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Hotboii Net Worth 2024

Hotboii Net Worth – $2 million


Hotboii is a famous rapper, songwriter, and musician from Orlando, Florida.

Since 2016, He has been releasing music, but his popularity began to skyrocket after he released his hit single “Don’t Need Time.”

Continue reading to learn more about Hotboii, his rise to fame, his family, his net worth, and the inspiration behind his music.

The Origin Story

Hotboii’s real name is Javarri Latre Walker.

He was born on June 13th, 2000, in Orlando, Florida.

Walker grew up in the Pine Hills neighborhood with his 16 siblings.

He had an interest in music from a young age and had a strong desire to establish himself in the music industry.

He began rapping by the age of 7. In an interview, he said his biggest influences included rapping with his brother around the house and rapping with his friends at school.

Hotboii began his career in music in 2016 when he was only 16 years old.

He started his career by releasing music on SoundCloud and YouTube. His first song that gained popularity locally was “Switcheroo.”

Shortly after getting his start in music, he was incarcerated and served two years in juvenile detention for a breaking and entering charge.

When he was released in 2018, he became determined to put more effort into his music career.

He released his first music video for his song “Life of a Dog” in the months following his release.

In the following year, 2019, he released his popular song “YG’s.” This song is an account of the time he spent in the streets and what he did to survive.


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In 2020, he gained a lot of popularity through his single “Don’t Need Time,” which was a tribute to his friend Wolph who passed away. This song has accumulated millions of listens on Spotify, and the accompanying music video has surpassed 75 million views on YouTube.

Following the success of “Don’t Need Time,” Hotboii made a remix of the song featuring Lil Baby. 

Walker also released his first mixtape in 2020, titled “Kut Da Fan On,” which featured many of his previous singles and songs that he wrote while in juvenile detention.

Later that year, he released another mixtape titled “Double O Baby,” which included features from many other rappers. 

In 2021, Hotboii released the songs “F### Shit” and “Nobody Special.”

In July of the same year, he turned himself in and was arrested with racketeering and corrupt organization charges. Since then, he has continued writing and releasing songs.

His third album, Blinded By Death, was released in July 2022.



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Walker has a young son who has told Hotboii he wants to be a rapper.

“It’s kinda good, but it’s hard though because I can’t always have my son,” Walker told The Knockturnal about his son. He added: “My son be watching my videos.”

Hotboii – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Hotboii worth? As Hotboii’s music increased in popularity, his net worth substantially increased. His income mainly comes from his record label deals, his songs, his music videos on YouTube, and his brand promotions. Therefore, Hotboii has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Record Labels


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Hotboii is signed with Geffen Records and Interscope Records.

Working with record labels has increased the popularity of his singles, mixtape (Kut Da Fan On), and albums (Blinded By Death, Double O Baby, and Life Of A Hotboii).

He makes a portion of his income from the royalties he receives when people purchase his music or play his songs on music streaming services.


Over the course of his career so far, he has released numerous hit songs. He has an average of 2.1 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

He also has over 100,000 followers on SoundCloud and millions of listens to the majority of his songs.  

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Music Videos on YouTube

Hotboii is also well-known for his emotion-packed music videos on YouTube.

His YouTube Channel “H O T B O I I” boasts more than 1.1 million subscribers, and he has posted over 163 videos.  

In addition, his music videos have been viewed more than 672 million times. From YouTube ad revenue, Hotboii has made approximately $2 million (before taxes) since the start of his channel.

Brand Promotion

Finally, he earns money through brand deals, which he promotes on his social media platforms.

Brands pay him to promote their products to his one million followers on Instagram. 

As a musician, Hotboii has definitely made a name for himself in rap music today. This is shown through his high income sourced from the previously mentioned income streams.

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