Adam Busby – Net Worth, Wife (Danielle), Biography

Adam Busby is one of the key characters in TLC’s reality television show, OutDaughtered.

He is a father of six—including the only all-female quintuplets in the United States—and husband of Danielle Busby.

Here’s what everyone wants to know about the patriarch of this semi-famous family of eight.

The Origin Story

Adam Busby was born on June 10, 1982, in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Lake Charles got its name because it is located on Lake Charles. It is one of the most important industrial, educational, and cultural centers in Louisiana—and the state’s fifth-largest city.

Busby attended high school in Lake Charles, but never went to college.

Instead, he got a job at his local Target.

While he was working at Target, the 21-year-old met Danielle.

The pair ended up dating for two and a half years before Adam got down on one knee and proposed to his young girlfriend on Christmas Eve.

Adam describes himself as a full-time dad and account manager.

Six Under Five

In late 2006, Adam Busby and Danielle got married and moved to Houston, Texas.

They settled there, making a home for themselves.

The couple had tried for quite some time to fall pregnant, but without success. Eventually, they turned to fertility specialists and conceived their first child—a daughter named Blayke.

Blayke was born on April 5, 2011, five years after the pair got married, and almost eight years since Adam and Danielle became an item.

Two years after welcoming their little girl into the world, Adam and Danielle decided they were ready to do it all over again.

Unfortunately, the couple’s fertility issues were still an obstacle, and they resorted to intrauterine insemination again.

On April 8, 2015, just over four years after big sister Blayke was born, a record five newborn girls were delivered: Ava Lane, Riley Paige, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, and Parker “PK” Kate.

Having a baby in the house wasn’t all sunshine and roses for Adam, who has admitted in the media that he has struggled with depression.

The stress and upheaval of not one, not two—but six children under 5—was hard on him and his wife, but they were excited to finally be a family.

Family Matters

When fans and TV hosts question the couple’s plans for expanding their brood, Danielle is adamant that she won’t be going through another pregnancy.

She explained, “the shop is closed” when it comes to conceiving. “There won’t be any more children unless we adopt.”

Adam added in 2020 that they will “never close the door completely” on the idea of adding to their clan.

One of the key reasons the family doesn’t plan on expanding naturally is that fertility treatment was “one of the hardest struggles” Danielle had ever faced, and her husband wasn’t ready for her to go through it again.

Adam had a low sperm count and Danielle suffered from irregular ovulation—two obstacles that were hard to overcome naturally.

A faithful Christian, Adam questioned what God could possibly want them to learn by putting them through fertility treatment.

They underwent intrauterine insemination to conceive Blayke.

They put money aside—a lot of money—knowing that deep down, they wanted more than just one child.

After undergoing IUI a second time, Danielle and Adam were called into the specialist’s office with big news—the pair were expecting quintuplets.

The five little girls were delivered one after another by cesarean section at 28 weeks—three months before they were due.

The mini quints were kept in ICU for more than two months after their births.

They needed to gain weight and meet certain physical milestones before they could go home with their anxious parents.

Outnumbered—and OutDaughtered

Adam and Danielle were approached in 2015 with an idea from the reality TV syndicate, TLC.

The idea?

Multiple cameras following the couple and their brand new babies around once they got home from the hospital.

Unbelievably, Adam Busby and his wife were good with the idea.

The series debuted in May 2016 and released the season 8 premiere in February 2021.

The show launches with the birth of the quintuplets, and cameras follow them every season as they navigate life.

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The Downside of Fame

Adam and the Busby clan may come across as a perky bunch, but everyone has their limits.

Adam hit his limit when he took to social media about online bullying he and his family had received.

Parent-shaming the couple had become a popular pastime for internet trolls, who criticized everything from why the couple would go out for date night when they had six kids to take care of, to what they fed them, to putting photos on social media.

He posted a photo with the caption:

“…We are grateful for our support system…[people that] aren’t afraid to go to battle for us and lift us up.”

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Adam Busby – Net Worth what is the net worth of Adam Busby

Busby earned most of his wealth from appearing in the reality series ”OutDaughtered” and sponsors.

Therefore, reality star Adam Busby has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Want to learn more about Adam Busby and his family? Check out It’s a Buzz World—the Busby’s official YouTube channel.

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