very similar build and that Reed has all of the skills needed to do what Johnson needs makes him the perfect stunt double partner for The Rock.

When you see the duo standing together, it is easy to see why people imagine that both are related. Both share very similar physics, and they both also have similar jawlines and facial features.

As such, it is easy to see why someone might imagine that Reed is, if nothing else, a brother to Johnson.

Does Tanoai Reed do all of The Rocks stunts?

the rock brother

Tanoai Reed and guest during 2005 Taurus World Stunt Awards – Red Carpet at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles – @Getty

Not all, no; Johnson also does a fair number of his stunts.

Given his professional wrestling and acting career, he is pretty well-versed in the rough and tumble of being an action hero. However, he has been regularly involved in many of the biggest movies that The Rock does.

He has been prominently involved in the creation of the Fast And Furious movies, for example, with The Rock appearing in seven.

Considering that Johnson is often involved in high-octane movies that have huge physical demands, Reed has to work pretty hard to make sure that he can stay in the shape that would be expected of someone brave enough to step onto the green screen and fill in for a movie and wrestling legend like The Rock!

Is Tanoai Reed related to The Rock?

the rock twin brother


Yes, he is! He is the cousin of Dwayne Johnson. The two have worked together for many years, with Reed one of the few people that Johnson knows who can keep up with his physical condition and put in the work effort required when filming movies.

Reed has long been seen as one of the most dedicated people in the industry when it comes to success on the stunt double front.

His work with his cousin, though, has helped elevate Reed into one of the most well-respected stunt doubles in the industry.

The fact that his cousin, The Rock, is one of the hardest-working and most committed actors around means that Reed must work to a similar standard or fall behind.

Therefore, his commitment to staying in the shape needed to be his cousin’s go-to stunt double is very impressive indeed.

Does The Rock admit Tanoai Reed is his stunt double?

the rock twin

Dwayne Johnson attends the 65th GRAMMY Awards at Arena – @Getty

Yes. While many actors are very tight-lipped about using a stunt double, The Rock has never been shy about admitting it.

Given that he works as a pro wrestler, most assumed that Johnson probably did all his stunts. After all, he puts in the work and the effort to be physically fit– it isn’t such an outlandish idea.

Seeing how full his schedule is year-on-year, though, The Rock cannot take any risks with getting injured and thus having to miss out on taking part in other commitments.

As such, he uses Reed as his stunt double and is not shy about admitting it.

Part of it comes down to Johnson simply being honest about the reality of being a movie star; the other part is that Reed is his cousin, and he wants the world to know how good a job his cousin does in backing him up.

Reed has always had to do a lot of work to try and stay in the same physical condition as Johnson.

It must be a grueling and demanding experience, and for that, Johnson has always been keen to let the world know that he is not a one-person band.

He has worked with Reed on some of his most popular movies, and he wants his cousin to get his share of the glory and fame that comes from working together.

Who is Dwayne Johnson's twin brother

Dwayne Johnson attends the World Premiere of Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” at Disneyland – @Getty

Indeed, at one point, The Rock referred to himself and Reed as ‘Samoan double trouble’ – a reference to their Samoan roots.

Johnson has said several times that stunt doubles are often undervalued and underappreciated.

Their role in making the big movie scenes turn out successfully and safely is vital to the industry.

He believes that given they put their bodies on the line so often in the name of making good movies, the community should give them more time and respect.

He has also admitted in the past that his cousin has suffered some pretty major injuries while working with him.

Johnson revealed that his cousin has suffered from injuries like sliced tendons and broken bones, as well as numerous surgeries, all to recover from the physical damage done by being a stunt double.

So, while he might not be The Rock’s twin brother, it is clear that Reed has the same commitment and desire to entertain the masses!

Final Thoughts

does dwayne johnson have a twin

Dwayne Johnson attends Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards – @Getty

As noted above, no. He does not have a twin brother. He does, though, have a half-brother and a half-sister. The reason people think The Rock has a twin brother is due to the presence of his cousin, Tanoai Reed, who is his stunt double. The duo have worked together for years, and Reed’s commitment to doing the hard stuff has helped Johnson elevate his position to one of the highest-grossing stars in the media today.

He believes that his career might not have been as successful without Reed, and he would have suffered even more injuries over the years.

However, without a doubt, Reed and Johnson are a team; they work together to make highly entertaining movies and have a huge following between them.

While Reed might not be Johnson’s twin brother, they have both played a big role in making one another the huge successes they are today.

And the fact that The Rock emphasizes his cousin’s role in his success is great for other stunt doubles out there.

Many go undervalued by the industry, but Johnson has ensured that, if nothing else, his cousin gets the respect that he deserves from the public.


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