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Joe Bonsall Net Worth 2024

Joe Bonsall Net Worth – $4 million


Joe Bonsall is a well-known American singer who has made quite a name for himself over the years.

He is also an author who has written many books, most of which can be found online. 

The Origin Story

He was born on May 18, 1948, in Philadelphia, as Joseph Sloan Bonsall, Jr.

He had enjoyed singing for more than 40 years when he also decided to start writing books.

Joe likes to venture off to his farm on the Tennessee-Kentucky state line for relaxation purposes.

Over there, he is mainly found mowing areas of his massive 350-acres of land on his John Deere tractor.

If not that, you will find him lounging on his front porch with a banjo in his hand. This is the one instrument Joe has been playing for over 11 years.

Bonsall started singing when he was only about four years old.


It was only until he was in his mid-teen years that he fell in love with the Southern gospel music harmony and joined his first band, Oaks, in 1973, just before the country music scene sprung up.

Like the other members, Joe spent most of his time on the road performing concerts, but he personally found a way to enjoy the most out of touring.

Besides this, Joe leads a very simplistic life.

When he goes out, he tries to sing and give his audience everything he has got, mentally and physically.

When it is finally done, he goes back to his room, orders a pizza or some sushi, gets about his leisure time on his Apple laptop, watches the latest sports scores, and that’s just about it.

In early 2024, Bonsall announced his retirement from Oak Ridge Boys due to a neuromuscular disorder. “I am now to a point that walking is impossible so I have basically retired from the road,” he said.

Wife & Children

Joe prefers to keep his personal and love life details hidden, away from the media’s attention. However, he still lets his fans have a glimpse of his personal life.

Joe Bonsall is married to Mary Bonsall, and together they have two daughters.

Joe Bonsall and wife Mary


Besides this, Joe has not spoken of any other women he may have been with.

Joe Bonsall – Net Worth 2024

Bonsall earned most of his wealth from being part of the Oak Ridge Boys. When Joe joined the Oak Ridge Boys (current members also include – Duane Allen, William Lee Golden, and Richard Sterban) in 1973, the band was already rated the most acclaimed acts in gospel music. Therefore, Joe Bonsall has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

To this date, Joe has thousands of fans.

The band has a huge follower base on YouTube and Twitter and millions of views on the Oaks’ music videos.

Together, the band has won numerous Gospel Music Association Dove Awards and three Grammy Awards.

His love for music started when he was just a child.

With the passing of time, Joe knew what his passion was, so he decided to pursue a career in music. Since then, this has been his primary source of earnings. He performed with the Oak Ridge Boys for more than four decades.

Richard Sterban and his group Oak Ridge Boys


The iconic Oak Ridge Boys have been entertaining sold-out audiences with some of the most classic hit songs such as “Thank God for Kids,” “Elvira,” and many more.

Besides being a member of the Oak Ridge Boys band, Joe has recorded success with the American country music band “Sawyer Brown.”


Apart from being an esteemed songwriter who made quite a name for himself in his time, Bonsall is also well known for being an avid writer.

In 1997, Joe published his first written book, The Molly Books.

This was followed by another book, titled – “GI Joe and Lillie,” in 2003. 

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In 2007, the group started a YouTube channel called – “oakridgeboys.”

Today, their channel has thousands of subscribers, with a viewership of more than 20 million views of all their music videos combined.

You can find several of their music videos on the channel. Still, a few videos also feature the band members performing live, giving interviews, and spending time with their precious fans.

Some of the Bonsall’s and the remaining band members’ most popular videos, which have won them so many subscribers on YouTube, are “Thank God with Kids” and “Gonna Take a Lot of River,” with 1.2 million views each.

With some of the bands’ videos having over 1.2 million views on YouTube and others having over 100,000 views, there is a chance Joe could be earning somewhere around $500 – $5,000 for each video.

Apart from that, Joe has a channel of his own as well on YouTube, with over a thousand subscribers, getting views on his videos ranging from 600 to 17k views. However, it is unlikely Joe earns much from his personal YouTube channel as there are not as many views on his videos.

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