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Jake Ducey Net Worth 2024

Jake Ducey Net Worth – $2 million

What is Jake Ducey’s net worth? Also, who is Jake Ducey’s wife?


Jake Ducey is an American motivational speaker and the author of the books Profit from Happiness (2016), Into the Wind (2013), and The Purpose Principles (2015).

In addition, Ducey has a popular YouTube channel that has grown to 448,000 subscribers – on which he shares many self-improvement tips.


He was born on July 16, 1991, in the USA. Jack grew up in San Diego, California.

After high school, he received a scholarship from California Lutheran University, a private liberal arts university in Thousand Oaks, California. However, Jake quit university in the third semester.

During an interview, he explained:

”Then I left a life of partying, and a college basketball scholarship when I was nineteen to wander the world without a map; proving that anything is possible when we follow our hearts.”


He started his YouTube channel on February 22, 2012.

The channel has more than 881,000 subscribers.


He spoke at TEDx in 2013. In his talk, Ducey explained how “living” life means making the best of what you have.



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In 2013, he published his first book, titled – ”Into the Wind: My Six-Month Journey Wandering the World for Life’s Purpose.”

In this book, Jake details how he left his college basketball scholarship to prove we can find our dreams by following our heart.

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Inc., wrote about the book:

“Decades ago there were visionaries at Apple who changed the world; Steve and me. Now Jake is here to transform the world in his own right.” 

Frank Shankwitz, the founder of Make-A-Wish Foundation, said:

“Jake’s book shows that if you Make-A-Wish and act on it, you’re rewarded. Inspiring!” 

Greg S. Reid, NYT Bestselling author-Napoleon Hill Foundation, wrote:

“Jake’s book shows that no matter your age, you can Think and Grow Rich, but that wealth begins within.” 

Johnny Campbell said:

“Jake’s book and ability to speak will take you from your transition phase to one of success and purpose.” 

David E. Stanley, renowned public speaker and bestselling author, wrote:

“Want inspiration to live the impossible dream? Read Jake’s book. Listen to him speak.” 

In 2015, he published his second book, called – ”The Purpose Principles: How to Draw More Meaning into Your Life Paperback.” The book is inspiring because it provides the opportunity to see yourself in the same light as the world’s biggest difference-makers by drowning on the stories of failure, success, as well as the common topics among some of today’s most influential and successful people.


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In ”The Purpose Principles,” Jake also talks about Jack Canfield being the man whose books inspired him to become a best-selling writer.

Note – for this book, Jake interviewed 27 celebrities and has written about how they obtained success.

Ducey said about this book:

”In The Purpose Principles, I say that no one is qualified for anything, and you will never actually be ready.”

In 2016, he published his third book, entitled – ”Profit from Happiness: The Unity of Wealth, Work, and Personal Fulfillment.”

In this book, Jake asserts that the secret to happiness and high achievement at home, at school, and at work is the profound human need to become more valuable to people around them.

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Jake Ducey got married to artist Ashley Hall in 2018.

”Moving to Utah was best decision of my life (besides dropping out of college, starting a biz & marrying my wife),” Jake tweeted in January 2021.


Their daughter, Jada, was born in 2020. “I’m so proud of Ashley for her great home-birth,” Jake announced his followers via Facebook.

Their second daughter was born in 2022.

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”Be yourself – whoever that is. And that is only possible if you don’t settle until you find what you love and do it with all of your heart and focus!”

“Live your life” means to live your own life, and nobody else’s.”

”If you wish to live the highest quality of life you can, you need to go beyond fear, and the only way to do so is by trying.”

”Love is one of the primest ways to look at how subconscious programming creates reality.”

”Living it means courageously stepping toward your wildest dreams, even if you don’t know where to begin.”

”I can support myself financially and resourcefully for using my imagination and helping people.”

“Forgiveness is the alchemy of the soul in which the feeling of possibility returns to the human spirit.”

”Your definition of what love is, is what creates the love in your life.”

”In order to change the world and the less-than-promising course of history, we must do what we love.”

”Most of us are gambling on the biggest risk of all: the bet that we can buy the freedom to do what we want later in life.”



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He has been hired by major corporations like Nielsen Holdings.

Jake has been a guest on ”The Melissa Ambrosini Show” podcast.

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Jake Ducey – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Jake Ducey worth? Ducey accrued most of his wealth from selling his books, especially on Amazon. For example, his book “Into the Wind” appeared on the Amazon bestseller for several weeks. On Amazon, Jake Ducey’s books sold an estimated 50,000 copies. Therefore, Jake Ducey has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

In addition, his first book went viral, enabling Ducey to speak to more than 100 corporations and schools, give a TEDx talk, and build a loyal and dedicated online following. 

In May 2019, he published a video, titled – ”How I Went From BROKE To MILLIONAIRE In Less Than 2 Years.” In the video, Jake teaches his audience how to get rich and how to manifest money. Ducey said that the first step is to start using affirmations.

Ducey also earns some money from his YouTube channel (about $210k) and from his website.

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Freddy Fox

Friday 22nd of July 2022

I think he’s pretty slick like Joel,ostensibly maybe he ll Be another don laprie…he’s got his Schtik very very Well rehearsed Tony robbins or one of those televangelists time will tell will he be showing off his jets?

Yusuf Focker

Monday 14th of February 2022



I'm just like. Am I saying it right? The benefit exceeded the cost. I literally just like walked away smiling. But not a forever walkaway, this is for sure a read again. I was just baffled at how anyone could gain insight into our relationship with energy. But the "how" not important as "it is". And your "I am" get stronger then you got it goin on.

Yoos in da house gotta bounce. Thank you brutha.

Hannibal Winkler

Monday 14th of February 2022

Hello all! Very honored to share my success story. As it goes..

I love your book. Last year I "accidentally" left it at my mother-in-law's house. I knew she would read it as a way to be nosey. So she did and three months later, she calls me(!!) and after an awkward hello promises to call before visiting, unlike before with all the half assed surprise inspections. In that three month trial, she found her higher self and realized I was cool as a suitor to daughter.

I'm so glad I found your book and I'm proud of you for making your book slip through the spaces in between! 99 point 99 plus is a lot of room for travel and creation. To infinity and beyond and hang ten dudes. You're gonna fly now.

Hanny Dubya.

Horace Pankee

Monday 14th of February 2022

I surely say in good faith that it aligns well with our basic knowledge of energy. I feel your doubts, good reader, and I tell you you're betting on a springed horse! Many thanky from Hanky!

Bart Gerber

Monday 14th of February 2022

Hi Jake!! Love your stuff man. It helped a lot of things. And it's really helps people! Man I can't even imagine the profundity of it. People pave their own way and Humpty Dumpty back together!

It's helped in the saloon, it's helped at the ball games, and even in the toilets. What can you say? To be filled with realization is the greatest regularity of all!

And Mr. Ducey, congratulations. Your success warms the heart. And frankly, you're the gentleman that Mother would love to have as a guest. She makes the best meatloaf. Take it from a longtime user! Mmm...

Anyways good job k. Brazos Demeanios!