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Cdew – Net Worth, Wife (Kassi), Biography

Cdew (real name – Chuck Dewland) is a professional World of Warcraft player who has bagged the gold at 2018’s BlizzCon, a silver medal at BlizzCon, 3 BlizzCon semifinals, and 5 regional championship titles.

In addition, Chuck has gained fame for his ”cdewx” Twitch live streaming channel, where Dewland broadcasts his WoW gaming sessions almost daily.


He was born on June 19, 1991, in New Jersey, USA.

Chuck started playing video games when he was a child, and his father introduced him to Mario on his PlayStation 1 and Nintendo.

Dewland started to play WoW in 2006. He was initially known as Tenderloin. But, in 2012, he changed his alias from Tenderloin to Cdew.

In 2009, Chuck began playing WoW professionally. Dewland, along with Ryan “Trill” Costello, Richard “Mes” Simpson, and Michael “Samiyam” Hlubek, is currently part of a team named Method Orange. His team is part of the umbrella of Method esports organization. At the very beginning, Method started as a WoW guild by Scott “Sco” McMillan.

In 2012, Chuck first reached the Arena World Championship, where he placed fourth. AWC is a showcase of the best PvP players in the world. 

At the 2014 BlizzCon World Championships with Venruki and Snutz, he reached third place under the team name 3 Amigos. 

In 2016, Dewland and his teammates placed in second place at the Grand Finals in AWC. In 2018, they won the competition.

In June 2020, Cdew left the Method Orange roster. He tweeted:

”I made a decision on Weds when events came to light that I no longer want to be a part of Method.”


Chuck has earned over 415,000 followers to his ”cdewx” Twitch channel.

His Twitch channel was created in September 2011. He also has more than 1.6k subscribers.


On October 12, 2010, Chuck began his own YouTube channel, called – ”Method Cdew.” On his YouTube channel, he mainly uploads highlight videos from his Twitch streams. His channel has more than 21 million views.

His most popular video is titled – ”Why Do WoW PVP Pros Jump A Lot? Arena Movement Tips & Guide.” The video has more than 450,000 views, and it was published on February 14, 2018. His second most popular video is entitled – ”Why Do Pros Have 2 of the Same Spell on Bars?- Macro Tips & Guide.” The video was published on March 3, 2018, and it has over 288,000 views.

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Cdew married his wife Kassi in August 2017.

Dewland said about his wife:

“She’s definitely the biggest supporter of mine and she’s definitely the number one reason I’m even able to be at this competitive level.”

In a different interview, he said:

“Without her support, I wouldn’t be able to do anything, y’know? She’s waking up in the morning, taking care of the baby.”


The couple has one son.

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In 2016, he got suspended for 5 months on WoW. He wrote on Twitter:

”Blizzard Entertainment has suspended this World of Warcraft account for exploiting the PvP system. 5 month suspension, when I did nothing.”

Luckily, he got unbanned within 30 min.

In December 2014, another famous WoW streamer Reckful was not so lucky since he was permanently banned in WoW.

Chuck has a character named after him in WoW – Taylor Dewland. The character is one of the Alliance captains who spawn in Ashran. It was added in Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14). This patch is the pre-expansion patch for WoW: Warlords of Draenor.

In 2018, Dewland won The Arena World Championship 2018 as part of Method Orange. In the semifinals, they have beaten Orange Black, while in the finals, they eliminated The Gosu Crew with a 4-0 score.

The Gosu Crew is a North American gaming organization. Chuck said about them:

”They were battling against us all year and we lose series to them all the time, and we know how difficult it is to actually beat them.”

Chuck is acquainted with Mitch Jones.

During a Twitch stream, Dewland said that his dogs know when he’s ending the stream by recognizing the closing words for his stream. In addition, the dogs will come into his room if they hear the words.

In July 2019, he won the Classic WoW Dueling Tournament that was organized by Asmongold.

He played as an Elemental Shaman. In PvP, Elemental Shaman brings a lot of utility in the form of Windfury Totem, Purge, and strong off heals to the table. Plus, it is one of the strongest burst classes.

He won the tournament by beating Venruki. Venruki played as a mage in the tournament.

Elliott “Venruki” Venczel is a popular WoW commentator and streamer, having commentated for the World of Warcraft Arena Championships at Blizzcon and for GCDTV tournaments. Venruki is a former professional World of Warcraft player. 

Another famous WoW player and streamer is Bajheera.

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Cdew (Chuck Dewland) – Net Worth

Chuck earns most of his money from streaming on Twitch. Currently, he has over 4k subscribers, which means about $14,000 in revenue per month. Also, a streamer can earn money from ads, sponsors, and donations.

He also won $77,541.67 from tournaments. Out of the tournaments Chuck had competed in, the largest amount was from BlizzCon 2018 – $30,000.

Moreover, Dewland has a YouTube channel that has over 21 million views (about $40,000 in revenue). Also, he sells merch on and is part of the Method esports organization. Therefore, Cdew has an estimated net worth of $0.75 million.

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