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Steven Seagal’s wives and children: does the acting star have a family?

Steven Seagal’s wives and children:


As one of the most prominent actors of the 1990s, Steven Seagal is an individual who courts a huge amount of personal interest.

From his bombastic action movies in the 1980s and 1990s to his move into martial arts and screenwriting, Seagal created an extremely interesting life for himself.

Given that he is nothing like the usual action movie stars of his era, Seagal stands out for his calm demeanor and personality.

One thing that often gets asked about Seagal, though, is his personal life.

Unlike a lot of celebrities who made it big in the 1980s and 1990s, Seagal has tried to keep his personal life out of the limelight.

Therefore, it is not often known what his family history is. For example, what is the story about Steven Seagal’s wives and children?

If you want to know more about one of the most interesting and enigmatic movie personalities of the last 40 years, read on.

We will break down all available information about Seagal and his family.

The Origin Story

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Steven Seagal during the German Comic Con at Westfalenhalle on December 1, 2018 in Dortmund – @Getty

Born on the 10th of April 1952, Steven Seagal is an actor who was born in Michigan, America.

A highly impressive actor with a fantastic range of different successes on the big screen, Seagal came to prominence for his martial arts skills.

While many action heroes of the 1980s and 1990s were mostly choreographed, Seagal can cut it with the best of them when it comes to martial arts like Aikido.

This made him stand out in his films for producing sublimely choreographed moves.

He can make fight scenes look more believable than most, which is in large part down to his training.

Indeed, Seagal started his career as a martial arts instructor living in Japan.

Eventually, though, he left behind his father-in-law’s dojo and instead began to move into the acting scene.

steven seagal children


In the 1980s, Seagal was found in Los Angeles, and by the early 1990s, he was a household name within the action movie scene.

His breakout role arguably came in 1992, though, when he starred as Casey Ryback in Under Siege.

Many of his movies after this were direct-to-video numbers. However, he also has enjoyed time on the TV in reality TV shows.

For example, he took part in Steven Seagal: Lawman, where a show followed his antics as he served as a reserve deputy sheriff.

Seagal is a multicultural individual, having held citizenship in America as well as in countries in Eastern Europe, including Serbia.

To many, Seagal is one of the most outspoken and unique movie stars of his generation; he does not follow the usual celebrity code and instead brings a highly different take to the world of celebrity and movie media.

For that reason, while some can regard Seagal and his lifestyle as controversial, he has often been seen as more authentic than traditional celebrities.

Is Seagal a musician?

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Yes, he is! Just as martial arts is his primary hobby, Seagal has also enjoyed some success in music.

A talented guitarist, he has been involved in creating two well-received studio albums and has regularly performed music for the films he has starred in.

His most prominent role in the music industry was working with Stevie Wonder and Tony Rebel, who were both involved in his debut album, Songs from the Crystal Cave.

What else is Steven famous for?

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Steven Seagal at VH-1 Vogue Fashion Awards, New York, December 5, 1999 – @Getty

Outside of his accomplished acting career, Seagal has also worked as a martial arts instructor, an actor, a producer, and a screenwriter.

His career has taken him across Asia, the USA, and Eastern Europe.

In that time, he has developed a unique lifestyle, and his opinions on matters often stand separate from that of much of the ‘Hollywood bubble,’ so to speak.

However, his great success as an actor and musician has helped Seagal produce a net worth that is believed to exceed USD 15M. However, given Seagal’s private nature and personal life, there are precious few ways to verify the kind of income Seagal has developed across his career.

It is safe to say, though, that with so many successes, he is likely a very wealthy man.

Parents and Marriage  

Who are Steven Seagal’s parents?

While little is known about his early life, it is known that Seagal‘s father was a man called Samuel.

Samuel taught math at the high school level, while his mother, Patricia Anne, was a medical technician. However, outside of this, little is known about Steven Seagal’s parentage.

He was educated at Buena Park High School; whether his parents worked there is uncertain.

Is Steven Seagal married?

Yes, Steven Seagal is married today. He is currently married to a woman called Erdenetuya Seagal (née Batsukh), better known as Elle. Batsukh is a Mongolian professional dancer who has been married to Seagal since 2009. The couple first met sometime in the early 2000s – believed to be 2001 – and were friends for years before they tied the knot and married.

Steven Seagal and wife Erdenetuya Seagal (née Batsukh)

Steven Seagal and his wife Erdenetuya Seagal attend the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Final match between France and Croatia – @Getty

Though Seagal spends much of his time in Asia and Eastern Europe, the couple has a residence in Los Angeles, believed to be in the Mandeville Canyon region of the city. Seagal, though, has been married in the past – Batsukh is not his first wife, but his fourth. In total, then, Seagal has been married four times to the following people:

Kelly LeBrock

Steven Seagal and first wife Kelly LeBrock

Steven Seagal and his wife Kelly LeBrock at home when they where married and had their first child. They divorced in 1994. – @Getty

His third wife was the American actress Kelly LeBrock. It is believed that Seagal met LeBrock sometime in the early 1980s. The couple had known each other for years before they were finally officially married in September of 1987, likely through the acting circle that Seagal was slowly but surely breaking into.

However, this marriage did not last forever; Seagal was divorced from LeBrock in 1994, citing irreconcilable differences with one another. LeBrock left Seagal in LA, moving to Santa Barbara County with her children.

From 1984 to 1986, LeBrock was married to film producer Victor Drai. In 2007, she married Fred Steck.

Adrienne La Russa

Steven Seagal and second wife Adrienne La Russa

Steven Seagal and wife Adrienne La Russa arrives at the Hard Rock Cafe at CityWalk at Universal Studios Hollywood for a Charity Jam – @Getty

Seagal technically had a second wife before LeBrock and Batsukh: the American actress Adrienne Le Russa. The couple is believed to have married in 1984, but the marriage was never made official. This is because the marriage was annulled as Seagal was still married to the individual below, Miyako Fujitani.

When together, the couple did not have any children, so Seagal and La Russa moved on fairly quickly. Of all of his marriages, this was the quickest by far.

At the end of 1987, Adrienne La Russa married Robert French.

Miyako Fujitani

The first person that Seagal married was Miyako Fujitani. Fujitani is the daughter of a famous Japanese aikido instructor. After moving to Japan, Seagal met Fujitani, and they were to be married in 1975. The marriage, though, came to an end when Seagal moved back to the United States. Fujitani stayed in Japan, and the marriage was brought to an end.

When the couple divorced, though, it is less known. According to those familiar with the duos’ history, though, their relationship was often controversial as Seagal tried to save up the money needed to return to the USA.


does steven seagal have children

Steven Seagal, Arissa Wolf and children attending the premiere of “Snow Day” on January 29, 2000 at the Paramount Thater in Hollywood – @Getty

Does Steven Seagal have children?

Yes, he does. Given that he has been through four marriages, it should be no surprise that Seagal has fathered children at one stage in his life. Indeed, across his four marriages in total, Seagal has fathered seven children in total. He had two children with his first wife, Miyako Fujitani, and then three with Kelly LeBrock. He also had a child with a girlfriend whom he never married, Arissa Wolf, before he met his current wife, Erdenetuya Elle Batsukh.

With Batsukh, Seagal has had one more child to make up his seven children. Who are the children of Steven Seagal, then? Do they share his acting traits or martial arts passions?

Kunzgang Seagal

As the youngest child of Steven Seagal, Kunzgang was born in September 2009 when Seagal met his current wife, Erdentetuya Elle Batsukh. Given his age, very little is known about Kunzgang and his long-term career ambitions. He is, though, the only child Seagal has at present who is part of the family he lives with; all of the other Seagal children have seen their mother and father leave one another.

Savannah Seagal

Savannah Seagal daughter of Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal, Arissa Wolf & daughter Savannah – @Getty

When Seagal was with his girlfriend, martial artist Arissa Wolf, they had a daughter called Savannah. Savannah was born in September 1996. Seagal met Wolf as she had worked as a babysitter for him and LeBrock when they were still married. Savannah is also one of the less high-profile children of Seagal, with little known about her personal or professional life.

Arissa LeBrock

steven seagal children's names

Steven Seagal and daughter Arrisa Seagal attending ‘National Hero Awards Gala Beneifit Big Brothers and Big Sisters’ at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City – @Getty

The third daughter of Seagal, Arissa LeBrock, has been involved in the modeling scene and has ambitions of being involved in professional wrestling. Given her prominent career within the USA, Arissa has spoken about how her relationship with Seagal could be described as ‘estranged’ – it is believed that there is not a huge amount of connection between the two at this point.

Arissa LeBrock daugher if Steven Seagal

Arissa LeBrock and Kelly LeBrock attend Icons of Style: A Century of Fashion Photography, 1911-2011, exhibition opening at The J. Paul Getty Museum on Monday, June 25, 2018 in Los Angeles – @Getty

Born in 1993, though, Arissa might be one of the most well-known of Seagal’s children.

Dominick Seagal

Another child born to LeBrock, Dominick Seagal, is the fourth child of Seagal and the second that he had with LeBrock. Like his sister Annalize, not a huge amount is known about Dominick. He appears to keep himself to himself and not get involved in the acting, writing, or martial arts scene that his father is such a visible presence within

Annalize Seagal

His second daughter, Annalize, was born in 1987 (birthday unknown). She is the first child that Seagal had with LeBrock. Precious little is known about Annalize, though; she has not often been in the headlines, nor is her relationship with her parents something especially well-known. Therefore, she is arguably the most mysterious of the Seagal children.

Ayako Fujitani

Ayako Fujitani daughter of Steven Seagal

Ayako Fujitani attends “Tokyo!” opening night at Landmark’s Nuart Theatre on March 20, 2009 in Los Angeles – @Getty

Another of Seagal’s children is his daughter, Ayako. Ayako is the oldest daughter that Seagal has fathered, and she was born on the 7th of December 1979 in Osaka, much like her brother Kentaro. A Japanese-based actress and writer, Ayako has made a name for herself in the Japanese domestic writing and acting scene.

Ayako was married in 2016 to her now-husband, Javier Gullon, the famous Spanish screenwriter. Together, they have two children. Ayako, though, tends to keep her distance from her US-based father, and little is known about the bond they share, if any.

Kentaro Seagal

Kentaro Seagal son of Steven seagal

Kentaro Seagal attends the “Tommy Hilfiger America Tour” wrap party at Morton’s The Steakhouse in West Hollywood, California, on September 27, 1997 – @Getty

His oldest son is a man known by the name Kentaro. Kentaro was born to Seagal and Fujitani in Japan on the 3rd of October 1975. Like his father, Kentaro is involved in the acting and martial arts scene.

Though he has not made the same name for himself that his father famously did, Kentaro has enjoyed some success in the Japanese movie and martial arts scenes.

Kentaro himself is married; he was first married in 2005 to Tze Yin and has fathered two children of his own. Outside of this, though, not much is known about Seagal Seagal.

Final Thoughts

Erdenetuya Seagal -- wife of Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal and his wife Erdenetuya Seagal attend the SMASH Global V pre-Oscar fight at Taglyan Complex on February 23, 2017 in Los Angeles, California – @Getty

As you can see, Seagal has many children – seven in total, from four different marriages and one relationship.

While not much is known about many of his children, likely due to the highly public nature of their fathers’ lives, Seagal is known to care deeply for his children even if he does not see them very often.

His life and career have taken Seagal all around the world, and for that reason, he has been one of many famous actors who has not seen a huge amount of the family while still professionally involved.

All but one of his children can be referred to as an adult, meaning they all have their own lives, ambitions, and careers.

While some have followed in their father’s footsteps, others have followed their mother instead.

How is the relationship between Seagal and his children? Again, not a lot is known.

Seagal has learned to value his privacy greatly, given the prominent nature of his time on the big screen. This means that it is rare that people know a lot about his personal life, as he keeps much of it under wraps.

What we do know, though, for certain, is that Steven Seagal has had seven children across five major relationships.


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