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Ginger Billy Net Worth $1.5 Million

What is Ginger Billy’s net worth?

Ginger Billy is a comedian and social media personality who has a net worth of $1.5 million. Ginger Billy—whose real name is Adam Parkins—is most famous for his hilarious social media presence as a backwoods hillbilly. He went viral with videos making fun of himself and his roots, and gained a major following with his down-to-earth humor.

Billy is more than just a hillbilly, though.

He’s a business savvy entrepreneur, an entertainer, a marketing king, and a family man with a lot of hobbies.

Here’s what we know about the bearded ginger comedian with 161 million video views on YouTube.

The Origin Story

Adam Parkins—AKA Ginger Billy—was born on October 27, 1987, in rural South Carolina.

Parkins trained as a respiratory therapist, and lives in Union, South Carolina, with his wife Leah and their son—who Parkins jokingly refers to as Dale Jr. Jr. (we’ll tell you why in a minute).



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Leah—nee Leah Beasley—started dating Ginger Billy in 2009.

And the pair welcomed their only son on December 1, 2014.

The newlyweds will celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary on November 16, 2022.

Leah graduated as a nurse practitioner in 2021, with Ginger Billy bragging that his beautiful wife “absolutely blasted” her family medicine and acute care programs.

The enamored bearded ginger posted on Instagram, “I looooove you and I am SO PROUD of YOU!”

He then went on to add that his wife can now stitch him up when he pulls a stunt and gets injured.

Leah works at nearby Spartanburg Regional.

A New Career Is Born


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So, how does a respiratory therapist wind up famous on YouTube?

By a strange twist of fate, as it turns out.

In early 2017, Adam Parkins posted a humorously emotional video in response to the retirement of Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Earnhardt is a third-generation NASCAR driver, 15 x winner of NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver title, and winner of a whopping 26 NASCAR events—placing him at #29 on NASCAR’s All Time Race Winners list. He is also the son of the late racing icon, Dale Earnhardt Sr.

When Parkins heard about his idol’s retirement, he knew it was something he needed to talk about. “I knew all rednecks would love if I talked about [this],” Billy explained in an interview.

So he posted his satirical video.

The response was quick—people loved the Ginger Billy character, and they loved his style of content.

He decided to make some more videos, and his view count climbed higher and higher.

Eventually, the Ginger Billy persona took on a life of his own—Parkins hired a manager and started taking this new career path more seriously.

With his bald head, bushy ginger beard, and pretty persistent lack of a shirt, Billy has built a name for himself with his funny take on life in the backwoods of South Carolina.

He is relatable, entertaining, and overall—hilarious.

That Romper Video


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Jumping on the strange men’s romper craze that went viral in 2017, Ginger Billy headed down to JC Penny’s to embrace the latest fashion.

He posted a video—with the description “Ginger Billy gets a romper and tells Amurica!”—that racked up almost a million views in months, and totaled 40 million views across his social media accounts.

Ginger Billy explained in the video that he saw “them city boys” wearing rompers, and he wasn’t about to let anyone outshine him in the fashion stakes.

He describes his black and white floral women’s romper as the “Swiss Army knife of clothing.”

People fell in love with the romper video, and that—according to Parkins—is when he knew he wanted to try stand-up comedy.

Bright Lights, Big City

Parkins set about finding a manager, and before long, he had his first gig.

The stand-up show—which took place at a casino—was terrifying for the former healthcare worker.

Having never done stand-up before, he was given a five minute set in front of an audience of 4,000.

In a sink or swim situation like that, Ginger Billy swam.

He did so well that he ended up touring with personalities like Catfish Cooley.

While Parkins loves his new career—and how he is able to provide for his family—he says fame can be a little stressful.

His income is solely based on his ability to be funny, and it makes him fussier about what content he puts out.

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Animal Lover

If there’s one thing Ginger Billy takes seriously, it’s animals.

He has been involved in multiple fundraisers, including his DOG GANG t-shirt sales—all profits went to supporting animal rescue shelters.

As an animal lover, Parkins tries to shine a light on what is happening at shelters across the US, and on the pressure, these places are under due to people neglecting or abandoning their pets.

Ginger Billy and his family farewelled their own pet, a bulldog named Tilly, in 2020—she had been a steady companion of Parkins’ for 12 years.

The family also has a cat.

Net Worth

So, how much is Ginger Billy worth? Adam earned most of his wealth from performing in comedy shows, ads on YouTube, brand deals, and posting on TikTok. On YouTube, Billy has about 324 million views — about $900k in revenue before taxes. For years, Parkins worked as a respiratory therapist. Therefore, Ginger Billy has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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