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Doug Marcaida Net Worth $1 Million

What Is Doug Marcaida’s Net Worth?

Doug Marcaida is a Filipino-American martial artist, knife designer, edged weapon expert, and reality TV personality who has a net worth of $1 million. He is most known for his recurring appearance as a judge on the History Channel reality TV show Forged in Fire.

Marcaida was born in the Philippines, though exactly where is unknown.

Doug has stated that his interest in martial arts began at the age of eight; despite this, he did not start any formal training in martial arts until the age of sixteen.

Marcaida studied several martial arts for the next nine years, but it was at the age of 25 that he devoted himself exclusively to martial arts developed in the Philippines.

Military Service And Professional Life


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Marcaida served in the US Air Force for eight years, though in what capacity is unclear.

Following his discharge from the USAF, he began a career in respiratory therapy.

Doug worked as a professional respiratory therapist for 20 years, while simultaneously maintaining and improving his mastery of Filipino martial arts.

Marcaida has additionally acted as a martial arts trainer to police officers and first responders all across the US. Throughout his classes,

He imparts one lesson above all others: it’s not about how many people you hurt, but about how many you protect.

Sponsorships And Endorsements


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After establishing himself as an authority on bladed weapons during his tenure as a judge on Forged in Fire, Marcaida has entered into several sponsorship deals and endorsements.

Marcaida is a knife designer and brand ambassador for the well-known tactical gear company, Tactical 5.11, and also collaborates with many renowned knife-manufacturing companies: Fox Knives, Max Venom, KBar Knives, Jason Knight Knives, and Bastinelli Creations.

Marcaida Kali

Marcaida is well known for the syncretic martial art he created known as “Marcaida Kali.”

The art itself is derived from what is popularly known as “FMA” (Filipino Martial Arts) – Kali, Escrima, and Arnis.

FMA is notable for its emphasis on defense against blunt and edged weapons, rather than assailants using their bare hands.

The practitioner will later incorporate this knowledge of bladed weapons into their attack repertoire, learning to replicate the angles used with bladed weapons with their empty hands. This makes practitioners of FMA truly challenge opponents, whether their assailant is armed or not.   

By synthesizing elements from each of these martial arts that match his personal self-defense philosophy, Marcaida has created an entirely new and unique FMA in the same way that martial arts legend Bruce Lee created Jeet Kune Do.

Marcaida Kali is marketed as a “replicable and teachable” martial arts that is suitable for all budding practitioners, and he has established several schools throughout the United States.


Marcaida suffered an injury during the filming of season 4 of Forged in Fire.

“Mistakes happen when you disrespect or get complacent with dangerous things,” Doug wrote on his Instagram about the injury. “It reminds me that I am human.”


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Doug Marcaida has been married to his wife Joelle for many years, and it is believed that they have several children together.

Joelle Marcaida is a registered and practicing nurse, and it’s believed that she and Doug met while he was practicing as a respiratory therapist.


“Know that you are in control and everything is about the choices you make.”

“Get a new perspective on things. Live and don’t just exists.”


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Net Worth

So, how much is Doug Marcaida worth? Marcaida earned most of his wealth from working as a respiratory therapist, appearing as a judge in Forged in Fire, serving in the US Air Force for 8 years, and sponsorships. Therefore, Doug Marcaida has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Doug sells merch on his website —

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